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  1. [SRS13]Rastus

    GRID wil feal empty with out drifting

    Why scoff at my legitimate comments and start to demean my character for speaking the truth? I was involved in other Beta's F1 Online the game (Closed/Open) got invited to F1 for several years but lost interest in 2012, I'm a founder in Warframe (Closed/Open/Founder + seat on the games design council) but they're not relevent to Grid. I stand corrected on the DX12 vs DX11 results I looked at the early comparison vids my bad. It STILL took 3 years for them to add a 2015 feature. Plus the more modern API's are giving even more benefits than DX12. When will we see them? 5 years from now? No. I'm Not angry at Codies at all, just deeply disappointed they've removed so many features that made the original great, for almost 6 YEARS Grid 1 was the home of drifting (which was the whole point of this thread) for many gamers, Austoport almost got it right but there were too many hackers who would ruin entire sessions and nothing was done about it. As I've said before this should have been called TOCA 4 and it would be fine just not GRID.....
  2. [SRS13]Rastus

    GRID wil feal empty with out drifting

    I knew this already thank you very much. As for how well I know Codies???? Almost half of my Youtube vids were from Codies games, Grid 1, Dirt 3 and Grid Autosport. I was given access to Autosport before launch for helping a commenter in these forums (Hey Miatakias-GR good to see you got your profile back up and running dude). I was also invited down to Codies studio's to see what they were working on at the time (Codemasters Test Day 21/11/2013). Sadly I was unable to get the time off work thanks to only getting 2 weeks notice, bad luck and an inflexible employer there and no fault on Codies part. I was deeply gutted I can tell you.. THAT's how well I know Codies. Been playing their games since ToCA and Colin McRae days and since Dirt 3, there has been a marked reduction in content, quality (vs competition), bugs that repeated each new game (Corrupted save files in Grid 2 and Autosport for example), also a massive increase in broken promises. even the abandonment of promised fixes for games (F1 online the game, Grid Autosport and even your own comment of "DX12 support that was originally promised in 2015" yet it only appeared in 2018 3 YEARS after it was promised). When everyone else had moved on in GFX, Codies have stood still. Implementing DX12 in F1 Woohoo, with WORSE performance than DX11, great one. Why not in anything else? Plus factor in many houses are moving to Vulkan and beyond, Codies are now a generation behind the curve and at worst 2 generations when you add in DXR and the Vulkan follow up. GRID is gonna be only the racing from the last 3 titles with a few bells and whistles tacked on. Good racing most likely but less content than ever and the abandonment of 2 parts of the game cherished by many fans of the series. Like I said it's sad more than anything else.......
  3. [SRS13]Rastus

    GRID wil feal empty with out drifting

    I'm not being a jerk about it. I'm pointing out Codies are routinely recycling game titles whilst not advancing or at worst, reducing or even removing content that was a core part of the titles history, Yet they hail the result as a return to their past.... Like I said I'll be saving £45-65 because this isn't worth the investment. What's on offer is a pale shadow of the original Race Driver Grid, Autosport came pretty close but it still had derby and drifting, without these 2 the game becomes about the same as Assetto Corsa Competizione, too niche and limited in scope to be worth bothering about.. Codies haven't listened to the series fans of old since Dirt 3. Slipping down a greasy slope from award winning stardom currently passing mediocrity whilst accelerating all the way to oblivion... No thanks I'll wait for next years FM8, PCars 3, to name 2 games still on my radar, meanwhile I'll keep playing FM7 or FH3/4 and lament the passing of a Giant from history...
  4. [SRS13]Rastus

    GRID wil feal empty with out drifting

    More than annoyed, disgusted, dissolusioned at this, It's not GRID without drifting & derby. Thats the last nail in the coffin for Codies as far as I'm concerned. Consistenly let down game after game... MAJOR features removed time and time again. Faults not fixed time after time. Regurgitating the same DX11 API when the rest of the world's moved on... Way to go Codies you've just killed the franchise when you could have gotten away with calling it ToCA 4 and we'd probably be ok with that. Do me a favour @ChrisGrovesMCM and delete my codies profile we're done here nothing left to see but the rotting corpse of a once award winning software house..... Sad days..... Well at least I've saved myself £65 on a game with practically no content (by comparison at least)...
  5. [SRS13]Rastus

    GRID 2019 - If you had one wish...

