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  1. I've been around Codemasters games since 2008 so the pattern of complaints never changing could be called the unchanging MO.

    Gfx and physics have gotten better so the secret is to accept a few seemingly unacceptable glitches and enjoy what you do have. After all, no-one is perfect.

  2. Hahahahaha . . . what a time I should choose to dip my toe back into a Codemasters forum after so many years away.

    Perfect thread for me as I only dropped in to pass on my comments about the latest offerings.

    I'm one of the 2008 Grid members and subsequent fire and brimstone which followed as Codemasters lost its way, many of its player base and many of its staff.

    We swore, never again.

    However, after so many false starts Dirt Rally came along. I think that the game was a little too mature for what a lot of players where looking for but I'm still playing it today.

    What the game did was show that Codemasters could still cut the mustard.

    Their capability with gfx has never been in question, nor their physics . . . it was game design which did for most of us.

    Dirt 4 put them solidly back where they belong and Dirt Rally 2 confirms their position as the 'go to' driving game, at least it does for me.

    When they get it right there is something about a Codemasters game which I don't get from any other game in the genre.


    I used to be one of their biggest critics and back in the day had an invite to the works which other players wanted me to accept but turned down on the grounds that in their house I could only behave like a guest and not a critic.

    Well, if I complain when its bad I have to praise when its good and as I see it Codemasters has rebuilt what was lost and maintained that level of excellence.


    As for the vitriol on social media that is another story.

    Some years ago I joined MySpace, this lasted for about two months as I quickly realised that social cesspool was the best description for it with the site eventually disintegrating under the weight of its own poison.

    Zuckerberg is not naive nor is he a fool so when he launched Facebook saying he wanted to bring people together he wasn't lying, thing is he already knew it would become a venting platform, but then, did he actually say why he wanted to bring them together? [Spoiler Alert . . . to fatten his bank balance]

    Social media platforms will always become venting ones. Even moderate Idealism would never look for a few thousand people to get along.

    Put it this way, only a very tiny fraction of members would qualify to join an intellectual platform.


    I belong to none of these social media sites, do not have a modern mobile to replace the oldfashioned method of communication and even with the greatest stretch of the imagination do not wish to know what some nonentity somewhere five thousand miles away is having for breakfast or thinks about the price of potatoes.


    I think that the managers you refer to have the greatest weapon of all . . . the off button.

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  3. er185 said:
    New GRID?

    We are working on a new AAA project in our Cheshire studio, located between the bustling cities of Manchester and Liverpool, and we’re opening the doors to talented games professionals to join the team. Utilising Codemasters’ renowned racing engine technology we have ambitious plans for one of the company’s most successful and beloved titles.

    There is a time for everything and maybe this is the time for CM to resurrect its fortunes with a new genuine Grid game.
    I've been here since 2008 so am well aware of the ups and downs over the subsequent years. CM got it wrong on a number of occasions and paid the price. I'm not saying a new Grid game is the answer as I believe the original might have got the awards but not the profits. However, it might be different now if they cash in on the love over so many years created around the Grid myth. The only problem - like the one now over these recent promises - is we were let down so many times eventually most of us walked.
    Previous bad choices cost CM an absolute fortune - bit like some companies I could mention who turned fantastic success into fantastic failure, losing millions as the company went to the wall - but their game engine still does the business and has a lot of fans so I'll be watching this one to see if the company has a new horizon.
    My guess for the 'beloved title' is Dirt Rally 2 . . . not another Grid game.

  4. RubyRuby said:
    As a single/career player and GRID fan since 2008 a big part of GRID's appeal is its simplicity.  Most of the suggested "improvements" I read about do not appeal to me at all.  Add a few new tracks and cars, update the graphics, and GRID Legends is done.

    Of course if Codies actually did that they would get dinged by the critics for putting out the same old or being cheap or lazy or whatever.  Screw the critics.

