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    Autosport Corner Cutting

    This is incredibly difficult to do though and very subjective. There are never going to be settings that please everyone. You are talking about implementing a complete robot judge of the race. And even when it is done many people will not agree with the robot judge. There is a fine line between corner cutting and being pushed off the track. To me, I think the only thing to do is have a range of options and allow people to switch them on/off for a race. If you provide these options as a developer it is a good way of crowd sourcing to find the most used options for future games.
  2. On cockpit cam : I dont believe cockpit cam shows you a real driver position. Unless you have a massive telly and sit 1 inch from the screen. The real view cam is halfway between bonnet cam and cockpit cam. You need to include some cockpit, but so little it becomes practically useless. I can understand why codies feel that if only 5% use cockpit cam then they may question the value of it. On mirrors : This is far far more important to me that the cockpit cam issue. Firstly, I think that mirrors should be available in all views apart from far behind mode. It frustrates me if I can see the mirrors available in cockpit cam but can't use them in T cam or bonnet cam, or at least have a facility to toggle. The only place where you might argue they are less necessary is from the behind view. Secondly, mirrors add a lot to the race. Being able to use the mirrors and know where the position of the opponent is is very important. The arrows help, but mirrors are better, even in lo-fi mode. In touring car mirrors are very important, because there are a lot of overtaking and close battles. If it is all about the race then the mirrors add an extra dimenison, and allow the skilled user to learn extra to improve their position against others. For example if you see someone coming up behind too fast on a corner, maybe they go on the inside. If you can judge the speed just move out the way and they go off the track without smashing into you.  OK, so are mirrors in GA ? I don't know. I guess the graphics are pushed and that there may not be enough room for mirrors in GA, or maybe it is too late in the day. But I say to codemasters think hard about mirrors, especially for next gen consoles, because I think for racing mirrors are much more wworthwhile than slight increases in graphics resolution.
  3. Can't choose between the minis. I loved the minis in Dirt3. The old one was great fun to start off with and learn the tracks. I loved the new one as well, it was great. Well done cm for getting the minis in there.
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    What do you want in F1 2014? GAME IDEAS

    Idea I had when I was writing another post. But : F1 should implement full race engineer partnering. So you can race as a 2 person team. Driver races. Race engineer : Can monitor lap times, see the view from their own and any other car (but only get their own telementery).Selects tyres can make mods repairs to the cars as they pit.Can talk to their own driver but no more than that during the race. The challenge is finding enough stuff to mae the race engineer job interesting, but I think there is enough.
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    GRID 1 Legendary Edition

    Still play grid a lot. Nothing wrong with the graphics. Myabe some improvements could be made. The small amount of time I spend on Grid 2 I think maybe I like Grid graphics better, but maybe I don't spend enough time in grid 2. For the offline player it is more difficult to think about the features addition. I think maybe more tracks/cars/disciplines is really the only way to go. Stuff like smoke modelling and splashing through puddles will get better on the new console format because of the extra power. For me cm have the same problem that I have. Where do you pour your dev effort. The problem is these days much of the game is all about multiplayer. I have the same. A product that has hardware and software. I can spend loads of time improving the hardware, but the customer doesn't see that/its good for what it does. The customer sees the software more. I think it is the same for games development. You can spend hours on the engine, but that is behind the scenes. Once the graphics reach a certain level, it becomes more about things like online features. I think CM have done well on thge graphics, but not so well on the multiplayer experience. This could be make or break for the new console format games, as if so much dev effort goes into the graphics and none on improving the multiplayer the games may look gorgeous but lack long play times because the multiplayer/online stuff isn't up to scratch. Sometimes I wonder why there isn't a common online engine. Maybe there is. But for racing I would have thought there is a class definition and every type (GA, Grid 2, F1, Dirt) is a realtively similar subclass of that. More effort then goes into the common online format and you can afford to implement more stuff as it applies to everything. I've tried to post this twice so sorry if it rambles. online is bad.
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    QOTW: Which is the best DiRT game?