    Hey Flash, Long time no see... I've mentioned a bit about us old "Gridders" here and in other threads Gotta agree with all your points Grid 1's popularity wasn't just about the game but that it spawned a community, chatting in the lobby when you joined mid race and sat watching the race finish, or cheering on friends was an integral part of what made it so special. By spectating in the lobby you could learn an awful lot. I know I did watching guys like yourself, Assiemodis, Captain Jack, Camarimore, PureEvil, McRoss, Zappac, Ozpro, ZeroDK, UltraBarbie and so, so many others, many of us became friends, joined clubs, leagues etc. just BECAUSE of these features... P.S. I wondered how long it would take you to appear! What kept you? 😜
  6. [SRS13]Rastus

    GRID wil feal empty with out drifting

    I agree drifting tests your control of the car, mastering it can also help massively with your racing. Personally I too would like to see it back as part of the games progression but we have to bear in mind many MANY people despise drifting. It's all about personal preferences really. I HATE derby, I rarely played it in any previous Grid title, I just played it enough to complete the game though with a handful of online races and that was it. So I'm really in both camps, I'm pro drifting but dislike derby, one I'm deeply passionate about and the other I couldn't care less. This is why I'd be more than happy for both drift and derby to be outside the games progression, just add them as online "party modes" for those of us that DO enjoy them. Both have been in every iteration of Grid, their total removal makes this game NOT Grid... It then becomes just another generic racer. Releasing this as Grid just reminds us "Gridders" of old what's missing, making the whole game something of a let down instead of becoming the crowning jewel of the series which is what it SHOULD be... I spent several THOUSAND hours playing Grid 1. I own 2 copies, 1 on disc and the 2nd from the steam launch in 2010. the steam copy has 667 hours but I know I played close to 5000 hours in total. Grid 2 I played for a measly 335 hours before the drift to win racing and completely solo drifting got boring so I went back to Grid 1 and Dirt Rally. Grid Autosport I played 1200 hours until some idiot decided to deliberately target some of the best players in the game and use a trainer to ram us off the road, damaging car stats, reputation, behavior stats. They even went so far as claiming we were cheaters and trolling us in these very forums (This was handled and shut down very quickly by Codies BTW). Youtube shut down their channel used to publish vids of us "cheating", which in reality only displayed their own shortcomings. Sadly any action from steam came far to late to stop this person from imitating us online in their efforts to tarnish our reputations. So we have the "Golden years" of Grid 1, the confused years of Grid 2 and the resurgence destroyed by an inability to effectively stop trolling in a timely manner (Except in these forums thanks to the no naming and shaming policies, report suspected cheating for investigation by all means but don't trash someone in public, GG Codies btw for both proving our innocence and reacting swiftly to defend those wrongly accused)... On a side note thats something I WOULD like to see, something done about malicious behavior in the game, cheating, imitating, flaming and targetting in-game. I'd like to see something like the methods used in Forza, online gameplay bans for cheats etc. it's a 30 year online ban for cheating, Will Codies implement similar measures? Anywhoo.. I was hoping GRID was going to be a return to the "Halcyon days" of massively, multiplayer, sideways, shenanigans, in clouds of tyresmoke..... Seems to Me I'm gonna be let down again.....
  7. [SRS13]Rastus

    "Only this...

    Ravenwest logo on the bonnet people.....
  8. [SRS13]Rastus

    GRID wil feal empty with out drifting

    Drifting has always been part of grid. Not everyone enjoys it so as we said above it should be playable but not part of the games progression. Same with Derby, I hate derby tbh but it WAS part of the original and thats the point.... Grid without them isn't Grid anymore. It might as well be ToCA 4 instead (Which would be no bad thing AT ALL).
  9. [SRS13]Rastus

    GRID wil feal empty with out drifting

    Without drift and derby the game shouldn't even be called grid imo. Grid 2 was a joke... Racing ended up being drift to win and drifting was like tea trays on ice all alone....... booooooring. As for a lack of drift players??? before the servers were killed off there usually 2-3 demo races the rest were predominately racing but around a quarter of the sessions were drifters like myself. Don't get me wrong though, I loved the racing too but most of my time was spent sideways... After the servers had died, players turned to Gameranger and Tunngle to play online, around 50% of the servers were drift lobbies. If grid doesn't have drift then I won't be buying it, too limited content (tracks/cars) for this day and age, so I'll be sticking to Forza then..... They'll get my cash because they DO cater to my tastes... ALL of them, both for racing AND drifting.. Forza Apex FH3 (Recognise the mini livery???) FH4..... TBH if GRID doesn't have drift but DOES have great racing I'll be waiting for it to hit the bargain basement or a free weekend on Steam cause even WITH great racing it aint worth £65 for a few tracks and a handful of cars per class. Certainly not vs games with 700+ cars and 30+ locations..... Anyway... If drift & Derby has no place in Grid then the game aint GRID. It's just a another generic racer playing on the name of a great award winning game from history..... Simples really.
  10. [SRS13]Rastus