    Hi Frank. So the trail goes cold in 2017. We were there in 2008 and now it's 2018.
    Dirt Rally and Dirt 4 drive well so CM can still do the business.
    Dirt 4 is coded well compared to a lot of games and has instant response and accurate physics, the car goes exactly where I point it and without any delay.
    As I said in a previous post Grid 1 had the wow factor which cannot be repeated because everything 'wow' was what made it such a fantastic game, flaws and all. There is no following the Grid 'wow' in a subsequent Grid game, only in a completely new game.
    Auto sport is fun and has a lot of very good points but unfortunately everything CM put out is judged against Grid so they can never win as an impossibility is just that, impossible.
    After finding some very satisfying driving in Dirt Rally I gambled that CM would also get it right in Dirt 4, and in my book they have.
    This augurs well for Dirt Rally 2.
    Ten years down the line and we still have faith in CM. Hope it's not misguided?
    Maybe time to get the 'Skinning' files dusted off, lol.

  5. RubyRuby said:
    Codies did keep up support for G2 for quite awhile and made at least an attempt to restore some of the missing features from GRID.  Derby, and sort of a cockpit view.  But . . . it still isn't the sequel to GRID we had been waiting for.

    CobraGamer's 12:03 post bears out my opinion that many GRID fans want too many contradictory features in a sequel for Codies to make one that won't disappoint big sectors of the fan base.  A major factor to me is GRID's simplicity.  It's Race Driver, and "It's all about the race."  It's about driving, not about engineering or tuning, not about customizing.  Racing games that provide all that detail are all over the place.  GRID is not one of them.  GRID dared to do less, by focusing on the race itself, and ended up doing more.  My opinion.
    Hi Frank, the endless argument still continues, lol . .
    I can see the future headlines, "we want Grid 42" . . ." we want Grid 43".

  6. They don't know anymore how make a good grid, is a waste of time.
    I think if we want a good grid game, just ask to remake the grid1 with next gen graphics, and tons of new car and tracks with dlc.
    Its all we need.
    Hi, Jo . . . good to see one of the old guard still breathing, lol.
    We gave up long ago with wanting another Grid like Grid 1, it ain't going to happen . . . Grid 1 was a 'one-off', you can't repeat what has already been because its been done. This is why the Grid games which followed could never have the original 'wow' factor.
    The guys on our gaming site are into Dirt Rally, a game CM definitely got right.
    My tag on the site is, eras.

  7. Well, I suppose we should be grateful CM managed to get the game this far before they stuffed it up.
    Starting about a week back the game became unplayable for me as the frame rate started firing off all over the place . .yoyoing between 20 - 65fps. The only change I'd made to the game was finding the stability control and turning it on . .bad decision.

  8. This could be just me but I've taken a few cars from start to masters in career and noticed that upgrading seems to be a waste of time because as my car is upgraded so are the AI's, cancelling out any possible advantage . . .

    I have one of those feelings where you can't quite put your finger on it but it's about there being something not right with the scoring system . . . it's as if I just know no matter what improvement I make unless it's a monster one the AI will keep getting a bigger boost to their times e.g., I improve by 5 secs, they improve by 15 secs, I improve by 15 secs, they improve by 30 secs etc. . .  

  9. I hope Codemasters are taking on board all the positive reviews online about this "surprise" game launch . . . it's a very long time since a driving game got Grid 1 type responses . . . plz don't cock it up this time, it really is a great game which has so much potential.

    Look at the history . . cock it up and after a few weeks you get it, with spades, in the neck . . . all these weeks down the line with Dirt Rally and we are playing it daily and loving it . . .  

  10. OzoreXS said:
    What the hell is wrong iwth the countryman??

    It doesnt deploy 310hp... looks like much more underpowered!

    Tried in an national league at montecarlo with fatal results... grrrrrrr
    Hahahaha . ..sorry ! . .I shouldn't laugh, but it looks like you missed the general message, "DON'T BUY THE COUNTRYMAN", lol . . .

  11. This game just gets better . . . first we get a new venue in Germany, with it's completely different offering, and today we get a very tricky daily challenge from there . . .
    If future add-ons are of this quality those who don't want the game until it goes gold are in for a very special treat.
    Someone at Codies has finally got it right . .

  12. Every now and then a real gem pops up, but if it's not recognized as such it doesn't get the support it needs for longevity.
    I can remember reading one of my then pc mags heralding in Toca 3. It emphasized the fact that it was different from the other similar games around at that time and suggested employing some patience to get used to it as it was/is a very satisfying game . . . people did and they loved it.

    Then came Grid 1 which in some mags was pitched as the next in the Toca line, although most of us failed to see any similarity. However, the game was a legend and picked up a Bafta . . . unfortunately, Codemasters completely mismanaged the potential of what they had and very much in an egotistical, " we know best and will go in another direction", allowed Grid 1 to sink . . but I can't add "without trace" because the game is still alive and thriving on tunngle and other online platforms.

