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  1. Lurtz

    David Greco's Handling, Driving and Setup Q&A

    I have to agree. I selected the McLaren MP4 13 for this weekend's event and the first time I drove it I couldn't put 3 corners together. As it is now, after more than 70 laps practicing, I think I am still losing up to a second a lap because I have to be sooooo gentle putting on the power after a corner. I have no doubt if I was a Jedi Master in the black art of creating setups I might get somewhere but I don't have that skill and have exhausted the usual options of anti-roll bar/diff power lock/rear springs.
  2. Lurtz

    Classic car setups

    Thanks for the tips everyone. Appreciated.
  3. Lurtz

    Classic car setups

    OK. A question from someone who has a better grasp of particle physics and string theory that creating setups......... Where do you start with setups for 'classic' cars....and the McLaren MP4 13 in particular?
  4. Lurtz

    CM - please add violence

    Firstly - and most importantly - I want to make it plain that I do not condone violence (outside of a boxing ring or MMA cage that is) of any sort but - please CM - just add a little bit..........so the next time Jeff says, with that condescending attitude "We've had to spend time repairing damage to the car" that carries just the slightest of emphasis on 'time' and just the slightest hint of distain and disgust, I can climb out and punch his ******* lights out.
  5. steviejay69 I am guessing the label printer being designated as a DirectInput device is not normal? It is just a pnp Dymo but it is plugged into a port on a monitor stand that I use. Must be because of that. I'll look at disabling some of the audio devices but the Arctis is only 6 weeks old so the firmware will be current. I don't have MBAM. Thanks for your help with this.
  6. Lurtz

    Can anyone explain please?

    Huh - he was a wuss.....and he wanted the ring for himself!!!
  7. Lurtz

    Can anyone explain please?

    I have just finished my 3rd ever online race so, as you can imagine, there are lots of things I don't understand yet. Can anyone explain to me the following: Coming onto the main straight at Hungary a 'ghost' car passes me by driving straight through me. Two thirds the way down the straight, with me about two car lengths being him, he stops.....instantly. I have no time to react so I go straight into the back of him but, by now, he is solid and I destroy the front wing. What, technically, would cause this to happen?
  8. Lurtz

    Unrealistic times

    First of all, please let me point out that this isn't a rant and, to be honest, I don't want people re-hashing old opinions so, if you don't mind (and please don't take offence) please don't respond. I only put this here as something so obvious, CM need to do something about it. I went to TT at Hungary to get a bit of practice on the track and there is a guy (who we are all familiar with) sitting on top of the leaderboard some 3.897 seconds faster than anyone else. Him being there or not won't effect my position - I am running a full race setup and my skill level is unlikely to get me into the top 1000 - so whether I am 1027 or 1028 on the list won't cause me to lose sleep....but him being there just isn't right. Please CM, remove him.....and please, fellow forum users, don't use this topic to re-ignite and re-cycle old posts. Thank you.
  9. Lurtz

    Is there a way to get race updates on track?

    Isn't this just art imitating life? I remember not so long ago you used be sat in your car and; Me: Call Home Car: Opening sunroof. Me: No. Call HOME. Car: Changing channel to Radio 4. Me: NO. CALL HOME!!! Car: Seat heating on. 🙄
  10. Lurtz

    Stupid Clare and Jeff comments

    A poor man's Lee McKenzie.
  11. Apologies. When @steviejay69 said; I thought it was a choice of either - not both. My mistake. Here is the file; DxDiag.txt
  12. Lurtz

    Driver Number.

    I just thought it was a sneak preview of the new 'Original Le Mans start' option that had the added difficulty of having to reverse out onto the track..... I have also just realised that probably the vast majority of people on here won't even know what the original Le Mans start was. 😭
  13. @steviejay69 With reference to the issue quoted above, how do you know if the CM people have picked up on it? Do you get any kind of acknowledgement that it is being looked at?
  14. DirtyBob, I use the Fanatec McLaren GT3 wheel with the same wheel base and pedal set that you have, but on PC. The clutch paddles work OK for me so maybe it is a PS4 issue?
  15. Lurtz

    gameplay changed with patchs?

    Apologies Simracer123, edited as requested.