    GRID wil feal empty with out drifting

    Grid without drifting is a no-buy for me, derby not so much but thats personal opinion. I mentioned it in the "One wish" thread but wanted to add a comment here as well. I DO think both shouldn't be forced down players throats, by that I mean neither should be part of the games "progression" or story. People shouldn't be forced to win drifting or derby events to complete the game.. Having them as side events totally divorced from game progression is a far better idea and less of an annoyance to those with no interest in them. Myself and other members of SRS13 were still drifting in Grid 1 up until Autosport launched in 2014, 3 YEARS after the official game servers were shut down We were still playing online via Tunngle or Gameranger... Why? Because no other racing game did drift as well, the scoring rewarded angle speed duration and linking drifts. ever since Grid 1 drift has been chopped up into "drift zones" solo drifting and short point to point drift sprints. Autosport came close but not close enough.. These were the halcyon days of drifting in games.. My usual warmup solo session. Myself and Zappac (MirZZi) before He'd joined SRS13 playing the Mt Haruna drift mod. After the servers were shut down we continued Via Tunngle or Gameranger.... My last Grid 1 vid made in 2014 6 YEARS after grid launched....... In that time the only other race game to catch my attention was Dirt 3 for Gymkhana fun... Most of my time in Dirt 3 was spent doing stuff like this.... Usually in outbreak this sort of driving lead to survival or total infection before the timer ran out 🙂 The racing was still really good fun to though.. Better in eyefinity though..... Autosport came with the physics almost spot on but the drifting neutered to drift zones in a few corners and assists off being almost the same as turning them on.. Sanitised, time delayed, solo, no formation drifting, designated scoring zones... Where's the exitement? Where's the passion? Other than scoring in the zones what's the point??? Dirt Rally was great fun for it's realism but no drifting outside the races. had 2 or 3 F1 titles as well but.... Since 2016 I haven't touched a Codies game. Other titles have held my interest because they cater to my tastes more.... IMO it's NOT GRID unless it includes both Drift and Derby even if just as a multiplayer only option. Give us the drift tracks from Grid's history, give us 8-12 way drift battles, drift multipliers to encourage chained drifts, proximity detection points to encourage close quarters drifting, clipping point bonuses, drift tap and grind points, Impact penalties, Penalties for becoming stale, gymkhana points for trick entries (360 or reverse entries), decent arcade type assists for the casual drifters with the same epic gap to assists off (hardcore simulation style) as the original grid..... Bring back that racing heartbeat caused by a fear inducing, all or nothing billion point drift extravaganza we used to know and love.... Anythng less just isn't GRID.......
  11. [SRS13]Rastus

    GRID 2019 - If you had one wish...