    Dirt 1 and 2 and 3 were/are good games but, enter another stroke of genius, a gem with a classic format but with almost recent gfx (almost because of old ego engine), called, Dirt Rally.
    Now Codemasters have their, "on the road to Damascus" moment, and this time I hope they realize the potential of what they have created and don't drop the ball on this one . . . this game could go a long way.

  13. It would be nice if the audience were looking in the direction you're coming from and not just at whatever is on the opposite side of the road. 
    When nothing is questioned it becomes a dictatorship . . . and advancement becomes compromised without the fresh and different input of ideas.

    I took a philosophical take on your comment where you probably just meant the crowds at the side of the track, lol . .
    That, sir, is an awesome post.
    Whether compliment or sarcasm I thank you . . . just my good nature, lol . .

    Just did all stages in the weekly event and more and more I have in my head the remarks some guys have made about RBR now being outdated.
    Crazy as it might seem Dirt Rally, if done right, could become one of the best Rally games available.

    There will always be the physics anoraks finding fault with anything but ignoring that and just playing the game has a very satisfying feel.
    One thing I do know, I have watched plenty of YT vids made by some of the best in the game and the fact that they can go at such a speed, sliding from side to side and always on the edge of grip [just like the real thing] tells me this is a very good game simply because the game accommodates exactly what is required.

    Sure there are plenty of bits and pieces which need sorting but the main frame of the game is solid, so I hope CM see this one through . .I'm having a blast . . . and its been a long time.

  14. We have found this happening at certain places on certain tracks but with practice we know the tracks so the notes are just a reminder to keep us on the ball.
    The timings tend to go off when there are a lot of twists and turns so if you are either fast or slow [midway speed works ok] the problem tends to occur.
    Compared to some games the timings are workable but maybe need a few tweaks . . .  

  15. It would be nice if the audience were looking in the direction you're coming from and not just at whatever is on the opposite side of the road. 
    When nothing is questioned it becomes a dictatorship . . . and advancement becomes compromised without the fresh and different input of ideas.

    I took a philosophical take on your comment where you probably just meant the crowds at the side of the track, lol . .

  16. Wow, that's damning. I was just beginning to experiment with this myself to try and work out how the AI work but haven't had time for a couple of weeks. Surely an AI working this way would be more difficult to programme than one based on either delta times or a pre-determined baseline number and tweaked based on AI abilities/variables?
    Something else to consider . . .

    Some of the guys on our site can take a crash at the start putting them around 19 secs in the red but still finish 20secs+ ahead [in hill climb masters] at the finish . . but these guys are at the top of the leaderboard so should show this kind of talent.
    In other words they can walk all over whatever system is in place.

    Because of this I see no point in an arcade type of trying to make it competitive in the ancient Toca method.
    Decide on a realistic run time for each rank on hill climb and work around that, it becomes ridiculous when I can come 1st with just a couple seconds to spare [when my times haven't improved enough to justify that], against AI who can come 1st by over a minute [when I haven't been fast enough in the first sector to trigger an AI hold back].

  17. Wow, that's damning. I was just beginning to experiment with this myself to try and work out how the AI work but haven't had time for a couple of weeks. Surely an AI working this way would be more difficult to programme than one based on either delta times or a pre-determined baseline number and tweaked based on AI abilities/variables?
    I'm one from a RBR background so if it seems damning it's only because if you want to approach the sim world don't sprinkle it with arcade dust . . . and don't dumb down arcade physics and call it sim.

    It's no real problem, when you have been around CM games for 7 years or longer you get to know the strokes they pull. Dirt Rally is what it is and as such is still good fun and worth playing and continuing the ride unless it gets totally ridiculous.

    I was with pcars development for over 3 years so know that now they are making pcars 2, which will concentrate on Rally, we will be in for something very special in that genre . . . but for now enjoy Dirt Rally, but don't believe it to be something it is not.

    To give you an idea of how it is . . . Codemasters laid down the road map for Dirt Rally and invited  suggestions from us, making it all seem like a game based around player feedback . . .but have said that our suggestions might be implemented further down the line.
    With pcars about 87,000 of us still have a very private forum where what is said there, stays there . . .  and this is a WMD/SMS forum, so our feedback is still going directly to the company. Everyone else just gets the official pcars forum.

