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  1. McRoss1966

    DiRTy Gossip

    totally off topic. who is making this "attack" on the forums
  2. McRoss1966


    omg it's the PRESIDENT! Don't think so. If there where wouldn't they be posted here somewhere?
  3. McRoss1966

    Goodbye :)

    I knew he was one of the 5% :disappointed_relieved: 
  4. McRoss1966

    There are more players on Grid 2 than GAS. Why???

    why there are less and less ppl on GAS: Project Cars Assetto Corsa and I've also found myself playing "The Crew" which is more a TDU/NFS game but very funny. Ok Ubisoft/Ivory Tower may not be ideal, but who is?
  5. McRoss1966

    Grid/Codemaster's killer

    have done a heap of laps on Nordschleife (Eifelwald) during the weekend in the Renault Clio, and it's a blast. :)
  6. he's just another troll trying to get youtube hits. have also sent report to CM, but nothing seems to happen
  7. McRoss1966


    back to topic plz, cheaters - cant really get this guy @ishkhan‌  and what he is up to? especially the one where he is riding against AI - lmao @Goonertez - 1:32,094 on Macau yesterday in the Honda...... ;)
  8. McRoss1966


    oops, sry but I have also done Pcars and Assetto Corsa lately, and when getting really nasty I take my IRL Volvo for a spin. :)
  9. McRoss1966


    So did I and fired up Race07 again :)
  10. McRoss1966

    Racenet issues? - Ignore / Remove ITS WORKING AGAIN

    had the same issue around lunchtime today and also same time on wednesday. @Loore‌ are there scheduled maintenance on the racenet servers of which you can inform the community?
  11. McRoss1966

    This is how you do it!

    @Goonertez‌  got the Volvo to lvl 25, now I will get the beamer and start ranking that one up. The Volvo is soooo slow at start, but once in race it's actually quite ok. Did a few races on Pcars and Race07 yesterday as well, only to remind myself that the engine sound in GAS sux :D
  12. McRoss1966

    This is how you do it!

    Aww missed that one. Need to rearrange my evenings first. :) go to sleep at 20:00 get back up at 23:00 and do a couple of hours on GAS. As it is now I'm on until 23:00 and then it's time to leave. hmmm (all times CET, or according to the Swedish World Clock)
  13. McRoss1966

    This is how you do it!

    @Cos will need to get the Alfa as well then and make sure I rank it up :smiley:  Got the Volvo to lvl 23.....and the quattro at lvl 55-ish
  14. McRoss1966

    This is how you do it!

    @Amphydoodle‌ no trollfeeding plz
  15. McRoss1966

    This is how you do it!

    Volvo 850 Estate bought and brougth up to lvl 15 during lunchbreak.