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  1. Ah, Maybe that's the part that they changed and i misunderstood the rule. I've only heard the commentators discussing it, i've not red the regulations. Either way, in both situations Schumacher still would have won then. They would have just added the 10 seconds to his race time and the time he would have lost in the pit lane wouldn't be a factor as he would have just stayed out on track. As for the pit lane speed limit in the game during the race, it would be great if they could fix it. as stated before it adds at least 10 seconds to a pit stop having the speed at 60km/h instead of 80km/h.
  2. I'm not sure what is says exactly in the regulations, but i know it was changed after Schumacher finished a race in the late 90s in the pits. He had a stop/go penalty to serve and served it on the last lap. His pit box was before the finish line so pulled into the pits, stopped, then crossed the line in the pit lane to win. They changed the regs after that.
  3. That is unfortunate. they should address that. With the speed limit in the pits set at 60km/h it takes about 30-32 seconds for a pit stop when it should take about 20 seconds. that's a huge difference in a race and makes a big strategy difference between a 1 stop race and a 2 stop race.
  4. Ugh, this issue has been in the game for a few years now. There was one time when the speed limit was 60km at silverstone, i think it was the first year with the new pit lane, maybe the second year as well. But then they increased it to 80km/h. It has not been corrected in the F1 games for the last few years. See this old thread you aren't supposed to be allowed to finish a race in the pit lane according to the regulations. that's why Hamilton didn't pull into the pit lane this past Sunday with his flat front tyre, he has to finish the race on the circuit, not in the pit lane. That rule should be present in the game as well, but i have not tested it.
  5. niblips

    F1 community gone quiet

    but it hasn't had EXTRA development time, they've had LESS time.... they initially said they wanted to release it for the start of the real F1 2015 season with DLC throughout the season. That would be March 14th 2015, seven full months earlier than it would be released (Oct 2015) if they followed the regular release schedule from the past 5 releases. Your suggestions would be great additions to the game. A deeper Career development scenario would be fun. But with Steve Hood leaving, the lack of development time, a new game engine, and countless other challenges facing CM, I wouldn't hold my breath for a great game. Instead, i'd just be surprised if it makes it to the shelf of the stores.
  6. niblips

    F1 community gone quiet

    F1 2014 is a great game. Maybe the best in the series. Grid Autosport is a great game. have had a ton of fun racing in my league so far with the game. It's the lack of communication about a patch, and lack of a patch to fix the glaring problems with F1 2014 that is the issue. The pad vs wheel difference has killed most of the league racing this year. The frequency of rain has made those surviving league either run with dry conditions all the time or create their own way of predicting when to use dynamic weather.  There still hasn't been official word that there will not be a patch... last mention was there were still deciding.... lol I've pre-ordered this game and paid full price for it every year since F1 2010. But, after the lack of support from the game producers this year, i will not be buying F1 2015.  My faith in CM has been broken this year. I'm done.
  7. niblips

    F1 community gone quiet

    I dont think there will be much of a market for F1 2015.  And, just like this year, dont expect it to have any patch support. save your money.
  8. niblips

    Patch confirmation?

    lol - you have no idea who you are talking to.... "this generation". Laughable. it's simple. If 2015 is a priority and the patch is not all they have to do is say that. Fact is the last thing they said about the patch was that they were "still deciding". We're just looking for a final answer, and they are avoiding and not not responding. We're not saying the game is bad, it's quite enjoyable. It's the difference btwn Pad and Wheel that needs fixing, and it's listed in this thread several times. Are you not reading the thread topic again?
  9. niblips

    Patch confirmation?

    Hatta won't answer questions in this thread i guess.... he's been on lately, just avoiding this question i guess. pretty pathetic really. last official word was they were "still deciding" on a if they would produce a patch or not.....
  10. niblips

    Patch confirmation?

    soooo, do we still wait for confirmation of this? Or should we give up? Hello? Anyone? Bueller... Bueller... Bueller....?
  11. niblips

    Traction Control Always on??

    this forum looks to have been abandoned by CM.....  i'm guessing this years game has been abandoned as well.
  12. niblips

    Patch confirmation?

    ...still no official word on a patch. And Luke Spring (hatta) hasn't even bothered to log on here since Dec 9th. What a joke.
  13. niblips

    Patch confirmation?

    I wonder if there will be a new forum again before 2015 comes out...... just so all these posts "disappear"
  14. niblips

    Patch confirmation?

    that patch would have been for the xbox, not the game. they are "still deciding" on a patch.... at least that was the last official word.  Personally i'm hoping for Santa to bring it to me on Christmas morning. That's much more likely to happen i think....
  15. niblips

    New structure at CM ?

    ....not surprised.