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    Rediculous Stuttering

    Maybe you just need more RAM?  Else, perhaps there is some other app running in the background causing this.
  2. Because real F1 cars have about 310 degrees of rotation... 200 is definitely too low.  Sounds like a PS3 problem, play on the PC, or get a fanatec wheel, which are not only awesome, but let you set the rotation degrees on the wheel itself.
  3. iceman153

    warming tryes

    This may sound crass but, if we're talking about tire temps in a race, there isn't much you should do.  Just drive as fast as you can, if the tires aren't keeping warm, you aren't pushing hard enough.   Anything to intentionally warm the tires that doesn't give you lap time is just burning up your tires, which is always a bad move. Also note, the tire temp messages in 2014 suck, in china near the end of T1 I get a tire temp message almost every lap...  The messages don't take the track itself into consideration, it's not possible for you to keep the tires at the perfect temperature around an entire lap, the temps in game fluctuate too much and seem to only reflect the temp of the tire surface.  I wouldn't pay them much attention, just monitor the temps yourself with the status screen.  In fact generally the engineer messages are just useless, except for the ones about rain I'd ignore them all.
  4. check out racedepartment, you can mod the views to disable head movements.  it is a mod tho, can't do it from any in-game settings.
  5. iceman153

    How many warnings...

    It's not exactly that, it has to do with close together the cuts are, you cut the same corner 3-4 times in a row, you'll get a penalty.  but if you have a clean lap in between each of those, it might take 5-6 cuts instead.  The penalty depends on the race length, 25-50% you'll get drive thrus, 5 laps will be a time penalty.  after you get a penalty, unless you do a few clean laps, just one more cut will give you another penalty.  It'll be the same penalty tho, either another 10s or another drive thru.
  6. iceman153

    Head from F1 driver moves jerky to left

    re-assign your look left/right shortcuts to something on your keyboard.  it's a problem with your controller, not the game, there is another post here with the same problem.
  7. iceman153


    Agree, I see this problem a lot, the game is too cautious when releasing you from the pits, there has to be a large gap in order for it to let you out.
  8. iceman153

    Speed problems on straights

    tried lowering your wings?  or checking that your throttle is actually hitting 100%?
  9. It's not a wheel specific problem, it's a problem with the tracks, there must be invisible bumps in the tracks there which are causing it.  I have a fanatec GT3 and a club sport base, they both do exactly the same thing.
  10. @cronictime glad it helped!  If you have the money I'd recommend the fanatic club sport base/f1 rim, it's amazing :)  but the G27 will definitely be more than enough for this game. @unknown113 - Thanks for the constructive post, very useful. it depends which corner you watched, both of them were being triggered... read my next sentence after what you highlighted.
  11. Looks like it's your controller, something is hitting the "look right" shortcut while your cornering.  Try assigning the look left/right to a keyboard button and see if it still happens. That said, with such a beefy PC ($3k in just video cards there!), why not get a wheel, this game sucks with a pad.
  12. iceman153

    Is Traction Control assist really OFF??

    Have a look at the "Device Type Override" setting, make sure it says steering wheel.  If you customized your controls from the keyboard/gamepad setup you might be in gamepad/keyboard mode by default, and that's known to have TC on, even if the assist is off.
  13. iceman153

    F1 2014: MAJOR AI ISSUES !!!!!

    Tried increasing the AI difficulty?
  14. iceman153

    Fanatec GT3 RS v2 settings help *F1 2014

    Also, if you want it to exactly match the screen, you'll probably need to increase SEN to ~310, but I prefer 260-280 myself.
  15. iceman153

    Fanatec GT3 RS v2 settings help *F1 2014

    This is because your steering linearity is 100%...  set it to 0 and you'll be good.  Everything in game should be zero'd out, just use the on wheel settings to tweak.  I have a GT3 and am running the same as you, minus the linearity.
  16. iceman153

    Patch confirmation?

    If you are into F1 enough to have actually paid $50 for the DLC that is 2014, you'll be buying 2015, regardless of whether 2014 is patched or not...  One point tho, as 2014 was just a stop gap, it makes sense for them to only do the bare minimum to ensure 2015 ships on time.  I'd imagine support for 2015 should be better. If they intended to release a patch, it would have been mentioned by now, like many have touched on, it doesn't make sense to keep that under wraps.  The reality is none of the issues so far are severe enough to force them to release one. 
  17. iceman153

    Understeer city on the pad...

