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  1. Me and a freind started a co op championship on full weekend and 50% and done the first 3 races.  When we started china we noticed  on the team mate challenge  that it had wiped my win from Malaysia off,  took the 25 points off my points as well as wiping my outraced, podium and fastest lap points off the team mate challenge and had giving all 3 points to my team mate. Has this happened to anyone else? 

  2. To be honest after you said that i did a race at china and everytime i took the first  long right hand corner the car status popped up saying my left front was overheating. I feel they have done a good job with putting the temps on there but maybe they should have put the temps for each tyre not just front and back.  

  3. The numbers aren't irrelevant. The one on the left of the gear number is engine temp, the two on the right are front and rear tyre temps. You can also see your lap time and split on the upper left of the screen, with your position on the upper right. Not even close to irrelevant information.
    Thanks for your comment.   I just wanted to understand what they represented now i do i can utilise the tyres temps and engine temps during a race and qualy.i have had all f1 games in the series so was interested in what they stood Cheers for your comment. 

  4. How are supposed to judge your braking coming into the pits to get down to the pit limiter speed at the last second without seeing you speed on the dash.  All that space on the led screen and they left it out. This is a great game  but i feel like they have been a bit half hearted with it and are focusing on the next gen version.

  5. I have started a new career.  i am 2 races in and have qualified 10th in Melbourne and 8th in Malaysia. But when im racing all the cars behind me seem to be quicker. my race pace is consistent aswell.  Does anyone else have this problem or is it just me. It Seems stupid to be able to qualify in a position and then be holding up cars that i was a second quicker than during qualy.