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  1. Tempest261

    F1 2019 Handling

    Hi David, We should all be thankful that you've even taken the time to participate in this discussion, let alone the forums. The wheel FFB / handling in F1 2019 is the best the series has seen, for sure. That said, I'm unfortunately in the "don't like it" camp- it's not because I think it's "unrealistic" with regards to how the cars are modeled, as I have no idea what a real F1 (or F2) car feels like. Rather, I feel "disconnected" from the car and the track in ways that I don't with competing FFB and physics models (AC, ACC, AMS, etc.). There are also some weird lateral slides that we simply don't see in real F1 that are quite common in the CM F1 2019 model. And as others have pointed out, actual F1 drivers (who also sim race) seem to share these general complaints. It's really difficult to put into words where the disconnect is coming from. On my TS-PC F1 2019's FFB seems as detailed as ever, but when I drive any of Assetto Corsa's open-wheel cars I feel significantly more "in control" of the machine itself, even if grip levels are low. It could be a limitation of the engine you're working with, so if that's the case I hope to see more development thrown at that problem, whether it be the physics engine or something else that's preventing this "connected" feeling to the car that we get in other sims. I know there are different products for different markets, but it's my absolute *dream* to have a CM F1 game with the physics+FFB of an AMS/AC. I probably wouldn't play much else if that game existed. I sincerely hope you guys will dedicate more resources and focus to this area in the future.
  2. Tempest261

    Safety Car is so hard to bring out ...

    Oh no. Not again.
  3. Hi All, I was hoping someone could give some recommended settings for the TM T3PA Pro pedals (w/ conical mod). I can't seem to find a good setting in this game as I lock up way too often (especially compared to more "simmy" games like Assetto Corsa). I've tried 0%, 100%, and everything in-between- what are you guys using for brake linearity? All other settings (saturation, etc.) are set to 0, by the way.
  4. It should absolutely be an option, except in maybe multiplayer. But regardless, this feature is sorely needed. Please, CM!
  5. Tempest261

    F1 2014 G27 Force Feedback Problem

    Nevermind. 5.07 doesn't work. Still got random FF kicks that made no sense. I couldn't get 5.08 to install for some reason, but I imagine it wouldn't be much different.  Back to 5.10. I think this is a Codemasters problem. 
  6. Tempest261

    F1 2014 G27 Force Feedback Problem

    So Logitech Profiler 5.08 is the solution?  I was just racing a Ferrari down the last straight in Sepang and I was getting FF "kicks" to the left when driving on perfectly flat, straight track. I can't imagine Vettel had those problems yesterday. :) VSYNC is ON. Way worse with it off, of course. This bug has been present since (at least) F1 2013. I hope it's fixed in the new engine w/ 2015 at least. 
  7. I have a strange problem: my main Track IR app, F1 2014, no longer works with the default F12 key to center. I have to alt-tab to the TrackIR app in order for it to work. Other Codemasters games, such as Grid:Autosport, have the same problem. However, non-Codemasters games (DCS, Wings of Prey) work fine.  If I re-bind to any other *keyboard* key (or combination), there is no change. However, if I re-bind to a mouse button (like button 4), it does work. I want it to work (again) with the keyboard.  Things I've tried:  1. Uninstalling+Reinstalling TrackIR 5.2.2002. Uninstalling+Reinstalling F1 2014. 3. Uninstalled all Virus, Firewall, etc. 4. Tried other games (DCS, Wings of Prey), and they work fine with F12. However, other Codemasters games (such as Grid: Autosport) behave like F1 2014. 5. Tried other keyboard assignments, no luck. 6. Tried both with trap on/off. 7. Verified that I'm running with the exclusive profile. 8. Forced TrackIR, and F1 2014 to administrator mode. None of these things worked. Only mapping to a mouse button works.  Any ideas?