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  1. Same problem ... My post http://forums.codemasters.com/discussion/4647/codemasters-please-help-nvidia-bug#latest
  2. UAC = USER ACCOUNT CONTROL ? UAC is ON I can start the game, I can play in Time Trial But in race (online) with friends my game crashe after 5 or 10 minutes
  3. sorry, I forgot to attach files http://hpics.li/47290b7 DxDiag file
  4. Hello, I can’t play in codemasters’ F1 2014, each time when I play, the screen back to black but I always have the sound. In the same time, my computer send me a message that the display driver didn’t answered and was recover (you can see it in my first link). And just after that, the game stops suddently and restarts by itself.   I already tried those things to fix the problem :   -          Uninstall the NVIDIA graphic driver with a NVIDIA uninstall tool then install the last driver (344.60) : It doe
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