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  1. I would be interested to know how others rate the circuits in terms of difficulty to win on. Personally I have always found Canada and Belgium easier tracks to win on along with Silverstone. I have never managed a win in Spain in either Career or Grand Prix mode. I don't know why, but no matter how hard I push I just can't keep up with the AI.
  2. Mullzer

    Career Mode vs Custom Season

    Thanks FS7 - didn't realise that. That makes sense of the difference in performance.....
  3. As someone who is fed up with the amount of rain in career mode, or to be more precise - the unfair performance of the AI in the rain, I decided to give Grand Prix mode a go and played on Custom Season. This way I was able to (a) remove Monaco from my season (b) Have nice sunny weather for every race. I was expecting performance in grand prix mode to be the same as career bearing in mind I had the same difficulty level, car and identical setup, I was amazed though at how much easier it was - too easy to be honest - I've won all three of my races so far with no real effort. It feels as if there is superior traction control - even though I have it switched off. I was wondering if anyone else was having the same issue. Guess I'll have to increase the difficulty level for grand prix mode!
  4. Mullzer

    Back to 2013 I guess

    I feel the same. With a game like this where you are competing against AI - the programmers need to make the AI consistent and fair - in this game they seem to be neither. It is the performance of the AI in the rain that irritates me the most - they have such superior grip it's ridiculous. It's a real shame as the game has a lot going for it but Codemasters really need to put a lot more money and time into testing their game for future releases.
  5. Mullzer

    F1 2015 Game Ideas and Suggestions

    Suggestions? 1) Elimination of the glitches that hold you up when pitting. 2) Reduced performance of AI in rain - the occasional wobble or slide would be nice to level the playing field. Even the best drivers out there struggle in the rain. 3) Design your own helmet. 4) Improve engineer dialogue. "We are expecting light rain in 10 minutes" (its been raining for the last 5 minutes); "The car ahead is on primes, we have the advantage here" (my options are shot to ****, and I come in that lap to pit). If the engineer can't say anything meaningful - don't say anything at all! 5) Have you tried driving off the track briefly and then using a flashback? The car immediately ahead of you will shoot off the track too! A great way of getting past - but it's a bug that has been in since 2010. Can that be sorted please? 6) Regular patches and bug fixes after the next gen edition. I will definitely be buying F12015 for PC, but if it comes with the kind of bugs listed above I will never be spending my money on another Codemasters F1 game. If there are bugs in next gen F12015, they will be in F12016, F12017 etc. I've spent approximately £150 on Codemasters F1 games since F12010 - I'm not giving them anymore of my money if they don't improve their testing. What I don't want: Warm up lap...............seriously??!! I can't even be bothered with qualifying half the time! Mechanical failures............. eh?!? Those that suggest this must be gaming masochists. That being said, increased chance of a puncture if you have driven over debris might be a nice idea; but ONLY if the same applies to the AI!
  6. Mullzer

    Driving in the full wet

    The AI has an unfair advantage in the wet, there is no doubt about that! Why not switch traction control to medium or even full to level the playing field so to speak! It's not "cheating" if the AI has an unfair advantage to start with! Alternatively have a look at some other threads in this forum that allow you to slow the AI in the rain or eliminate the chance of rain on your chosen tracks by editing XML files! (Only if you have a PC of course).
  7. Mullzer

    Why does it always rain on me?

    Thanks Dez808. Altered the XML file manually and it works a treat!
  8. Mullzer

    Why does it always rain on me?

    Where do i get hold of an editor to change the database files, and where are the files (I use Win 7 64bit. Thanks.
  9. Mullzer

    Why does it always rain on me?

    I have the same issue. There are circuits that I am very competitive on in the dry during career, but in the wet the AI blow me away as they appear to have more grip!
  10. Mullzer

    All Dry Career Season?

    I was wondering if it was possible to setup the game so that all races in career mode could be played in dry weather conditions.
  11. Mullzer


    I accept that having a slow stop may involve me being passed by one or two cars in the pits (the ones that were closest to me following me into the pits) - but seven! You're correct in saying that it is not a true bug, but the poorly implemented pitstops have existed since F12010 and I feel it should have been addressed by now!
  12. Mullzer


    Had this issue with F12013 and F12014 when I upgraded my EVGA GTX460 to a KFA2 GTX 660TI. Previously, both games worked fine with the 460 but I got the dreaded black screen on a regular basis after my "update". I used MSI Afterburner to lower the core clock speed and turned up the fans which seemed to help, but in the end I decided to downgrade and buy another EVGA card - the EVGA GTX 660 (not the TI). Since the new card I have had no black screen crashes. The EVGA cards seem very stable.
  13. Mullzer


    I use a PC and absolutely love F12014. Unfortunately the pit stop bugs that have existed since F12010 still exist. During a wet race in Hockenheim I came in to the pits in 8th and came out 15th, despite the fact that I was the first car in and the others were behind me. This is a game breaking bug and can surely not be that difficult to fix! I would recommend saving the game a few laps before a scheduled pitstop, just in case you get delayed in the pits, that way you can go back to your save point and come in one lap earlier. It's also a good idea to save when your engineer warns you that the weather is going to change soon, as there is normally a big rush for the pits and more chance of being held up!