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  1. I referred to Bathurst because the exclusion of that one has been an issue in the past with one game although it might not have been a Codemasters game. But excluding Spa is completely ridiculous, back in Grid 1 we walked that track to learn every corner.
  2. Are you kidding me? there have been riots in the past when Bathhurst was left out of a game and Spa is the single most popular track. Maybe we weren't as paranoid as we thought with some of their previous moves to destroy their own games. For reputation reasons maybe the powers that be will allow those tracks in F1 but no other Codemasters game. I'd like to see Codemasters crowdfund a Game called "Lacetti" and make that the next Grid title. I'd definitely throw £50 at it as a gamble. It worked with Project Cars so why not with a Lacetti led Grid game. Edit: 18:08: Shadow of the
  3. I play all my games on 2560x1440. I didn't want to go higher because of the size on screen and little is optomized for anything higher so a waste of time and money. You mention raytracing and a little while ago I had access to that with one of my games and I can't remember which one. I did read somewhere that Nvidia had been pressured into doing something which would make the 1080Ti capable of accessing raytracing but as there are few games at the moment exploiting this I wasn't too fussed about it although I did activate it so knew that it worked. It might have been RDR2, I'll have
  4. You were always the resident expert so no complaints on corrections. However, you missed my point. I know that Vram is card ram which is why I said Vram and bandwidth meaning those two are the important ones when it comes to gaming. I bought the GTX1080Ti for the 11Gb of Vram. This meant I had a lot more space when watching the meter as I ramped up my graphics. And a good bandwidth means no choke points. 😉
  5. 'Fraid there is nothing new here. Something similar is why we all walked away years ago. Years ago we accused them of purely creating whatever as a cash grab and nothing has changed. They must be rolling on the floor wondering just how many suckers are out there. But seriously, there just isn't enough money in the racing pool to sustain all games to the fullness of their potential. Even though Grid 1 won a BAFTA it wasn't a financially successful game and series. Dirt is, which is why it's still going strong.
  6. This is why I like to run it past you as you have far more technical knowledge than I do. I suspect the ram would be of more use in MS Office and Photoshop but I could be wrong.
  7. I think Codemasters prefer the young players. They even made a mod out of one child, how crazy is that. We used to point out where the money came from and it wasn't from the kids. So far we have got away with "off topic" far longer than back in the day but as Assie mentions maybe we should start our own thread? The problems of today are the same as yesterday but we had a more conversational approach to things, much like you see here. Imagine we are sitting down chewing the fat with the crew at Codemasters. In fact back in the day I had an invite to go visit them and discuss matters b
  8. As usual I haven't bothered looking for updates and then you fire it up again. I have 32gigs 2100 but am looking at 32gigs [2 x 16Gb] Corsair Dominator Platinum 4000MHz for just under £500. What is your opinion?
  9. Just quoting the dxdiag but can always trust you for the exactitude, lol . . . nothing changes, lol. I just knew that you would have something close on the max available. My number two is still running the GTX980 and number three the 770. Are you still overclocking? My dilemma is that my present No.1 rig has no problems running the games and if I went for the ultimate top end rig I'd be sat on four computers which is one too many and I'm loathe to decommission my No.2 as it is still a very good computer with all my music stuff on as it's best to keep music progs separate fr
  10. I'm getting heat up near that at the moment and it's just that tad too high. [ Cornwall ] . . . just in case you were wondering, lastbreath!
  11. I don't know where you get your info but I haven't finished SP because I've been too busy online setting up my Moonshine business, Collectors business, Bounty hunting, and creating stocks in my camp for sale. There are numerous challenges to take part in and the gambling is not for real money but just another ingame challenge. For me it's like with GTA V where I got halfway into the SP and then went online and stayed there because of all there is to do. The live chat system is very efficient so you can communicate that way and your rig will give you some decent graphics so there is nothin
  12. Toca 2 also for me. What you mention is a replay of ten years ago and every year inbetween so why do they never have a brain storming session and finally work it out? The thing with lobbies and chat reminds me of when they threw around that forums are a privilege not a necessity . . . really? other types of companies spend a fortune to get the information forums throw up for free. I know why they say it! it's because their actions over the years have made it clear that they have little or no interest in what we want but instead prefer to tell us and invariably they have got it w
  13. It is interesting to note the changes. For myself and most of my friends who have been gaming since the beginning of gaming taking part in Alphas and Betas was just run of the mill, we all took part in making games. I joined My Space when it appeared and within two months removed all trace of my account from that cesspool. I don't belong to any social media site as I view them all as cesspools corrupting natural social intercourse and in many cases the actual truth. I mention this because your comments about the Codemasters staff of today and my recollections from 12 years ago a
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