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  1. I am so pleased to get the update for GAS, it HAS been a nightmare. CM even gave me/us 500K to spend in game. Now, is it just me or is this weeks racenet challenge designed to make us spend it  all this week?
  2. Now done 3 hours on racenet challenge and no freezes. Dare we believe CM have fixed this problem?
  3. todays update.... 2 hours in and no freezes.... looking good. I am working on racenet challenges.
  4. New patch at last.... Downloaded it no probs.... got my 500,000cr..... 1 hour in and no freezes so far... fingers crossed.  I will be on it for 7 or 8hrs today... normally 7 or 8 freezes. Will keep you updated.
  5. hi there, I am concerned about the online glitch in xbox360 grid autosport. I am getting lock ups 7or 8 times a day. no response from any buttons on controller. the only thing I can do is switch off the console. this does not happen at all if I play the single player.... I am as sure as can be that my internet connection is ok. my box does not lock up online in any other game. Any advice or info would be greatly appreciated. Regards Steve (xbox Gamer tag sirdavidshire)
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