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  1. Relik

    QOTW #10: F1 2014 Game Reviews

    Ok I do like the game but feel many problems never seem to get addressed. As in 2013, 2014 tyre wear in Hungary is far too high and you only get one good lap on them before they start to deteriorate and drop off by half a second a lap until your two seconds down on your best lap time! My times drop off too much in the wet compared with the opposition. I like the fix to Monaco! can now be competitive on this track. Would like track times to be more consistent, not much fun winning by a mile on some tracks, but way too slow on other tracks; they need to be more uniform. But keep up the good work, this is the best version yet. I also like the ability to adjust steering and brakes; not just on and off. I do feel that car adjustments make very little difference to lap times. Looking forward to your new platform next year!!! Thanks, David.
  2. Relik

    AI need fixing in the wet big time!

    I'm totally with you guys in the wet, the wetter it gets the more uncompetitive I get! A fix is more than welcome.