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  1. DragoCubX

    The PC Thread

    Got a Deathstalker too, great keyboard! 
  2. DragoCubX

    The PC Thread

    As for the CPU: It really sounds like an i7-7700K would be the best choice for you then. Ryzen CPUs are good if you either get workstation loads regularly and/or when you go below a certain value budget-wise (<200 bucks). I think Ryzen would not be optimal for you, adn a 6850K would be even less so. Trust me when I tell you that a 7700K will perform better at your chosen task (gaming)  in 99.9% of the time, while costing you less. Which leaves you more cash to spend on a super--duper bling-bling mainboard, if you need all those little extra features. If you still feel like you need something more expensive, I recommend you to wait for Intel to release their Kaby Lake X CPUs (i7-7740K and upwards), they'll probably be even better. As for the PSU; As I said, unless you're planning on getting 3+ high-end GPUs and overclock both all those GPUs and you CPU heavily, 1200W is more than you'll ever possibly be able of using. Invest in a 1000W top quality PSU (e.g. the Super Flower Leadex 1000W with 80+ Platinum), and you'll be more than safe, even if you chose to run 2x 1080 Ti's and a 150W CPU, and overclock them on top. For a single 1080 Ti build, I'd recommend a 550-650W PSU. Add the 300W a second 1080 Ti could theoretically pull (which is almost never going to be the case), and you land at 850-950W. 1000W is the max I'd think about. Last but not least, with a 1200W PSU, you'll not only pay more for the PSU itself, but also while running the rig, because the typical load it would receive would make it very inefficient, meaning it would require more power to deliver than a lower-wattage PSU would at the same load. Please do reconsider, or go for a 3-4x 1080 Ti build straight :mrgreen:
  3. DragoCubX

    The PC Thread

    I always recommend the Golden Green and Platinum King series PSUs from Super Flower, they're some top notch quality, the Golden Green HX-550 (550W) would probably suit your needs @couger1981 ). Seasonic PSUs are very high quality too. The XFX PSU you chose is manufactured by Seasonic and just rebranded, seems like it's well built/good quality. @R4pp3r: Are you going for pure gaming, or do you need your PC for workstation tasks too? If it's the former, an i7-6850K will give you absolutely no advantage over an i7-7700K, in most games it will even perform worse. The 6850K uses the LGA 2011-3 platform, which is not going to be compatible with any future CPU architectures, so a future CPU upgrade will force you to buy a new mainboard too. AMD's Ryzen 5 and 7 series offer similar performance, while pretty much guaranteeing you'll be able to put the next generation of their CPUs into current mainboards, and Intel's upcoming LGA 2066 platform with Skylake X and Kaby Lake X CPUs will be pretty much the same, though that one isn't released yet. Finally, a 1200W PSU is a complete overkill unless you want to run at least 3 GTX 1080s (or higher) in your rig, while heavily overclocking your CPU. For 2 GTX 1080 Ti GPUs and a 6850K you should opt for a 850W PSU without, adn 1000W PSU with overclocking. 1200W is just a bit too much. Hope I could help :smile:
  4. DragoCubX

    The PC Thread

    SLI is not supported for the GTX 1060 in general by Nvidia, so the recommendation for the MSI card still stands. If you want Multi-GPU capability, you'll have to opt for 2 RX 580's. But then again, that only makes sense if your motherboard supports it and if you only want to buy the second card later. If you got the cash for both right now already, then, as RevolvingPrawn said, a single, more powerful GPU is gonna yield the better results in most scenarios.
  5. DragoCubX

    The PC Thread

    I'd agree with what was said, that a GTX 1060 (6GB version!) is probably the best in that budget range. As for which manufacturer to take:  - MSI's GTX 1060 is almost perfect, and the quietest card.  - The Palit and Gainward cards are pretty balanced  - Gigabyte and Inno3D's cards are good in performance and run cool, but they are a bit louder Since you said MSI isn't available for you, I'd personally go with Gainward, I know several people with their GTX 1060 and 1070, and they're pretty happy with them.
  6. DragoCubX

    Grid AS causes computer to freeze completely

    Trying to revive this one: Same thing happens to me, stopped playing the game in February because of that, now, after upgrading my graphics card and retried, but problem persists! Is there any chance this will get fixed?
  7. DragoCubX

    GRID AUTOSPORT - Fanatec Issue

    Using a Fanatec Porsche 911 GT3 RS V2 wheel, and experiencing the same problems (though it doesn't happen very often). Playing on middle class/high end PC too.
  8. DragoCubX

    To PC users

    Loore said: What an awfully long thread XD Also, I must correct: The best FX-8XXX available is the FX-8370 for now (though the only difference to the 8350 is a slightly higher boost clock :expressionless: )
  9. DragoCubX

    AI speed in racenet challenges

    +1 for every single idea in this thread, I'd appreciate them all. It can't be that hard to do such a thing. Really hoping this thread will get attention by CM!
  10. DragoCubX

    Club Question

    Yes you can join multiple clubs. But you'll have to decide for one at a time to race for. Just go to your club central under "my Clubs" (or whatever it's called in english). There you'll see your active club and all the others you joined. Just select "set as active" for the club you currently want to earn xp for ;)
  11. DragoCubX

    How to accept member requests for own club?

    Ok thx ^^
  12. How can I accept a request from my friend for joining my club? I can't find it anywhere :pensive: