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  1. I have recently switched to Grid Autosport together with a group of people with whom I've played other PS3 games before. We rely heavily on voice chat and have had a smooth experience in other games for quite some time. In Grid Autosport we started noticing voice chat issues right away. For instance, people can't always hear some or even all of the other players, while the others can still hear that specific player. Other times it seems the lobby is being divided in terms of voice chat, with little clusters of people being formed who can only hear each other. I find it extremely odd/interesting that, when those voice chat clusters are formed, they always consist of the same people. I'm under the vague impression that the problem seems to be triggered by specific people joining or hosting the lobby, even though the voice issue affects everyone in the lobby, also during conversations between other people than that specific player who joined or is hosting. The problem exists to a lesser degree in party/lobby screens but becomes much worse during races. On the right side of the screen there's still the usernames popping up when someone is talking however. The problem doesn't exist every time we race either. If the issue does arise it seems to get worse as more people join the lobby. There have been no changes to our hardware setups since the other games we have played. All players have voice chat set to "everyone". We're all members of the same racenet club, and also have each other on our friends list. Rejoining the lobby does not fix the issue, nor does reconnecting headsets. If we do play other games nowadays we don't have any mic issues. Any input would be appreciated.
  2. Zenzic

    Racenet stats not updating?

    Hi, thanks for your response. The badge with level is shown as soon as I choose multiplayer in the game menu, before I start a lobby for a certain discipline. The fact that the badge is a pale color (aka not a discipline color) confirms this.
  3. Zenzic

    Racenet stats not updating?

    Hi It would seem the stats on the racenet webpage are no longer updating. In the main multiplayer menu of Grid Autosport my level is 92. On https://racenet.codemasters.com/grid-autosport/multiplayer-rankings however, my "all disciplines" level is supposedly 38. Same thing happens for other crew members. Is anyone else noticing this as well? Is this issue known to Codemasters?
  4. Skaputnik, there's an official reply three posts up to let us know they're fixing the website...
  5. Zenzic

    racenet not showing my club

    Same here. It says I'm not a member of a club, and when I use the search function to look for my club it can't be found.
  6. Zenzic

    Save Game Corrupt

    FurnaceInferno, did Codemasters end up fixing that save file for you?
  7. Hi I've been reading up on how Grid Autosport handles custom cup lobbies with a mix of players who own different or no DLC packs. It has become clear to me that the player who owns the least amount of DLC packs should host the custom cup to allow everyone else to join. I have two questions I can't find an answer to however: 1. I own the Coupe DLC which doesn't include new tracks or race modes. Will I be able to host a custom cup for people who don't own any DLC's and use one of my DLC cars? 2. If a player who doesn't own any DLC's hosts a custom cup, will I be able to select one of the Coupe DLC cars for those races? Or will all my DLC's be disabled for that session? Edit: I just noticed I posted in the wrong section. My apologies and thanks in advance for moving this topic.