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  1. I was happy for a few minutes after the announcement.. But now ... i have a ps4 and xbox1 but no gaming PC. And the game may not be release for console. Really dissapointed. They could have offer early access for xbox1. I know Codemasters could have done the deal with Microsoft. If they dont release it for console i will have to buy sebloebrally and wrc5 instead. Im not happy that they cant confirm console release in future. thats not fair from them. All their rally games have been released on console. READ THAT:  http://www.thesixthaxis.com/2015/04/28/dirt-rally-may-eventually-come-to-co
  2. maybe the game was suppose to be announced the 2 april but another delay of 108 days will happen . i dont hope for this ;) 
  3. 128 is the key to something...  >:)
  4. i suspect the #128 to be a key for have testing builds or information about the next dirt. i just found a discusion between jontucker and evilmurf on tweeter that happen a few minutes ago..  i paste a few lines: @justbiglee ffs send @gflinch an NDA and a key!! #128 and evilsmurf answered that he already received the DNA.  So i think today, April 2,  is the first day that people that have signed the dna, can have access to this key  #128 to try builds or have news information about next dirt game
  5. Lets hope we have to spent the 128th day and tomorrow is the announcement. or the 4/4/2015 theory. after that i wont hope for dirt 4 announcement before summer ( i was searching the chocolate bars tweet from several months ago , i cant find it )
  6. maybe we have to make 128 pages in dirty gossip before dirt4 announcement  :'(    
  7. about the chocolate bars.. someone found anything to it ? 
  8. we can hope , if you didnt went to codies , nobody cant be sure. maybe justbiglee trolls us today . but the #128 tweeted today, after 128 days from nov 25 its really a strange thing. i still believe for now
  9. At least you haven't played the game. I know what it's like which makes the wait even worse! :( I couldn't agree more... I'm hurting badly... It's nice to have DiRT3 CE up and running but once you've tasted chocolate you won't go back to salads... i suppose the announcement is about the Frame with the usb port isnt Rallycameraman? ;) Plug the usb Now !!! ;)  and just because you confess that you played the game i really think today is the announcement . i think its 11:43 am in uk right now. in canada its 6:43 right now. So i will wait here until 12:30 pm uk time for the news.
  10. i cant wait anymore.. i hope GentleNameMVB and me are right about today announcement ;)
  11. i thought it was a joke too. But im pretty sure the new dirt game will be announced today. JustBigLee just tweeted "  #128 " a few minutes ago. The Nov 25 2014 Justbiglee twitted 128 unread emails. today 128 days later , we are exactly the 2 April 2015 . he tweeted " #128 "at 12h42 am UK time so the 2 April 2015 , exactly 128 days later. Today Codemaster and JustBigLee will announce a New Dirt Game. Im pretty sure !!! DIRT 4 is coming today !! I really believe it !! Thats my prediction guys !!!
  12. You wanna know a secret? We weren't at E3, we were just messing with you. Ben was the one that was actually there doing some GRID stuff (sorry). Paul's thing in Brazil was doing some F1 press stuff at an expo... why you ask? Because nobody from the Birmingham studio could make it and... well... free trip to Brazil, who wouldn't go :P  That thing at Ubi sounds like a right mess, Team DiRT aren't like that, we're a band of brothers if anything. @GentleNameMVB - I knew you'd over think all that :P  I knew you were playing us, but I didn't want to believe it... It would have hurt me
  13. Yep an announcement date... or it's coming a day or two sooner since we solved the puzzle early. i hope youre right.  PLEASE !!!! we cant wait anymore !! April 4, 2015 We Believe !!! Lee agreed the post... NICE !!! not nice !! GREAT !!!! 
  14. Yep an announcement date... or it's coming a day or two sooner since we solved the puzzle early. i hope youre right.  PLEASE !!!! we cant wait anymore !! April 4, 2015 We Believe !!!
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