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  1. Maybe you just need more RAM?  Else, perhaps there is some other app running in the background causing this.
  2. Because real F1 cars have about 310 degrees of rotation... 200 is definitely too low.  Sounds like a PS3 problem, play on the PC, or get a fanatec wheel, which are not only awesome, but let you set the rotation degrees on the wheel itself.
  3. This may sound crass but, if we're talking about tire temps in a race, there isn't much you should do.  Just drive as fast as you can, if the tires aren't keeping warm, you aren't pushing hard enough.   Anything to intentionally warm the tires that doesn't give you lap time is just burning up your tires, which is always a bad move. Also note, the tire temp messages in 2014 suck, in china near the end of T1 I get a tire temp message almost every lap...  The messages don't take the track itself into consideration, it's not possible for you to keep the tires at the p
  4. check out racedepartment, you can mod the views to disable head movements.  it is a mod tho, can't do it from any in-game settings.
  5. It's not exactly that, it has to do with close together the cuts are, you cut the same corner 3-4 times in a row, you'll get a penalty.  but if you have a clean lap in between each of those, it might take 5-6 cuts instead.  The penalty depends on the race length, 25-50% you'll get drive thrus, 5 laps will be a time penalty.  after you get a penalty, unless you do a few clean laps, just one more cut will give you another penalty.  It'll be the same penalty tho, either another 10s or another drive thru.
  6. re-assign your look left/right shortcuts to something on your keyboard.  it's a problem with your controller, not the game, there is another post here with the same problem.
  7. Agree, I see this problem a lot, the game is too cautious when releasing you from the pits, there has to be a large gap in order for it to let you out.
  8. tried lowering your wings?  or checking that your throttle is actually hitting 100%?
  9. It's not a wheel specific problem, it's a problem with the tracks, there must be invisible bumps in the tracks there which are causing it.  I have a fanatec GT3 and a club sport base, they both do exactly the same thing.
  10. @cronictime glad it helped!  If you have the money I'd recommend the fanatic club sport base/f1 rim, it's amazing :)  but the G27 will definitely be more than enough for this game. @unknown113 - Thanks for the constructive post, very useful. it depends which corner you watched, both of them were being triggered... read my next sentence after what you highlighted.
  11. Looks like it's your controller, something is hitting the "look right" shortcut while your cornering.  Try assigning the look left/right to a keyboard button and see if it still happens. That said, with such a beefy PC ($3k in just video cards there!), why not get a wheel, this game sucks with a pad.
  12. Have a look at the "Device Type Override" setting, make sure it says steering wheel.  If you customized your controls from the keyboard/gamepad setup you might be in gamepad/keyboard mode by default, and that's known to have TC on, even if the assist is off.
  13. Also, if you want it to exactly match the screen, you'll probably need to increase SEN to ~310, but I prefer 260-280 myself.
  14. This is because your steering linearity is 100%...  set it to 0 and you'll be good.  Everything in game should be zero'd out, just use the on wheel settings to tweak.  I have a GT3 and am running the same as you, minus the linearity.
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