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  1. Good afternoon All, Are all the steering wheels looking the same for each car in 2019? i figure the game is still in development and this is not the case but I would like to get confirmation. Thank you
  2. cupidz

    car setup between qualy and race

    i have noticed this too but i think i know why. depends on fuel level when starting races. 100% race cars maybe a bit loose (depends on set up) but 25% or less, cars are good (again my opinion depends on set up)  
  3. Yeah like the real "driver experience" The pressure, fighting for a world championship, or struggling for your job, heck even team collapses,  I just set a blistering lap or had some blistering race pace, and the team wants the data to be open, do i share it or no....Things like this in my opinion would just add to glitz and glamour of F1    
  4. Codies, i'll make this short and quick (twitter @Heart_Racing) Love f1 2014 handling and racing wise, but i need more. Drama! excitement, Teammate battles, Friends in the beginning, not speaking if we are in the championship battle....share open data, or not to share! These would be great! (my humble opinion)  Check out this review, it didn't do the game justice but did hit on some few points http://www.autoblog.com/2014/11/07/f1-2014/?ncid=txtlnkusaolp00000588