    It was a fiaco putting in the "Upgrade" system because it DID nothing whatsoever but was touted as a feature. Personally I agree with you said yourself about a level playing field being welcome I preferred grid 1 for that exact reason the cars were all "Stock" as in everyone got the same car, tune, upgrades etc. Apart from the "Ebay Cars" which were eventually banned from online play returning all online race events to standardised cars. It meant it was all about driving skill not tuning/engineering knowledge. It made for faster paced racing (time between races was short as there was no need to tune the car). It made the racing more visceral BECAUSE we all had the same toys. The levels of damage were insane, Assists off vs Assists on was like getting a perfect start in a 700BHP Viper by mashing your finger on the Gas vs having to balance the gas perfectly with the clutch (if you had one), get it right and you're fine get it wrong and you were facing the wrong way in a heartbeat... Yes there were "unicorn" cars in each class (there are in ALL racing games tbh). Grid was the reason I got a 2nd GPU for crossfire, Built my 1st Eyefinity rig, made it worth investing in my 1st steering wheel (Good old DFGT), It's why I started my wee Youtube channel as well... When the Grid 1 servers died I was No 285 in the world for total XP, I also briefly held 2nd on the ESL Grid 1 on 1 Drift ladder. Not because I'm a good racer but mainly because of the time invested mastering the game itself. myself and many friends played 1000's of hours. We continued playing even after the servers died using Tunngle to play online via LAN effectively.... If drifting ISN'T in the game thats half the nails in the coffin already for me and many of my good friends from SRS13 and other drift teams like us which actually STARTED because of Grid. A practice session of mine at Long Beach..... Followed by a recording made by a good friend Zappac who along with Avail became the core of the SRS13 team in a drift session, Shout to the guys from Kami-DT too we had many great sessions with those guys just like this.... BTW we all have assists off, manual shifting, Avail and the Kami-DT team were usiong controllers, I'm using a wheel but Zappac the Hoonatic recording this is on Keyboard.... Drifting as part of the main plot no but definately there NEEDS to be drifting options online. I was Still pretty good at the racing as well though. Ninja difficulty racing coming up Autosport came closest to the original 2 was a mess in my opinion, drifting being hampered in a big way (only solo drifting) no more 5-8 car poetry in motion sessions through clouds of tyresmoke to some bangin tunes.. The fans of the original game even got labelled as "Gridders" because there were so many of us who were I guess a bit "fanatical" about the game, more so about the community it spawned. Grid 1 and Codies had played a big part in our lives.. I've owned most codies racing games from Toca 2 onwards, played the McRae games, had Dirt 1 & 3 even showdown, *sigh*, Dirt Rally... Oh and F1 2010-2012 so Codies and I have history, sadly from where I sit there's been a general decline with one or 2 semi precious gems in there ever since Dirt 3... Dirt Rally had me hooked for a while. Autosport on the other hand got me a weeks noteriety for being the only gamer outside the "PRESS" with access to the game plus the pre-launch servers. I was gifted this access for sending a guy I know over in Greece a gift (he was out of work and having a run of bad luck in life), We've never actually had the pleasure of meeting but because I could afford it and he needed it, I sent him my last CPU, Mobo and RAM when I upgraded it all as his was end of life, his 550ti was still capable enough though? When his 550ti BSOD'd after a driver update 2 months before Autosport launched, He desperately asked for advice on Codies forums and mentioned my gift in the process and this is why it all came to Loore's attention. Much help was offered by forum users but sadly, the 550Ti had moved on to silicon heaven, 2 weeks later Loore sent me a message asking if the 550ti problem got fixed and I replied saying no and I'd ended up sending him one of my 6970's as an added surprise so He'd be ready to go on launch day, Plus He said the least he could do was buy me a Copy of Autosport (even though broke and not working) Loore told me My friend didn't need to worry as he'd gift me a copy for being a nice guy during hard times. He then sent me a code for the press version of the game on condition of agreeing to wait before publishing any vids until press reviews went out. Hardest 5 weeks of my life keeping my gob shut I can tell you...! So my biggest hit (LOL) youtube vids were published a week before Autosport launched, the same time PRESS reviews went up, So I got loads of hits as a result 🙂 Soz for the waffle (I hope it was worth the effort if you made it this far) but at the end of the day? Despite all "The history" recent let downs and disappointments (IMHO) means. No demo, No pre-order. No drifting? That would make it a no buy either way but thats just me.....Keep it as a side game and at least let us DRIFT!!!!! Diagonally parked in a parallel Universe... SRS13Rastus
  12. [SRS13]Rastus

    GRID 2019 - If you had one wish...

    After the fiasco of Autosport upgrades doing nothiing to the cars and the promises to fix this (later this plan was dumped) and the trend in going backwards in more recent games TBH if you want the contents of MY wallet I'd wanna see a pre-release demo. I wanna know how the game plays on my system not a 3rd party "Impression". I got caught out by Grid 2 vids "looking the part" to find it a drift to win mess with so little difference between assists on/off to make them (assists) pointless. Grid 1 had such a wide gap between assists on/off it was like 2 completely seperate games assists on was great arcade racing, assists off was far more sim racing territory. For these reasons it's a no buy without a demo for me......
  13. [SRS13]Rastus

    im looking to buy grid 1

    I still have the 8-Ball pack and prestige pack files on Mediafire. Also have the Mt Haruna drift mod files as well.
  14. [SRS13]Rastus

    Welcome to the new GRID

    Tracks shouldn't be DLC only as this partitions the player base. Cars yes but tracks no.