    My point is there are ways of doing things and ways of doing things . . . one listens, one pretends to listen . . .

  18. I've worked out where I think the problem lies.
    CM have tried to create a sim by placing cars in a sim type discipline but on an old arcade ego engine.
    This engine works on AI challenging until you pass them all and hold them off, at that point the AI will fall back, you have all experienced this in CM SP racing.
    The same principle is at play in this game [only this time it's just names on a board]  and on the hill climb it's all about being skilful and aggressive in the first section to get a good green time, say 5secs+ which will trigger the engine to drop back the AI, maintain a reasonable speed for the rest of the stage and you'll finish in the top 3, probably 1st.

    I kept finishing 4th with a whole load of varying times, I then went totally aggressive and got 6secs up on the first section, drove as I'd driven in all the times I came 4th, and came 1st . . but not with the 1min+ times the AI recorded when beating me [ if they were capable of previously beating me by over 1min why didn't they catch me ? . . . because, like I said, give the engine the right circumstances and it will drop the AI back]
    tried this a few times and it repeated the same.

    For this to be a sim the AI would need one hell of a lot of reprogramming, they would need better parameters than something gleaned from 10 years ago . . . which, of course, they will not get.
    I see some very nice rally tracks, longer sections, Dirt 3 handling dumbed down to appear sim-like . . . in short, not a sim but another CM fabrication.

  19. If I complain about hill climb I get told to practice more . . . but that isn't the answer.

    It goes like this, in the main game I'm working my way through the elite section, but cannot get out of clubman in the hill climb.
    The way I see it is CM know sims are harder than arcade so stuck a couple of their best guys behind the wheel and used them to decide how hard hill climb would be . . . only problem is that asking how hard a sim should be is like asking how long is a piece of string.

    Consider this, I am regularly 600th-700th in hill climb and cannot get to pro level from clubman [forget elite and masters], and there are over 30,000 playing the game which means a potential of 29,000+ who will never get out of clubman . . . so the length of that piece of string has been set wrongly.
    This effectively makes the hill climb totally elitist for around 500 players, and effectively a waste of time and space.
    However, I do not expect anything to be done about this.

    Some of the guys on our site are finding discrepancy after discrepancy with the correlation between the different measurement visuals for speed of vehicle, things just don't add up.
    There isn't much desire to send in reports because Loore has left and faith in biglee to keep a 2 way dialogue going is virtually zero.
    Some of the guys are of a mind to pass on info to people in the forum but whether they do or not is debatable as the general consensus seems to be one of resignation . . . a sort of enjoy the game for what it is and then move on because sure as hell CM will move on just when we think we are getting somewhere.

    Something else which needs fixing is the third stage of the hill climb . . . who the hell decided to throw shade across the track, some of us have bad eyesight or one eye . . in my case both.

  20. Spokster said:
    Hill Climb is a bloody joke . . .
    I was monitoring the AI and this guy called J Reid was running nip and tuck with me then, on one pair of runs, he got times of 10.29 and 3.29, and I got 3.35 and 3.36, and where I had been ahead of him he now went 3rd with those times and I was placed 4th . . missing my chance to reach "pro"  . . .

    Here's something else to consider.
    My times in Hill climb place me in the top 600-700, and with my times I cannot get out of Clubman, so, with over 30,000 people playing this game what hope has the majority got to get pro, elite, and master ????

    Keep trying, some people can do this naturally better then most of us, others practice, restart if you have to, try to make that perfect run, I'm running master championship of rally for the 3rd time, currently 2nd in the championship, but the way this event of the championship is going, I'm going to win, also done the masters hillclimb championship on all difficulties, I honestly think the AI in hillclimb is a joke compared to the rally championships, if you make a mistake in hillclimb and you get a +15 sec penalty, I can win a stage of hillclimb with about 7 seconds in front of 2nd place, if I make a mistake in a rally stage, I immediately drop to 4th-7th place.
    I do the 1st event in 3.16 and get placed 4th, just over 1 second behind 3rd. I do the 2nd run and get 3.10 - 6secs faster  - and still get placed 4th . . . in my mind if I did it in 1 minute I'd still get placed bloody 4th . . . this is why I can't be arsed with the hill climb . . . angry