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  1. If it's grid related then it will be either Grid 2 or Grid AS. I'd be very surprised if it was the original Grid, because I thought they stopped selling that.
  2. Sorry to hear Paul is leaving - one of the good guys I think. Very much appreciated all the hard work that has gone into Dirt over the years and the contributions to this forum. Good luck !
  3. I believe Paul Coleman has already said that money isn't always the issue. Sometimes a license is simply unattainable due to previously established contracts. There's no such thing as an unbreakable contract. It happens in football all the time. The issue is more how much money you're prepared to pay to make two parties break a contract because it's in their mutual interest to do so. So money is ultimately always the issue. If you want it that badly you can always buy the company that owns the contract anyway - with money. Without mentioning any names there was a long standing contract in
  4. I don't think so, the biggest problem is how much money they have to pay for it/whether it makes a viable business proposition. Codies have a pedigree in terms of producing the worlds best licenced racing games (F1). They have produced what is recognised amongst games players as the best rally game for many years. So it boils down to how much cash they are willing to offer. In terms of potential, if I was in charge of the licence I would be looking to give to a developer that has a strong esports showing as well, as this seems to be the growth area atm.
  5. The last info available on the licence changing was end July 2013. My guess is that the current licence holder would not want any announcements before the licence period is up because that would detract from their sales/events. The fact that the current esports event appears to finish end july is interesting to say the least. Whatever happens with the licence, my guess is we will be put out of our misery by end July. Either a new holder will be announced or we can assume the licence continues with the old holder. E3 I think is a possibility, but I agree with you less likely than end july.
  6. Saw it, scratched my head at the numbers and learnt nothing about wrc licences :)
  7. You guys still consider DLC for DiRT 4 a possibility? It isn't going to happen this late. I'd be incredibly surprised if it did, mostly because I don't think it would sit 100% with the community. At this point, people are expecting something new, entirely. My 2 cents of how things might be going: DiRT with Codemasters and V-Rally with BigBen. One will try to win over folks with better RX content and the other with better Rally content. Since I'm not that into RX, personally, the choice for me would be easy. However, this is just a thought of mine. No, I don't. DLC window for D4 ended a lon
  8. That just looks like the scan of a car. Maybe for Rx in Dirt4. Don't think there will be any announcement today from Codies - too late now. Next thing to watch for - Monday 28th May.
  9. I think that is a rather restricted view of the subject, I would think any comparison would have to look at a wider interest in rallycross versus rally: both disciplines are more than just a World Championship and, globally, rally surely has the biggest following. That said, the percentage of rallycross viewers who regularly play games might be a very different statistic given the audience that rallycross - specifically World Rallycross - seem to be targeting.  If you have a larger pool of fans, it seems logical that the percentage of those who are gamers will also be larger. True, th
  10. Something definitily feels up. F1 announcement much shorter than usual, no videos etc. I notice PCars are releasing a mobile PCars game, which seems a bit weird seeing as it is sim orientated. Still haven't heard anything from them re the fast and the furious.
  11. We are into solid territory now for the announcement of .... something ?! i) 1 year ago almost to the day WRC7 was announced.ii) Big Bens Finance report I think end May.iii) Big Ben stand at E3.iv) E3 mid June. Problem is that if there is going to be some sort of announcement by Codies that will make them awfully busy. Got Onrush release, F1 2018 and maybe XXX to announce all within a few weeks ? Time for the pro plus or expresso from hell.
  12. Hopefully, the silence is deafening!  It's more likely illuminating ::smile:
  13. Both WRC6 and WRC8 were announced mid-end May. We're maybe 10 days away from the normal announcement time. Plus BigBen usually announce their yearly results end May.
  14. Most of the negativity (myself included) seem to come from DiRT Rally fans. D4 seems like it was well-received by the "general" public. Now on to your question: YOUR STAGE This is the biggest disappointment of D4. We were promised a rally route creator with "billions" of "completely unique" stage possibilities. After the announcement that was toned down to "millions". Paul: "Your Stage creates such a huge variety of routes, some that we would never have thought of crafting before..." How can you honestly say that when all Your Stage turned out to be was a RNG with fixed tiles composed of t
  15. I doubt anyone can plan on having the WRC Official Game license until the papers are signed. And as negative as I am towards D4, in CM's defence there have been games launched in a much worse state than D4. The negativity is not really because of what the game itself is rather the promises and hype that turned out to be false. What promises did they make that they didn't keep ? I don't recall them promising specific numbers of tiles (they never said how many tiles there were IIRC). They didn't promise more locations/dlc. They may have said that they wren't happy with the handling, but did t
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