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    Stacked pit stop

    So I am competing in this weekend's multiplayer event and after the usual mayhem at the first corner at Bahrain I am catching the guy in front. I have the gap down to 1 second and we both pit on the same lap. He pulls into his pit.......and I am stacked behind him!!! WT*!!! I end up losing over 12 seconds to him which I could only get down to 6 over the rest of the race. Since when have we had 'team mates' in weekend events and had to 'share' a pit box?
  2. Just gone back and tried again. Game loaded as it should. I didn't do anything other than run the game again so whatever has been done seems to have done the trick.
  3. Hi all, I've been stuck on this message for the past 3 hours now. Anyone else having this issue? No problems yesterday and I have re-booted my router, given up on F1 and played Star Wars Squadrons via Oculus for an hour without any issues, gone back to F1 just to hang on the same message.
  4. Same here. Seeing as it is happening to (at least) two of us I guess it is an issue with the servers.....not at our end.
  5. Lurtz

    AI Difficulty Calculator

    OK, so I entered my best Mercedes Austria Time Trial lap (1:05.937 - using a Tom97 setup) and this gives me a difficulty of 84. When I go to race, however, I will be in my Season 1 car which obviously is near the bottom of the development chart. Won't being in my own team car (as opposed to being in an all singing all dancing Mercedes) have an effect on my level of competitiveness? On the other hand, I have spent time building up data at Barcelona (driving as Perez) and 65 is the level which puts me close to Stroll. Adding the Austria 'offset' of +6 therefore suggests an AI level of 71. Although the above has got me completely confused over which AI level to use, it has at least led me to your website which I have found to match my own nerdiness over compiling data! Great site.
  6. Lurtz

    AI Difficulty Calculator

    HI krz9. As someone who has never used an AI calculator before can you just confirm I am reading it correctly. If I go to your site and select Austria it shows an average difficulty of 96 and an average lap time of 1m 08.6564s. Does this mean that if my PB is 1m 08.6xx I should be setting the AI difficulty to 96? But what if my PB is 1m 09.6xx or 1m 07.6xx? How do I calculate what the AI needs to be set at? Apologies if this has been covered elsewhere.
  7. Lurtz

    Servizi online

    He wrote: I use f1 2020 on PS4. I use a wired connection with optical fibre. The game struggles to communicate with online services. It crashes and I have to restart the game in order to start playing again. With other games I have no feedback or connection problems.
  8. Lurtz

    Racing Rigs - Share Yours!

    In my never-ending quest to prove to myself (and my wife!!!) that the better the equipment you have the better you become* I am now looking to buy a racing seat. I like the look of the Playseat F1. Does anyone out there have one? What are your impressions? * This theory needs to work as I have already had one failure when a £1000 Ovation guitar didn't turn me into Eric Clapton overnight!!!
  9. The newly released F1 calendar for 2021 shows that the previously allocated Hanoi weekend is now blank and there is speculation that the circuit has been dropped for political reasons. 2021 Formula 1 calendar 21 March Australia (Melbourne) 28 March Bahrain (Sakhir) 11 April China (Shanghai) 25 April TBC 9 May Spain (Barcelona) 23 May Monaco 6 June Azerbaijan (Baku) 13 June Canada (Montreal) 27 June France (Le Castellet) 4 July Austria (Spielberg) 18 July Britain (Silverstone) 1 August Hungary (Hungaroring) 29 August Belgium (Spa) 5 September Netherlands (Zandvoort) 12 September Italy (Monza) 26 September Russia (Sochi) 3 October Singapore (Marina Bay) 10 October Japan (Suzuka) 24 October USA (Austin) 31 October Mexico (Mexico City) 14 November Brazil (Sao Paulo) * 28 November Saudi Arabia (Jeddah) 5 December Abu Dhabi (Yas Marina) * = provisional pending promoter agreement https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/formula1/54879815
  10. Hi all. This isn't a bug report - just a cry for help! I have played F1 games in many guises so I know the need to have a PC capable of doing the job (which I have) and have never had any issues with stuttering frame rates until recently. About 2 weeks ago I decided to leap into the world of VR and bought an Oculus Quest 2. The following week was taken up playing Star Wars Squadrons in VR. I then realised that I needed to get back into F1 2020 to make sure I got to Tier 30 before Podium Pass timed out and it was at this point I started to get a problem with stuttering frame rates. It can occur at intervals of 2 up to 20 minutes and makes driving impossible. I set up Task Master in Performance mode and also opened up the Resource Monitor to try and identify the culprit and what I found was that every time the game was effected by frame stutter a programme called 'dasHost' was causing the Ethernet graph to max out at over 1Mbps for a period of 5 to 10 seconds. I googled dasHost but, other than finding that it was a genuine Windows programme that can't be deleted, I didn't really understand what it did or if it (as it would seem) has any connection with all the Oculus and associated VR software that I loaded. I know that there are people out there who know this computer tech stuff really well and I am just hoping someone can give me some advice. I have managed to blunder my way through Practice and Qualifying for this Weekend's event in Brazil but there is no way I can survive a 25% distance race without the stutter crashing me out.
  11. Thanks @steviejay69 but this time Occam needs to look for a new razor! Tell him to take out a subscription to 'Harry's'. 😊 I did follow your advice and removed Avast but that didn't change anything so I delved deeper into Google and found a thread relating to the exact same issue in an Elite Dangerous forum. There, the issue was solved by writing a new Network 'Outbound' rule in Defender, blocking dasHost. I tried this and it seems to have worked, having just completed 2 hours plus game time without any issues. Whether the rule creates issues elsewhere on my Network I'll just have to wait and see and, to be honest, I have recently remembered that at about the time I installed all the Quest and VR software, I also installed a new printer on my network so that could have also been a contributing factor.
  12. Lurtz

