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  1. Ok so wet weather in the F1 games in general has many issues, I mean the amount during qualifying is definitely something I have noticed which seems a bit unlike reality, but hey, that's been mentioned plenty. My issue is with DRS and the implementation of it during the wet. It seems to be off as you'd expect and then suddenly gets switched back on with no word of warning. This happened to me during a short quali during the last 5 minutes which meant that the rest of the pack starting banging in times 9 seconds faster just as I was coming in. It was still quite wet and slippy, with every
  2. I've never had any issue on my 32:9 SuperUltraWide with auto set. In fact it's one of the features I love about Codemasters games generally, that they allow you to keep the aspect ratio independent of resolution. it's easy to tell, as anything less will have borders and anything circle would look oval if it wasn't right. One thing I would love to see is some HUD presets for different aspects, like say Ultrawide or above, to save a lot of moving of HUD items every time on first play, from the far edges of the screen.
  3. I just realised I had an Windows controller plugged in I didn't notice..... I removed it and it is now looking centred. Seems ok, panic over for me at least.
  4. On PC I currently have a very similar problem with my Fanatec DD1.... wheel is centered in the driver software, but in game although it is physically centered, it is showing at -3. Turning to the right brings it to zero center in the game during button test.
  5. Tiny detail, not really a bug, but on PC version I noticed during replay the co-driver calls were set to OFF but were still audible. The menu is incorrect. Turning them to ON, turns them off. Least of your worries right now, but hey... There you go.
  6. The last time I saw this happen, I was fairly sure I was in front... maybe it was close to someone, I don't know.... I'm going to try record the incident should it happen again and post back. Thanks for all replies. :)
  7. I'm quite enjoying F1 2014, but I didn't pay full price for it (a cheap steam key if you know where to look, was my option). It really isn't worth that. But I hate it when people complain about stuff like handing and things they really don't know anything about. I mean I have no frame of reference, I just know games, I have never driven an F1 car and am not likely to either. People say the cars are a bit less grippy when you power out of corners, yes granted, maybe due to the turbo engines. I find the braking better... yeah sure possibly due to the new brake-by-wire systems, I don't know. I li
  8. I am finding I can activate DRS, when in the DRS zone, even when in front of a rival, not just when behind, and can use this to get away from him? Is this supposed to happen?
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