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  1. How time flies . . . time to dust off some cobwebs and test the water . . .
  2. We'll see . . . I just get the feeling that CM will bail on the title . . .again.
  3. So where do we see the game going now that BigLee has walked ? . . . and why did he walk ? . .
  4. Well, I suppose we should be grateful CM managed to get the game this far before they stuffed it up. Starting about a week back the game became unplayable for me as the frame rate started firing off all over the place . .yoyoing between 20 - 65fps. The only change I'd made to the game was finding the stability control and turning it on . .bad decision.
  5. This could be just me but I've taken a few cars from start to masters in career and noticed that upgrading seems to be a waste of time because as my car is upgraded so are the AI's, cancelling out any possible advantage . . . I have one of those feelings where you can't quite put your finger on it but it's about there being something not right with the scoring system . . . it's as if I just know no matter what improvement I make unless it's a monster one the AI will keep getting a bigger boost to their times e.g., I improve by 5 secs, they improve by 15 secs, I improve by 15 secs, they improv
  6. I hope Codemasters are taking on board all the positive reviews online about this "surprise" game launch . . . it's a very long time since a driving game got Grid 1 type responses . . . plz don't cock it up this time, it really is a great game which has so much potential. Look at the history . . cock it up and after a few weeks you get it, with spades, in the neck . . . all these weeks down the line with Dirt Rally and we are playing it daily and loving it . . .  
  7. Hahahaha . ..sorry ! . .I shouldn't laugh, but it looks like you missed the general message, "DON'T BUY THE COUNTRYMAN", lol . . .
  8. This game just gets better . . . first we get a new venue in Germany, with it's completely different offering, and today we get a very tricky daily challenge from there . . . If future add-ons are of this quality those who don't want the game until it goes gold are in for a very special treat. Someone at Codies has finally got it right . .
  9. Every now and then a real gem pops up, but if it's not recognized as such it doesn't get the support it needs for longevity. I can remember reading one of my then pc mags heralding in Toca 3. It emphasized the fact that it was different from the other similar games around at that time and suggested employing some patience to get used to it as it was/is a very satisfying game . . . people did and they loved it. Then came Grid 1 which in some mags was pitched as the next in the Toca line, although most of us failed to see any similarity. However, the game was a legend and picked up a Bafta . .
  10. When nothing is questioned it becomes a dictatorship . . . and advancement becomes compromised without the fresh and different input of ideas. I took a philosophical take on your comment where you probably just meant the crowds at the side of the track, lol . . That, sir, is an awesome post. Whether compliment or sarcasm I thank you . . . just my good nature, lol . . Just did all stages in the weekly event and more and more I have in my head the remarks some guys have made about RBR now being outdated. Crazy as it might seem Dirt Rally, if done right, could become one of the best Rall
  11. We have found this happening at certain places on certain tracks but with practice we know the tracks so the notes are just a reminder to keep us on the ball. The timings tend to go off when there are a lot of twists and turns so if you are either fast or slow [midway speed works ok] the problem tends to occur. Compared to some games the timings are workable but maybe need a few tweaks . . .  
  12. When nothing is questioned it becomes a dictatorship . . . and advancement becomes compromised without the fresh and different input of ideas. I took a philosophical take on your comment where you probably just meant the crowds at the side of the track, lol . .
  13. Something else to consider . . . Some of the guys on our site can take a crash at the start putting them around 19 secs in the red but still finish 20secs+ ahead [in hill climb masters] at the finish . . but these guys are at the top of the leaderboard so should show this kind of talent. In other words they can walk all over whatever system is in place. Because of this I see no point in an arcade type of trying to make it competitive in the ancient Toca method. Decide on a realistic run time for each rank on hill climb and work around that, it becomes ridiculous when I can come 1st with just
  14. I'm one from a RBR background so if it seems damning it's only because if you want to approach the sim world don't sprinkle it with arcade dust . . . and don't dumb down arcade physics and call it sim. It's no real problem, when you have been around CM games for 7 years or longer you get to know the strokes they pull. Dirt Rally is what it is and as such is still good fun and worth playing and continuing the ride unless it gets totally ridiculous. I was with pcars development for over 3 years so know that now they are making pcars 2, which will concentrate on Rally, we will be in for somethi
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