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  1. [SRS13]Rastus

    GRID 2019 - If you had one wish...

    After the fiasco of Autosport upgrades doing nothiing to the cars and the promises to fix this (later this plan was dumped) and the trend in going backwards in more recent games TBH if you want the contents of MY wallet I'd wanna see a pre-release demo. I wanna know how the game plays on my system not a 3rd party "Impression". I got caught out by Grid 2 vids "looking the part" to find it a drift to win mess with so little difference between assists on/off to make them (assists) pointless. Grid 1 had such a wide gap between assists on/off it was like 2 completely seperate games assists on was great arcade racing, assists off was far more sim racing territory. For these reasons it's a no buy without a demo for me......
  2. [SRS13]Rastus

    im looking to buy grid 1

    I still have the 8-Ball pack and prestige pack files on Mediafire. Also have the Mt Haruna drift mod files as well.
  3. [SRS13]Rastus

    Welcome to the new GRID

    Tracks shouldn't be DLC only as this partitions the player base. Cars yes but tracks no.