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    F1 2014

    hi all, i took advantage of the 50% off on STEAM this morning and purchased F1 2014, i'd like to add some liveries to the game but i'm unsure as to how to set up the folder structure for it, can someone post something that will explain how for me please, much appreciated and merry christmas to all. Angus94
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    F1 2014

    thank you sjsharp2010 have a good christmas and thanks for the reply
  3. Angus94

    F1 2014

    i guess no one wants to help
  4. Im looking to convert some of my cars to run in the new drag pack, but im not sure if they are the correct scale. Can some one tell me how to get just 1 car out so i can compare. This is a genuine request NOT looking to rip cars off