    Well actually you can change the settings...  deadzone, linearity, and saturation are all available for pad users when the override is set to steering wheel...  Try messing with those, people have had success with 100% linearity and a bit of deadzone.
  18. I created a tool that we use at PRL to detect this (it also detected the 2013 cheats), it looks like we might have to roll this out to all of our divisions instead of just D1.  Has any one seen any official response on this issue from @hatta ?
  19. Yep, just as in 2013, it actually seems like 2014 is even worse for the hidden pad assists...  the TC assist seems to be enhanced much more like you say, which will give pad users a huge boost.  Maybe you can set the same fastest laps between the two, but it'll be so much easier to be consistent with a pad, and you'll see less rear tire wear over a race for sure, not to mention the advantage is even more severe in the wet...   I don't understand why codies can't separate the assist out from the input dampening the pads/keyboard actually need.  There is already a TC assist and a steering assist option, move them there and let the user decide! This whole thread is futile tho, this issue has been raised multiple times for 2013, and suggested for 2014, @hatta has seen the suggestions we had, and he replied denying that there is any assist at all.  Now that the assist's presence is far more obvious due to the new tail happy cars, it's kind of hard to deny that it's there...
  20. iceman153

    Pad vs Wheel - Concerns

    This is how it's always been... 2013 had the exact same problems, it actually sounds like they might have made the hidden pad assist even stronger in 2014!  In 2013 with a pad you can literally go full lock on every corner and never get any understeer or slip.  Not only does this suck for pad drivers that want a challenge, but it also sucks for online play where the options to ban assists really only apply to people that use a wheel.   It's a huge joke, it actually ruins the game for advanced pad users, and really ruin's fairness in online play.  If they only made these hidden assists user configurable the problem goes away.
  21. iceman153

    Steering Wheel in Williams (F1 2014)

    Yup.. at least it doesn't have the big LCD screen anymore, they just didn't move the LED's off the wheel.  You'd think it wouldn't be that hard to just copy the redbull...  apparently it is!
  22. iceman153

    2 observations (flashback+steering assist)

    Lol, yup...  Why am I not surprised?  I was really hoping this was them moving at least some of the assist gamepad's get in the corners into an actual assist, hopefully the gamepad steering assist is at least toned down a bit with this turned off...  in 2013 with a pad you can literally just got full lock on every corner and take every one of them perfectly, @hatta 's post implying that is not an assist is not a good sign... I'm guessing this is probably actually just a way to have the assist gamepads get available to steering wheel users without having to overwrite the input type to be a gamepad and go full lock on every corner...  Which is great for people that need it, but codemasters really needs to give pad users a way to make the game more challenging for themselves.
  23. iceman153

    2 observations (flashback+steering assist)

    Or forced not to use it...
  24. iceman153

    Wheel HUD what it have?

    Well the number on the left is 77, so it is possible it's % ERS usage, but it could also be fuel remaining.  the ones on the right are 101, and look to be a front/rear number, you'd think it should be brake bias, but 101 doesn't make sense for that.  It's probably a bug and they didn't expect us to analyse the numbers.  Now, none of these numbers change between the two points they are shown to us in the lap (0:55 and 1:22), so that would point to the left number more likely being fuel than ERS, as if it was ERS it should definitely have gone down.  So i'm going to say the left one is Fuel, and the right two are front/rear brake bias, or possibly tire wear/temperature.
  25. Agreed, great news that something has been changed with #1, so at a minimum the 2013 apps won't just work on 2014, and they only have 6 months to fix them up.  Hopefully in 2015 it will actually be impossible. @Hatta : For the steering assist tho, I understand your point in the other thread, yes it is needed to help people with pad's enjoy the game, totally agree with that, and it needs to stay in the game, but it shouldn't be hidden like it is now.  I also don't see how you think it's not an assist?  Ontop of that, what if gamepad drivers actually want to have full steering control?  Most of the guys we spoke to didn't even realize they had the assist turned on, until we show'd them how to turn it off.  We even had one racer that was using a wheel, but because of how he set it up it had the same assist on and didn't realize, he just thought the game had terrible steering input.  The way it works now is counter intuitive and can be just as negative of an experience as it is a positive one for other drivers. There needs to be some sort of a change to make what it does more apparent and obvious, and also there needs to be a way to disable it in online play as it does give a significant advantage.  The simplest way to do that would be to put it in the assists menu, but maybe you guys can come up with something better?