    Multiplayer - what's the point?

    I blame Star Wars Squadrons! People play it for a couple of hours, switch to F1 and still think they are in an X Wing or TIE, not an F! car!
  13. Hi, In the very last week of using F1 2019, the game would crash as it tried to load my last savegame. It would run through the opening screens until it got to the point where it would need to open the savegame and then I would get the EGO Dumper 'We're sorry, but your game has crashed!' screen. At this point all I could do was hit the 'Send Report' button. I repeated this half a dozen times or more over a couple of days before admitting to myself that this was a game breaking issue that wasn't going to fix itself. The only option I had was to uninstall and reinstall the game which made no difference. Not knowing how the system works I could only assume that the savegame file was either in a location on my PC and was still being called up at the start of the game or it was being downloaded from somewhere else. As it happened, it wasn't a huge deal as I knew I was going to get my copy of F1 2020 within a few days. However, the EGO Dumper page still appears when loading 2020 but doesn't crash the game. This is what happens; a. I launch 2020 from the desktop shortcut b. I see the Steam black box saying 'Preparing to launch F1 2020' c. I get the EGO Dumper page and hit the 'Send Report' button. e. The game then loads to the front page (with the 4 drivers and 'Press Any Button', and showing 'Version 1.05') but the screen is frozen - background music is playing but pressing any button on the keyboard doesn't do anything. f. At this point the game hasn't gone full screen so I can see that in the quick launch bar the F1 2020 icon is showing orange so I press the Windows Start key which returns me to the desktop. g. I click on the icon and it takes me back to the game front page where pressing any button now works and the game loads as it should. I think I have covered everything you need in your 'bug report' template but I will continue with it here; 1. As above 2. PC 3. V 1.05 4. N/A 5. As above - ie with F1 2019 probably 6 - 8. With F1 2020 every time I load the game (at least once per day). 6. F1 2019 I uninstalled and reinstalled the game 7. Fanatec McLaren GT3 wheel, CSL Elite wheelbase and Clubsport V3 pedals 8. N/A Regards Trevor Longden
  14. Lurtz

    How do you break your limits?

    When I didn't know better my idea of going round a (for example) 90 degree corner (Turn 1 at Baku is an excellent example) was to brake as late as I could until the car was at a speed to get round the corner at which point I would take my foot off the brake and steer round the corner. The problem with this is that all the downward force (and therefore grip) that heavy braking generates on the front tyres is lost so your speed round the corner isn't good. With Trail Breaking, you break just as hard but as you approach the apex of the corner you release some of the brake pressure, but not all, which keeps some of the downward pressure/grip on the front tyres allowing you to go through the apex at a much higher speed before re-applying the throttle. It takes some practice but once you get right you will gain a lot of time over a complete lap. There are several video's on YouTube that will explain it much better than I can.
  15. Lurtz

    How do you break your limits?

