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  1. Played for a couple of hours, here's my first impressions: The sound: can we please have some more realistic sound for cars? I am a huge fan of group B and none of the cars in it sound right. I often watch videos of them and the game doesn't seem to get the engine sound and especially the deep tones of these monsters right. The tracks: looking very good so far, will have to log some serious hours in to find out whether or not they are in fact unique unlike the last Dirt game (which as we all know was a single stage cut into sections for its "tracks"). We need a lot more locations though. Also
  2. My List - Build/optimise for Next gen and PC primarily. - More simulation options: limited tyres, service only available after a few stages, tyre changes in the rally track, terminally damaged cars stay on the side of the track with debri left on the stage - Better damage model - More realistic sound - Better cockpit cam - New replay editor - More rally stages - No repeated stage sections - Longer and more varied/unique stages to drive - TV style replay - Field of view adjustment - Rally championship, rally-only career - Playground/driving training space - Recce the stages - Service park - R
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