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  1. autr

    AI not fighting each other

    From what I saw from behind the train, they were not fighting that much in front, at least in that particular race in Australia. But even if it is as you are saying, and if it is due to the grid being so close, that's just broken and it pretty much destroys any good experience from driving the career for me. (I also gave up on public multiplayer)
  2. autr

    AI not fighting each other

    As I said in OP, the AI was fighting me, personally, and it was fun, but when it came for them to fight each other, it was basically nonexistent. They got stuck behind slower cars and they were just trailing each other without overtaking and trains formed around me, which almost got me to points in Williams in first race of the first season (so no upgrades).
  3. Hey, I've read other topics on the after-patch AI and I'd like to add to the discussion: I started a new career earlier today as a Williams driver. Practice and qualification sessions were alright, AI was fast. I managed to qualify just in front of my teammate, George Russell. Then the race came. During the race, the AI got stuck behind slower cars, unable to overtake each other, even with DRS. As a result bunch of trains were formed, in front and behind me, and the AI cars just kept trailing each other. Now, with a Williams in the first race of season 1, I almost managed to score points only because of this AI behavior, as I was consistently faster per lap. The thing is that the AI tried and did fight me alright, it just seems that the AI cars were unable to fight each other.