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  1. I previously reported this at the end of July but it got kind of waylaid by the effects of the F1 2020 1.08 patch debacle and associated Trusteer Rapport issues.....so I thought I would resurrect it. The issue is, I believe, a corrupted savegame file but this is what happens; I load the game and am able access all the other aspect of the game (Time Trial, Multiplayer etc) with out any problems. However, when I try and 'Continue Career', the first page (showing the driver points table) loads OK but when I then select 'Continue Career' I get the stills of the track whilst 'loading' but then get the EGO Dumper page. I select 'Send Report' and a few seconds later the game crashes back to my desktop. Bug Report 1. Won't load Continue Career. 2. V 1.22 3. Career 4. Yes - see description above 5. Every time I try and load Career 6. Verified Steam files 7. Fanatec wheelbase, wheel and pedals. 8. N/A egodumper.log DxDiag 2.txt
  2. Lurtz

    How does custom car perform in TT?

    I can't speak for PS4 but on the PC anything between the top 8 - 12 TT slots are taken up by cheats. The give-away is a combination of a non custom setup and/or using driving aids plus being 5 - 10 seconds faster that the officially recognised 'World Record' times! Sad but without anti-cheat software or direct intervention from CM it is something we are forced to live with.
  3. Lurtz

    Idiot requires assistance....please

    Might be so.....but you can't get the mug!!!
  4. Lurtz

    Weekly Event

    Never thought of that......damn Americans!!!
  5. Lurtz

    Weekly Event

    Just whilst we are talking about points, on a slightly different note, when I looked at the overall positions late last night (I am in the UK and it showed3 hours to go) I was 776th out of 2543 competitors. Checking this morning, now the event is finished, I am 806th out of 2551. Doing the maths that tells me I dropped 30 places overnight but only 8 additional times were added!!!
  6. Lurtz


    I am going to assume that English is not your first language and that you use an on-line translator because there is no other explanation as to why you come across as rude and ignorant. If English is your mother tongue then I guess there is no excuse - you ARE rude and ignorant.
  7. Lurtz

    Puncture and clowns!!!

    Competing in this weeks weekends event saw a first first for me - I got a puncture. In all the hundreds of laps I've competed in this year's variation of the game it is the first time it has happened to me. It proved an interesting moment in a day spoilt by the number of clowns, who drove like 5 year olds, in the rain at Suzuka. I tried 3 attempts at the race. Twice I was shunted from behind at the first corner (one hard enough to destroy the car and the other left me in last) and in the third I got side swiped, again on the first lap, at the hairpin. I play the game for fun so it was no big deal but the level of wet weather driving ability by a lot of people was atrocious.
  8. I'm still not good enough to create my own setups and be competitive (yet!) so I use ones I find on line. A question, though....... The majority of on-line setups seem to be for pads but would these work just as well for a wheel, or does the technical differences between the two types of controller's inputs make the setups not really transferable?
  9. Lurtz

    The Worst Things Jeff Says to You

    Just happened to me last night; At the end of a wet Q2 in China, with less than a minute in which to try one last lap, he tells me to pit to change to inters.
  10. Lurtz

    Newbie with very BASIC Question

    The 168 page manual from the original 1991 Grand Prix game (yes....I am that old!!!). I know cost cutting means that printed manuals don't come with games any more but they should be provided on line.
  11. Lurtz

    More ways to earn PitCoins by playing?

    Yes - I think that would be a fairer solution.
  12. Lurtz

    Idiot requires assistance....please

    Ah.... Right...... Yes....
  13. Lurtz

    Idiot requires assistance....please

    OK - but where then do I find it? When I go to Customisation and select Car Liveries, all I see is the '70th Anniversary' livery, 'Cosmos' livery and the '+ Create New' option button. If I select '+Create New' the original default livery appears but nothing else. It is as though all the liveries from Season 1, the two liveries from Season 2 Tier 1 & 2 (I am only at Tier 3 at the moment) and the free Chrome livery have just gone missing.
  14. Lurtz

    Idiot requires assistance....please

    And now it gets really embarrassing. Because I have hardly used Podium Pass I am completely stumped by this. Let us say I wanted to claim the Tier 2 'End Racism' livery. How do I do that? Don't laugh.....I have stared at the screen for ages and the only live buttons I can see are F1 to buy the VIP Pass, F3 for Help and Esc to exit (plus the 4 directional arrows). Once highlighted, what button do I press to 'claim' the livery?
  15. Lurtz

    More ways to earn PitCoins by playing?

    I think it wouldn't be wise to link any kind of reward system to reaching certain levels of skill - that just creates an elitist environment. If CM were to pick up on this it should be based on the amount of time you play the game. I personally can put in a couple of hours a day.....but I am not going to be anywhere near the top end of any skill table for a long time yet.