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  1. j0shter

    F1 2013 Co-op Career

    I love it.. Nothing better than a team mate battle, sure u need reduced flags, but a great alternative to singleplayer career
  2. j0shter

    Game breaking bugs that are not fixed

    Sorry mate but I disagree The sound bug i have never had The tyres is a result of you using too many tires on the weekend Pit crew delay because it's unsafe release, do you really want a 10 place grid penalty like riccardo?
  3. The key with Caterham is fuel management, I sggest running aggresive fuel strategy and then use lean for most the race, this has allowed me to fight for p14 every race on ledgend and I even got a points finish in Monaco! Use mix 3 for straights good luck
  4. Hello If you go into a game Press start, Options, Force feedback options and then you should be able to fix things :) Take the car for a spin see how it works, change as necessary Regards J
  5. j0shter

    PS3 Patch #2

    Hello, I cannot find it, I can find patch two for Xbox 360 and PC, however not PS3
  6. Have you tested this? Will it restore my stats to the wins ages back or the most recent? E.g 2 days ago i had 200 wins, today 213, if i restore will i go back to 200 yeah i had this issue in 2012, it doesnt harm you if you try it anyway, hoping that your windows made a Restore point, plus its better to have 200 wins instead of Zero, so if it works like that, its better than nothing I CAN CONFIRM THIS HAS WORKED. UNFORTUANTELY I WAS BACK TO 148 in world, however after a long days work im now 106 THANK YOU AND THREAD CAN BE CLOSED/DELETED/Whatever :)
  7. Hello Sir I haave indeed contacted steam, and their response was as following "For issues with third party games and software, please contact the developer, Codemaster can be contacted at the following email;" And then it was a list of customer service emails. So yes I have. I do not blame the guys on the forums, after all it is not their job, however the steam siupport and codemasters have passed me between each other....
  8. UPDATE Here is a repy from the customer service team Thank you for submitting your recent request to Codemasters Customer Services concerning F1 2013. If the game's saved file has genuinely become corrupt then there is little you can do, other than start a new save file I'm afraid. Corruption in the saved file for F1 2013 can be caused by synchronisation problems between your PC and Steam, unfortunately. We recommend that following to minimise the chances of this happening... 1) Turn off Steam Cloud synchronisation from the Steam settings menu 2) If you receive a message from Steam with regard to a difference between your saved file on the Steam Cloud and your hard disk, you should choose to use the file on your hard disc. 3) Always ensure that you shut down the game correctly and only run it from within the Steam client or from the Steam shortcuts in your system tray. 4) You should also never alter or attempt to manipulate any of the saved files that the game uses, as this can cause corrupt saved files. This is an absolute joke, had they read my email ( IDentical to this thread)  they would see I complied with the following. This is truly disappointing codemaster, for a company that I held high respect, this is no longer the case. I have done some research and this appears to be a rather large present issue.  Having discussed the situation with one of my sponsors, I have no choice but to take legal action with regard to Sale of Goods Act 1979 chapter 54 subsection 15 F16B That the goods will be free from any defect, [F17making their quality unsatisfactory], which would not be apparent on reasonable examination of the sample. http://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/1979/54 I would like to make a request for the legal team email.  Thanks J
  9. Have you tested this? Will it restore my stats to the wins ages back or the most recent? E.g 2 days ago i had 200 wins, today 213, if i restore will i go back to 200
  10. Hello their, Thank you for the reply, and pardon if I sound rude, but it does sound like you are passing on the problem. I have already emailed steam, and they sent me here...... I'll try the codies email.  When can I expect  a reply? Not passing the problem at all Josh, just trying to help. My knowledge of how Steam and Windows organise files and how our games read them is limited, and by that I mean none existent.  Its obviously important to you that you get your file back so I wasn't even going to take a guess at how to fix it and we don't have any members on the community team (who work on the forums) that I could say with 100% certainty know the answer either but the guys at customer service have the tools, knowledge and the capability to get to the bottom of your problem. Thank you lee and I appreciate your honesty, hopefully I don't sound like a dick just annoyed!  Thanks for your engagement and continue being awesome friend!
  11. I was with Caterham, on the final race of the season with a good battle with sauber! But i'll probably move to Force India if the option arises 
  12. Hello their, Thank you for the reply, and pardon if I sound rude, but it does sound like you are passing on the problem. I have already emailed steam, and they sent me here...... I'll try the codies email.  When can I expect  a reply?
  13. Dear All, I have come here with a serious problem, allow me to tell you something about myself. I currently play competitively in the Video Game Formula 2013 on the Computer. I have won 216 out of 319 races and.I now sit at 104 in the world. I also take part in Racing leagues, through which many people are involved. This evening, I logged into steam, and was greeted with an error message, it said the following. "Your current steam files are not the same as those in the cloud, you must preform either of the following 1. Download cloud files, or 2 Upload local files. Strange I thought, but to prevent any corrupt game files I UPLOADED local files. Turns out this was a big mistake.  I launched the game, and I am asked to create a new profile, strange I thought, but no problem I will make one, log out and then launch my old profile. My old profile is gone.......... I have droppped from 104 to 110418 I understand that the profile must have been wiped, however I do not know how to fix this, I have evidence to provide that my facts are true, and If it is NOT possible to restore my profile, I would atleast like codemaster to restore my wins. The wins that i worked my ass off for. I should make this clear that this is no normal case. I have numerous sponsors, including Thrustmaster gaming hardware and gogungho energy. If they see this I will be dropped from the sponsorship, and as someone aiming to get into pro gaming, I cannot take that risk. i also have emails from thrustmaster and Caterham official F1 team acknowledging my presence and offer potential sponsorships if I get into the world 100, this is therefore imperative that I get my wins back otherwise I'm starting over. Please see in this picture the game files prior to the old profile http://i61.tinypic.com/ml3zb6.png In this picture see the new stats that have gone over me old ones http://i57.tinypic.com/e6vjpx.jpg This picture shows my total hours play, which DO NOT add up with that off the game http://i62.tinypic.com/2uqgg9u.png And finally see my new world rank :(  http://i58.tinypic.com/29uxczt.jpg I HAVE ALSO INCLUDED CONVERSATIONS BETWEEN TOM WEBB AND MYSELF Many thanks for your email which has been forwarded to me.The online gaming community is certainly an area we’re very interested in, potentially, in the future, creating programs that enable us to have a greater presence amongst the growing number of professional gamers around the world.At this time I’m afraid we’re not in a position to provide financial support to anyone in the gaming community, and until we have the internal resource available within the team to manage such relationships it’s not an area we can afford to support.However, please keep me informed about your progress, especially if you make it into the top 100, and we can reassess this later this year.Yours sincerely Tom W Hopefully this has clearly shown the problem, and as this is a Codemasters game, this is where it needs to be solved. I will be Extremely  dissapointed if this cannot be solved 
  14. j0shter

    F1 2014 Trophy/Achievement Suggestion Thread

    Unbeatable - Win 10 online races in a rowWhat is this? - Retire on the first lap with a LotusWhat can i do sir? - Have a lead of over 30 secs in a career raceWhat's my team again? - Drive into the wrong pit box
  15. j0shter

    *F1 VIDEO THREAD* All videos here

    Nice vid man, The safety car was going real slow! Nice way t finsisht the vid also :)