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  1. My latest, latest bugbear is with H-pattern shifting. I can't get my wheel to work with the H-patter shifter even though I have set up every gear to a shift on the stick (Fanatec CSL-E with stick). Why is this an issue you ask? Well, CM do what they seem to want to do, bucking convention. For example in the cockpit view of the game they remove all the on screen tachometer and gear indication. How very realistic you say, but every other game doesn't do this. Why? Because you can't see the cockpit very well in games like this, and in a classic car, in this case, I have no way to know what bloody gear I'm in. This has been the same way since they introduced these classics. Obviously it might then be ok if I could get the H-pattern working in cars that have them, as I would then know what gear I am in just by feel or looking, as in reality. Only it doesn't seem to work for me I wondered if anyone else had tried doing this, and had any joy? I know it's not something many may have wanted to do, but there you go. That's me.
  2. mumblesh

    F1 2019 A disaster.

    One thing I think we can all agree on right now, is that the races you have in the game are more exciting than the races in real life so far this season... 😉
  3. mumblesh

    F1 2019 A disaster.

    I don't know what Nico said or didn't say, all I know is that the CM F1 games reflect a certain aspect of F1 better than others. Remember that how the game is setup, and what equipment you use to play it also make it a different experience. We know that crash physics are simplified for licensing reasons, we know that tyre modelling is not as complex as, say, Rfactor. What they try to do is capture the tactics and experience of the whole event, and make it fun. It is what it is, and I know that a lot of the younger F1 drivers love it! It is still a challenging game with all assists off, to be really good you have to put the hours in. Some of the esport winners have had a go at a genuine F1 simulator at the teams HQ, maybe contact them on youTube and ask them what that's like compared to the games. I for one prefer a good game over something so realistic that only highly trained F1 drivers can get anywhere with, because I am too old to be bothered to master an actual F1 car. What niggles I have with CM come down to polish.... polishing netcode, and bugs. Or adding in features we kind of expect, like licensed wheels supporting all their features (still no multi-function switch support?) etc. I would love a more complex game in terms of the physicality, but making and releasing cross-platform, mass-market games, within the time frame like they do, there are always compromises.
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    F1 2019 A disaster.

    As much as I would like more realism in certain aspects, I know CM always attempt to make a mass-market game. And one that is possible with the technology available, across all formats, at the time. Nitpicking about little things that are simply designed to spice up the repetition year on year is harsh. Really anal simmers are never gonna be happy, they only want HARD (which equals realistic to most of em) and that won't sell in the numbers to justify paying for this licence. I simply play it as a game, and if I'm having fun I'm fine with it. That being said, they do look to have not taken full advantage of what the Senna, Prost licence had to offer. Bit of a shame.
  5. If you check under "input reporting" in the input menu somewhere, it shows the Axis for the handbrake under the heading "button" when you pull it, there ought to be a slider here really, so you can see it working. It's like they just forgot!
  6. mumblesh

    Remove Always Online for the Career!

    I don't like it, but this has been an anti piracy measure in the past and it never goes down well (anyone remember the Sim City debacle?) Cheaters, pirates, I don't care why... they shouldn't be allowed to ruin the experience for genuine paying fans.
  7. mumblesh

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT Rally Games

    Tiny detail, not really a bug, but on PC version I noticed during replay the co-driver calls were set to OFF but were still audible. The menu is incorrect. Turning them to ON, turns them off. Least of your worries right now, but hey... There you go.
  8. I am finding I can activate DRS, when in the DRS zone, even when in front of a rival, not just when behind, and can use this to get away from him? Is this supposed to happen?
  9. The last time I saw this happen, I was fairly sure I was in front... maybe it was close to someone, I don't know.... I'm going to try record the incident should it happen again and post back. Thanks for all replies. :)
  10. I'm quite enjoying F1 2014, but I didn't pay full price for it (a cheap steam key if you know where to look, was my option). It really isn't worth that. But I hate it when people complain about stuff like handing and things they really don't know anything about. I mean I have no frame of reference, I just know games, I have never driven an F1 car and am not likely to either. People say the cars are a bit less grippy when you power out of corners, yes granted, maybe due to the turbo engines. I find the braking better... yeah sure possibly due to the new brake-by-wire systems, I don't know. I like how I'm not forced to do anything this time, a step in the direction of Grid Motorsport. Simply giving you the option of a test evalution you can skip and getting to choose to race with any team now, effecting your challenge difficulty, is nice at this point in the games cycle. A bit less polish in this game, sure. Not much of an update, although the new tracks are reasonable and finally that day/night cycle we have wanted.. DRS seems to work in a way I'm unfamiliar with, even when you are not trailing a car but in front, oddly. AND then there's the control pad.... Not used it, but if it is not working as it should feels totally wrong, and giving an advantage over wheel users in competitive play online, it really needs fixing. So not worth full price, should have been discounted really, but still fun and hopefully a few shortcomings will be fixed. Here's hoping the next gen brings some innovation.