    The one skill that has helped the most in lowering my lap times? Learning how to trail brake. It might be obvious to the superstars out there but for an average guy like me it made a huge difference.
  16. Lurtz

    Racing Rigs - Share Yours!

    Unfortunately the McLaren GT3 wheel can skip a gear, especially on change up. It is frustrating but manageable (for me) as I hear the engine sound isn't right so quickly change down a gear - but I am a 'for fun' driver. It would be unacceptable for someone at the top of the tree or a TT specialist. It happens to me maybe once every 20 laps and, because I love the wheel I can forgive it that.
  17. I previously reported this at the end of July but it got kind of waylaid by the effects of the F1 2020 1.08 patch debacle and associated Trusteer Rapport issues.....so I thought I would resurrect it. The issue is, I believe, a corrupted savegame file but this is what happens; I load the game and am able access all the other aspect of the game (Time Trial, Multiplayer etc) with out any problems. However, when I try and 'Continue Career', the first page (showing the driver points table) loads OK but when I then select 'Continue Career' I get the stills of the track whilst 'loading' but then get the EGO Dumper page. I select 'Send Report' and a few seconds later the game crashes back to my desktop. Bug Report 1. Won't load Continue Career. 2. V 1.22 3. Career 4. Yes - see description above 5. Every time I try and load Career 6. Verified Steam files 7. Fanatec wheelbase, wheel and pedals. 8. N/A egodumper.log DxDiag 2.txt
  18. Lurtz

    How does custom car perform in TT?

    I can't speak for PS4 but on the PC anything between the top 8 - 12 TT slots are taken up by cheats. The give-away is a combination of a non custom setup and/or using driving aids plus being 5 - 10 seconds faster that the officially recognised 'World Record' times! Sad but without anti-cheat software or direct intervention from CM it is something we are forced to live with.
  19. Lurtz

    Singapore - amazing!!!

    Just had a quick look to see what this week's Multiplayer event is and saw this. Now - before everyone screams 'You can't name and shame on the forum' let me be perfectly clear. This is NOT name and shame. This the opposite. I think that SzEGA's performance is so earth shatteringly good, so out of this world, that everyone needs to be made aware of it. I mean, over 3 seconds faster than anyone else!!!!!! And using assists!!!!!!!! This guy is awesome. The Lewis Hamilton of our world. By sharing his performance here hopefully I can maybe be a small part of getting him picked up by the pro guys. Let's be honest - we should all bow down before him. A true god amongst us mere mortals.
  20. Can an idiot be stupid, or is stupidity implied by being an idiot? A philosophical debate for another time, perhaps. I mention it, however, because this particular idiot (me) must have an extra level of stupidity because I need help with the two following basic issues; 1 Chromed livery. A big discussion about it being 'given away' in another thread but where do I find it? 2 I thought I read a message which, in my naivety, seemed to imply that (and forgive me here because I can't remember the exact wording) the abilities of some real life drivers were being adjusted. Did I dream this? If I didn't, is that what the message meant? Should I be expecting to see (for example) Seb running in the midfield?
  21. Lurtz

    Idiot requires assistance....please

    Might be so.....but you can't get the mug!!!
  22. Lurtz

    Weekly Event

    Never thought of that......damn Americans!!!
  23. Lurtz

    Weekly Event

    Just whilst we are talking about points, on a slightly different note, when I looked at the overall positions late last night (I am in the UK and it showed3 hours to go) I was 776th out of 2543 competitors. Checking this morning, now the event is finished, I am 806th out of 2551. Doing the maths that tells me I dropped 30 places overnight but only 8 additional times were added!!!
  24. Lurtz


    I am going to assume that English is not your first language and that you use an on-line translator because there is no other explanation as to why you come across as rude and ignorant. If English is your mother tongue then I guess there is no excuse - you ARE rude and ignorant.
  25. Lurtz

    Puncture and clowns!!!

    Competing in this weeks weekends event saw a first first for me - I got a puncture. In all the hundreds of laps I've competed in this year's variation of the game it is the first time it has happened to me. It proved an interesting moment in a day spoilt by the number of clowns, who drove like 5 year olds, in the rain at Suzuka. I tried 3 attempts at the race. Twice I was shunted from behind at the first corner (one hard enough to destroy the car and the other left me in last) and in the third I got side swiped, again on the first lap, at the hairpin. I play the game for fun so it was no big deal but the level of wet weather driving ability by a lot of people was atrocious.