    Haven't completed 2,1 or bought showdown. The experience I do have : I think the handling in 1 was a bit strange. The courses (amount and variety) in 1 were good. The graphics in 1 I have no doubt were good in their day, but were nowhere near 2 or 3. For 2 the best bits were trailblazer and the dallenbach. Much less difference in graphics between 2 and 3. I also like the fact that in 2 the rally courses were a bit more twisty and narrow like real rally courses. Bad points for 2 I would say was car variety and general amount of rally. Course variety was poor too much sand and no snow. Three for me was best overall. Group B cars were great. Courses were good, but not enough, and we could have done with a few more hairpin dominant/tight courses. Monte carlo went some way to address that. The dc compound was good fun in 3, but I did not like the gymkhana being part of the main career. SHould move to a bonus round or something if in the next one. Showdown, no purchase.
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    Pre Order Info

    Thx. Looks good. But best bit was the sounds. Are these real in game engine sounds ? They are great. Will p/o but got to go on a trip first !
  8. dirt3joe

    DiRT Rally Championship Round 1 - Forest Rally

    Brave people trying that race in the Ford Fiesta Hillclimb. I just find that car totally unmanageable. Too much power and I suppose too short a wheelbase for a plodder like me. I need something heavy that can be pointed in a straight line and floored, especially after a few pre race beers.
  9. dirt3joe

    Pre Order Info

    Seen the main vid, plus the big pic with the 5 ravenwest cars in the front ? Are they the liveries ? They look good. Still need more pics in action to be sold though! I can wait until next week. But they might miss out on 2.5p in interest in the meantime.
  10. dirt3joe

    The Damage of GRID Autosport (Blog)

    I think the damage could be quite trying to think of a better word - polarising. A bit like the tyre wear in F1 2013. Some people will love it, some hate it. My guess is the more casual racers will find it a bit frustrating. I want to feel the same level of pain when a racing driver hits at wall at 100mph. Well maybe not. I don't want both my legs broken. But I do want to feel the frustration of wrecking the car and having to rebuild it. People are going to ahve to drive a lot more conservatively to get round this. More like real life. And people who dont ram and look after the car have an added adnatage and the win will be sweeter, much sweeter. I hope they put in some options to keep everyone happy. there should be options to have racing with damage off and others with the full experience. I don'[t want someone crying into their headset because I've just accidently trashed their pride and joy.  My crying is allowed though.
  11. dirt3joe

    Chat option in GRID Autosport!!

    Text chat. Because half the fun is not just the race. It's about talking about the race. And the more possibilities to talk the better. Also it is just a great way to de stress the players. If you smash someone up. Most of the time if you hit someone eveyone knows whose fault it is. But if you can say sorry everyone can move on from that and it keeps everyone happier. Whereas if you can't, the person who feels wronged just feels angry and may go on their own ramming mission, which just increases the problem and turns the game into a ram fest. More methods of communication=less chance of this happening=better experience for everyone.
  12. dirt3joe

    No current gen version? Seriously?

    That's the big thing for me. As a business opportunity there is a HUGE cash cow waiting to happen and it seems like a bad oversight to miss that.  But, is it a worse oversight than releasing a buggy game that doesn't make proper use of the next generation features which might happen if it is done too early ? Then the posts would be not why is there no next gen game but why is it so crap ? It's more than about simply one game. Its about trying to protect a reputation and a brand. I do feel very sorry for people who moved to PS4 who are interested in racing. Bad call though. But I don't think Codies can be blamed for the situation as it is.  PS4 owners should have one good racer by now, but don't. To me a launch program should make available a shooter, a driver/racer, an rpg and a footy. That covers a lot of ground. If PS4 doesn't have all those yet then there are other places to look than here. That said, Codies should get on the all nighters and double expressos. The prize awaits ! I want to go for PS4 asap. But not till I see some hard evidence that something is ready to race on it and gives me somethign dirt/f1/grid doesn't.
  13. dirt3joe

    What you want to see from GRID

    You need both. A slow mo and a normal speed, and hopefully a control between the two like Grid. I watched a smash I had in the openwheelers recently in grid. The car went to one side of the track, flew up in the air, flew across the track, impacted in the middle, went out of control and smacked into the other side and was completely wrecked. The slo mo was great for looking at the detail and seeing the bits flying off the car, the suspension moving as it came down and impacted. It was great to get an idea of the car modelling in the game and the details involved in it. The normal speed was great for getting a fantastic feeling of the amount of sheer violence involved in the crash and the energy involved. I was kind of shocked at how well it gave that impression. And of course, when Codemasters go to all that trouble to model the crash so well, it makes little sense for us not to be able to easily save it and share it with other people. 
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    The Handling Chronicles

