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  1. Tough to say really. IMHO the way tyre wear affects the player, one stop races are almost a guaranteed way of losing 1,5 secs per lap, late in both stints, and given the fact that a pitstop usually only costs about 20 seconds, it just doesn't seem worthwhile trying. And yes, tyre wear seems very different in certain cars. I remember how surprised I was with the tyre wear in the Toro Rosso, after getting used to the Lotus, which seemed very easy on the tyres. Also, the McLaren seemed to get better mileage out of it's tyres than the Ferrari :-)
  2. Thanks, felt good closing out the season with a win. I actually haven't decided what to do yet, I might see if I can't find another AI mod that makes the AI a little more realistic when it comes putting the player under the pressure and overtaking, and go for another season. Got offered a drive by Mercedes after the last Grand Prix here. I might also try and drive a full season in cockpit cam mode with TrackIR, which should most likely make things a little more difficult as well :-)
  3. I just finished a full career season on Legend AI, racing with McLaren - On very few tracks did I get absolutely caned by the AI, in fact I routinely beat every top-tier team, except Mercedes. I use a Thrustmaster TX wheel, no assists. I agree with the people saying the gap between Expert and Legend is quite big, but by no means do I think Legend AI is too fast.
  4. Hey Neil, thanks for the feedback - Gonna drive Abu Dhabi later tonight, fingers crossed I don't mess up again like last year :-)
  5. The T500RS has the shifters on the wheelbase, rather than the wheel itself, making for some odd gear shifting in turns. I use the TX, seems to do the job.
  6. Well, unfortunately Monza appears to be the last race in my career, as my autosave became corrupt today. I have backups of course, but seeing as the autosave deleted itself automatically, the game won't recognise my last healthy savegame, even though I copy over my entire backup folder. If anyone can offer any advice on what I may be doing wrong - I have a completely healthy backup file, which will only cause me to miss two races - but without an autosave file to match, I'm at a loss as to how to load it. *Update - Managed to get it working it seems, though I'll have to drive the Belgian and
  7. Can't argue with you there, hate it with a vengeance myself, that sector 2 kills me every time :-)
  8. By no means, but unfortunately I had to RMA my wheel, as one of the paddle shifters started dying on me. Hoping for a replacement real soon :smile: 
  9. There should be an option after finishing the race, to watch the replay. I'm pretty sure RAM and HD space play a role in how long the replay will be, though. That 5-10 second replay you get, in-race, is really disappointing. Now, I can understand it from a flashback point of view for those who use that, but why replay and flashback aren't sepereated completely, is beyond me.
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