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    What you want to see from GRID

    1] announce it...soon, build the hype. You missed the above piece from Goonertez . . . Sorry, Loore, but it's all platitudes . .we have heard similar words too many times, until you put something solid on the table CM remain the very tightly closed box of a company it has always been. Did you miss the modern trend . . .company after company are launching paid for betas under the banner, "early access" . . but, hey, CM are proud of the fact that in their usual dogmatic fashion no-one, but no-one, shares in the development of a game . .so no beta involvement for us. Although to be fair no-one would now pay CM for early access, hell, we paid for a finished game in Grid 2 and got a beta version so it's an uphill struggle just to get us to buy a future game. Word of advice, if something doesn't work in one direction . .change direction. So why, Loore, are you insisting on going down the same path again . .openness starts here, drop the teasers, you played that game the last time and we got served crap so change direction . . if the company has a plan, a game, stop treating us like 10 years old kids . .we get enough of that with the puritanical PC censorship in this forum . . .
  2. CaptainJack

    What you want to see from GRID

    I so like an optimist . . . I, too, am a dreamer, Terry . . .but, hey, tell it like it is, we are all totally addicted to Warframe . . Codemasters  . . . Codemasters who ? Agree with all you've written . . . it's all so simple, wonder why CM had to complicate it ?
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    Welcome Back

    Well, thank you, kindly, young man, lol . . Rastus, over on our Private Gaming Site mentioned that this forum was back, otherwise Loore would have been spared my scintillating company . .and where would his life and ambitions be without my trusty rapier taking swipes at him, lol . .
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    The Future at Codemasters

    This is what it's all about: ""On 9 June 2013, Reliance Big Entertainment has increased its stake in Codemasters from 50% to 60.41%, making Reliance the majority owner" The organ grinder is now totally different than when the brothers picked up their CBE's for services to Computer Gaming so the name might be Codemasters, but the company now has nothing in common with the one which brought us Grid 1. We got shafted, plain and simple . . . promises of a Grid and Dirt in alternate years, lies . . Grid 2 ? . . well, I think everything needing saying about that pile of beta crap with half of the game missing has been said . . . Boy oh boy . . I can't wait to see what appears here . . .