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  1. How/where do you do this Mike?
  2. Lurtz

    Result of Fuel Management program

    If after a tyre wear programme you are told that, for example, the expected tyre life was 40 laps but the programme is projecting 50, can you use that projected life in your race strategy, or once the race starts does the expected tyre life get applied?
  3. .....and this is one from 11th July when I was running F1 2019. crash_dump#614494-20200711-170438-0.zip
  4. I've managed to find this, which is the crash dump from today crash_dump#670054-20200723-132814-0.zip
  5. Sorry to have to ask, but where will I find the crash dump zips? Would it help if I sent the one from today and also one from when it happened loading F1 2019?
  6. Lurtz

    Pressure should be on to add new tracks

    Some of the things written in this thread show that there are people out there who really have no idea what it takes to create all the parts that go into a game like this. Although not a programmer myself, my son used to work for Codemasters on some of the 'Grid' titles, so I know how long these things take to produce.....and also the pressure that the teams have to work under to meet deadlines.
  7. First of all I want to make it plain that the idiot involved is me! Having never played any game that has this type of feature before I am not familiar with its workings so can I ask a couple of basic questions? 1 Is it working for PC users? I have read so many different threads regarding Podium Pass that I am lost as to whether it is actually 'live' or not. 2 Speaking purely about the Free selection (not VIP Purchase) how does this work? As I go up a tier, an item is unlocked. Is this new item free for me to use? If so, how do I get it?
  8. Thanks Christian. You are certainly right regarding the help offered when anyone asks a question. In another thread I have been walked through making adjustments to the HUD. There would have been no way I could have found out how to do it without help from other contributors.
  9. Lurtz

    Customised HUD f1 2020

    Thanks Akkan. Codemasters might make brilliant F1 sims but their UI - without the help of a manual - sucks.
  10. Lurtz

    Customised HUD f1 2020

    I know you can toggle things on and off, but how do you move and re-size?
  11. Lurtz

    Setups (what to use at each track?)

    Thanks sirio994. I appreciate the explanations.
  12. ☺️ Thank goodness for that....I had a mental image of being lead around the UIs by the hand by a 9 year old. The image was crushing 😭. Thanks again.....for not being 9 😄
  13. OK - Got it. Car Liveries - Create New then select the spray can icon. Thanks KNT. BTW...please tell me the 2011 part isn't when you were born.....😲😊
  14. Lurtz

    Setups (what to use at each track?)

    Speaking as someone who concentrates on Career and dips into TT for a bit of fun, can top TT setups be 'adjusted' for 100% distance Career races and what segments of a TT setup would need to be altered?
  15. Ah...I see. Yes - it is there.......but what about the liveries shown for Tiers 1, 3, 5 etc....I don't see them in 'Car Liveries'?
  16. Thanks Theseus.....but if I go (for example) to the Tier 2 freebie - Rare Helmet Etched - and highlight it then what? The obvious thing to me would be to then hit the return key on my keyboard but that doesn't do anything and the only options at the bottom of the screen are F3 (Help) and Esc (Exit).....or is it automatically placed somewhere else waiting to be used?
  17. Lurtz

    Former Circuits

    As a veteran of Geoff Crammond's GP series (yes - I am that old!) I always loved Jerez.
  18. Lurtz

    Corrupted savegame

    Hi all. The game (on PC via Steam) crashes as it is trying to load my last 'Mid Session save'. As I can still complete in the 'Weekly Event' I am guessing that the issue is a corrupted Career savegame file. If so - what do I do now? Fortunately I am on the fist practice session at Melbourne so there is nothing to lose if the current season is wiped but I obviously don't want to lose previous seasons.
  19. Lurtz


    As you can see I've sussed it. 🙂
  20. Lurtz


    Hi all. When I post this there will be a coloured square with the letter 'L' next to my name. How do I replace that with a picture or avatar. I've looked in 'Profile', and there I have been able to upload a cover photo but that is all.
  21. Lurtz

    'All races finished'

    Xander, thanks for that. I have no idea how I missed it. Thank you again. ReimvomSchleim, That is good information to know. Thanks.
  22. Lurtz

    'All races finished'

    I am quite new to Multiplayer events and after looking on the forums I know this has been discussed before, but without an answer. I went to complete in the Multiplayer event tonight, planning to race at 11pm. On the screen it says that the event ends in 6 hours.....but that all races are finished? Why can't I race?
  23. Lurtz

    'All races finished'

    OK - so it is just the luck of the draw. At the risk of going off topic, can I ask a couple more beginner's questions if you don't mind? 1. The AI cars - do they act like ghosts? Can you drive through them and they through you? 2. Mike, how do you get your avatar to show on your posts? I have looked thinking that perhaps it was something I have to do in my profile but if it is there I can't see it.
  24. Lurtz

    'All races finished'

    So does ability come into it anywhere? If I qualify P1200....could I theoretically be up against P1, P2 and P3?
  25. Lurtz

    'All races finished'

    Do you have a crystal ball? 😲 I raced at lunch time but had to make an extra pit stop. I thought I could do better so raced again a couple of hours later only to be rammed into the wall at turn two on the 1st lap🤬. Unfortunately, I couldn't get back to racing until 11pm - when I saw the 'All races finished'. Lesson learned. 👍😊 One other newbie question, if you don't mind, is grid position based on the qualifying time you do? Thanks.