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  1. Winzards

    (PS4) Always having Poor Starts

    Tried to change the differential, and it made a difference. I'm still getting past by the AI but far less than before. Thank you. Any other suggestions welcome!
  2. Winzards

    (PS4) Always having Poor Starts

    Hey Mate! No actually I drive with alll assists OFF which means I do not drive with assists (sometimes with dynamic racing line on but that's it). I uploaded a video showcasing my issue. This was during career mode in Italy and qualifying P2.
  3. Winzards

    (PS4) Always having Poor Starts

    Hey! Thanks for replying! I keep the revs to where the HUD says "Maintain Revs" which for my pedals (G29) is about 1/4 or 1/5 of the travel distance.
  4. Hey guys, Im having a recurrent issue with F1 2019. I'm always having poor starts. I drive with all assists off and I own a Logitech G29. No matter how I fiddle the throttle I always get poor starts. If I qualify P1, I get to P4 by the first corner even if I started well and on the right RPM. The car just seems to wheelspin more than the AI cars in Career mode. Is there anything I might be doing wrong? Thank you. Regards, Winz
  5. I wouldn't want to see any game from codemasters.