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  1. Lurtz

    Button Box

    Thanks Lakrits. I will have a closer look at this against the cost of a programmable button box as my original idea has crashed and burned. When I went to download HID Macros I found that it has been replaced by a newer programme called Lua Macros. The problem for me is that HID Macros had a simple GUI for programming the buttons where with Lua you have to type everything in in code which, to a simple soul like me, seems a backward step.
  2. Lurtz

    Button Box

    Hi Zampa. Great idea. I set about looking for a programmable numerical keypad (as I couldn't find one with a 'space bar' key) and this is where I ran into trouble. They seem to be quite rare beasts unless you are looking to spend a lot of money. I finally came up what seems to be a solution - a free programme called 'HID Macros' which allows you to re-programme keypad buttons. I need to do a little more research but - thanks to you - it looks like a £10 wireless keypad plus free programming software might do the trick!
  3. Lurtz

    Button Box

    Hi all. Just some advice please. I am thinking of getting a button box and wondered if anyone could recommend one? It would only be for use in racing sims and wouldn't need to be overly complicated - maybe 16 or so functions.
  4. Just before 11am (UK time) I checked the qualifying times for this weekend's Classic GP Event (to see how near the bottom I am ) and I noticed that the next two races were in 2 and 3 hours time (1 and 2pm UK). I am guessing that these are the start of the races in Europe so as there were already 64 results on the leaderboard it just made me wonder at what time the first race is run and where?
  5. Lurtz

    Stacked pit stop

    So I am competing in this weekend's multiplayer event and after the usual mayhem at the first corner at Bahrain I am catching the guy in front. I have the gap down to 1 second and we both pit on the same lap. He pulls into his pit.......and I am stacked behind him!!! WT*!!! I end up losing over 12 seconds to him which I could only get down to 6 over the rest of the race. Since when have we had 'team mates' in weekend events and had to 'share' a pit box?
  6. Just gone back and tried again. Game loaded as it should. I didn't do anything other than run the game again so whatever has been done seems to have done the trick.
  7. Hi all, I've been stuck on this message for the past 3 hours now. Anyone else having this issue? No problems yesterday and I have re-booted my router, given up on F1 and played Star Wars Squadrons via Oculus for an hour without any issues, gone back to F1 just to hang on the same message.
  8. Same here. Seeing as it is happening to (at least) two of us I guess it is an issue with the servers.....not at our end.
  9. OK, so I entered my best Mercedes Austria Time Trial lap (1:05.937 - using a Tom97 setup) and this gives me a difficulty of 84. When I go to race, however, I will be in my Season 1 car which obviously is near the bottom of the development chart. Won't being in my own team car (as opposed to being in an all singing all dancing Mercedes) have an effect on my level of competitiveness? On the other hand, I have spent time building up data at Barcelona (driving as Perez) and 65 is the level which puts me close to Stroll. Adding the Austria 'offset' of +6 therefore suggests an AI level of 71.
  10. HI krz9. As someone who has never used an AI calculator before can you just confirm I am reading it correctly. If I go to your site and select Austria it shows an average difficulty of 96 and an average lap time of 1m 08.6564s. Does this mean that if my PB is 1m 08.6xx I should be setting the AI difficulty to 96? But what if my PB is 1m 09.6xx or 1m 07.6xx? How do I calculate what the AI needs to be set at? Apologies if this has been covered elsewhere.
  11. He wrote: I use f1 2020 on PS4. I use a wired connection with optical fibre. The game struggles to communicate with online services. It crashes and I have to restart the game in order to start playing again. With other games I have no feedback or connection problems.
  12. Thanks @steviejay69 but this time Occam needs to look for a new razor! Tell him to take out a subscription to 'Harry's'. 😊 I did follow your advice and removed Avast but that didn't change anything so I delved deeper into Google and found a thread relating to the exact same issue in an Elite Dangerous forum. There, the issue was solved by writing a new Network 'Outbound' rule in Defender, blocking dasHost. I tried this and it seems to have worked, having just completed 2 hours plus game time without any issues. Whether the rule creates issues elsewhere on my Network I'll just have to wai
  13. Hi all. This isn't a bug report - just a cry for help! I have played F1 games in many guises so I know the need to have a PC capable of doing the job (which I have) and have never had any issues with stuttering frame rates until recently. About 2 weeks ago I decided to leap into the world of VR and bought an Oculus Quest 2. The following week was taken up playing Star Wars Squadrons in VR. I then realised that I needed to get back into F1 2020 to make sure I got to Tier 30 before Podium Pass timed out and it was at this point I started to get a problem with stuttering frame rates. It can
  14. I blame Star Wars Squadrons! People play it for a couple of hours, switch to F1 and still think they are in an X Wing or TIE, not an F! car!
  15. The newly released F1 calendar for 2021 shows that the previously allocated Hanoi weekend is now blank and there is speculation that the circuit has been dropped for political reasons. 2021 Formula 1 calendar 21 March Australia (Melbourne) 28 March Bahrain (Sakhir) 11 April China (Shanghai) 25 April TBC 9 May Spain (Barcelona) 23 May Monaco 6 June Azerbaijan (Baku) 13 June Canada (Montreal) 27 June France (Le Castellet) 4 July Austria (Spielberg) 18 July Britain (Silverstone) 1 August Hungary (Hungaroring) 29
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