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  1. A patch... Which is I Hope will come...  Just for The tyres
  2. So nobody Can Tell me it'd be normal ;)
  3. I also miss some balance between tracks. I am killing the ai at singapore and abu dhabi and monaco eg but nowhere near at Melbourne and Malaysia for example. And i am playing legend ai and McLaren and am well experienced at racing Games :) 
  4. Only Solution is, don't Play career mode ;) thats how I do it... And I agree with u that there might be too much rain and The probability is wrong. But your Interpretation is wrong as well. Say there is 99% chance of rain , that doesnt mean there is DEFINITELY no rain for1% of The race.99% only means whether there is rain. It does not predict length nor does it predict intensity. But yet this system is broken.I have experienced that there will actually always be rain when there is a certain Chance of 40% for example. If u remember Many brazilian gp's like this Year's or any singapore gp u will
  5. Has this actually ever been in The game?
  6. Well a fastest lap of The RACE. Yet, fastest Qualifying lap has been 5 secs faster. You hardly get a sub 1:39 or eben sub 1:40 in Grand Prix mode;) but alltogether i am quite surprised at the end of the day how accurate this game actually is in terms of lap times. I expected it to be 2011ish. fingers crossed for a breathtaking 2015 ;)
  7. Are Codies going to patch The game as to which tyres are allocated for The Last 3 gp's?
  8. Well to clarify that : it is not black and white. Apart from suzuka and Austin every other track is fine. Some are Even faster than rl. And i'm Talking about gp mode. Normally top lederbord times are always up to 3 secs faster than pole lap in rl. But only Austin and suzuka are 2 secs off The pace which means around 4 secs off The pace in gp mode. And of course i compare this to 2014 times and not 2005;) actually i am quite happy with The amount of grip in this game being lower just as it is supposed to be. But THE best Track ,Suzuka, has been notoriously slow since 2012. On The other Hand 201
  9. And actually these lap times should be done in gp mode and not in time trial. To me, its not realistic when the ai's best times on legend are 1:36's or even worse at suzuka obviously these rl laptimes are simply impossible to achieve at some few tracks. It would Take so few time to Change that as a programmer. With rFactor it would take me some 10 seconds or so to do so...
  10. Yep  same Problem in my eyes with suzuka and its really a shame as its my favourite track. pole lap this year was a 1:32.5. But not only does this appear to be an issue this year, it also has been in the past, especially with suzuka  in 2012
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