    This is interesting. Some questions : i) Have you considered crowd sourcing the handling evaluation ? For example when you did the Grid 2 demo that could send handling info back to base. You would sample a wide variety of handling styles and by correlation with the times you could get ideas of driver skill. You should be able to correlate time with advanced user input, such as ability to control the car as it shifts into a mode where it is more likely to slip. First you have to come up with a handling model to do that though (sorry counldn't resist that dig). ii) I think the article says this (and I agree) that part of the satisfaction of good handling is the ability to control or rescue the line when the car is on the edge of grip. Counter steering feels pretty good when you use it to correct near failures. In some respects in a game it is more important to have this feeling of control than it is to have "realistic" handling. iii) It seems weird to me that tracks can update via dlc, but you haven't considered changing the handling model by remote update. Why is this ? Is it because handling is so subjkective, so you are never going to satisfy all of the people all of the time ? I suppose if you updating the handling model of grid 2 maybe you make forum users happy, but you only manage to hack off a pile of other users who think its currently great. Rock and a hard place I guess. iv) I think I see now why telemetry has not yet made an appearance.
  15. dirt3joe

    No current gen version? Seriously?

    This must have been a difficult decision. For me personally : i) Grid 2 is unfinished business. Sure some people liked it, but some didn't. There's lots of opportunity to get more stuff out quickly on Grid 2 with different cars handling at a low dev cost. Not only that but it will be stuff people will really like if the forum is anything to go by. ii) Moving to next gen is a bummer all round. A bummer for us who have to wait for the games, and a bummer for the devs who have to invest massive cost in developing new engines. And here is the real rub. While they are pouring resource into engines they ARE NOT building content. Now my bet is that if you asked most race game fans what they would like to see from codemasters games they would say things like more tracks, more cars, different handling, features like telemetry, less bugs other stuff. My guess is that relatively few would say better graphics, which is mostly what next gen is about. Until the devs get a better handle on next gen and while there are people still willing to pay for extra content at the level of grid 2 (autosport), F1 2013 (more classic tracks, cars) and Dirt 3 (more tracks and cars) it makes little sense to move to next gen quickly. iii) Finally for me if you ask me what I like about Codemasters games so much I would say the thing they are best at by far is the graphics. I still think that Grid graphics **** all over GT6, a game which came out how much later ? (allright, this is subjective). I don't want codemasters to spend all their time getting graphics better, because currently they are OK. I want more content and more cars with the current graphics levels of F1 2013, Dirt 3 and Grid 2. The other thing is because codemasters games are defined so much by the graphics quality it is really important that when they move to next gen they do something spectacular and not also ran. This isn't going to happen quickly. So overall, yes, I understand its a pain if you went for next gen, but I think it is understandable why they have decided to stay on the last gen platform for this game. I also agree that the PS4 is a massive opportunity. Whoever gets there first is going to make a packet because of the lack of racing games out there for it and people wanting to have a racing game to play. 
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    What do you want in F1 2014? GAME IDEAS

    Want to be able to see every corner from an overhead viewpoint so I can check whether I am taking the best racing line or not.
  17. dirt3joe

    will the release date ever be renegotiated?

    I kind of thought about this as well, but there are obvious issues. First, how are you going to get all the technical detail on the car ready ? None of the car designers surely are going to want to reveal their aero tweaks until the very last minute. Next how are you going to make the performance square up with the actual performance if you don't know what that's going to be ? So to me it is impossible to release at the start of the season without some compromise of reality. The cars won't look like the real ones, and the performance won't be the real ones. The question is is this worth having a more synchronised release date ? Everyone has probably got a different preference on this.
  18. dirt3joe

    The Future at Codemasters

    Codemasters to me have got some pretty big issues going forwards. But there are opportunities as well. First I think the F1 games despite the critics have been pretty good. The problem is for F1 coming out every year and giving people a reason to buy that game year on year. I think the classics editions were good, but more of it is needed.  The classics F1 should split off and offer more cars and vintage circuits. Real vintage stuff like from the 60's and 50s and more circuits. The PS4 (IMHO) is a massive opportunity at the moment. There is no decent racing game available on the PS4. Whoever gets there first is going to clean up, even if the graphics are only up to Dirt3 standard (which is pretty good).There are loads of possibilities in rally and rally cross without the WRC licence. Codies need to get a move on, stop sleeping and drink expresso so you can work 24/7 and get something out before Xmas. Finally, I want a helicopter view on Dirt and F14. Like you are following the car from a chopper maybe 50 metres behind. F1 is a purest sport, People want to check that they are taking exactly the right line through the corners and where they are going wrong. We also need telemetry on the F1 stuff. That is all I can (rather incoherently) write now.