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  1. So, I've been using f1 on my pc for some time now. I've moved from 2012 to 2013 and I'm now using 2014. I've never gone online so I'm clueless. Here's my dilemma, the wife has gotten into racing. She now has her own computer setup with a Logitech GT Force Feedback Wheel. I'm on a different system using a Logitech G27 setup. We would like to race side by side or in an online race together. is this possible and if so how
  2. There seems to be a bug regarding tire choice when switching from a dry no rain track to a wet raining track. This is a big problem and at this point has ruined the game. Hopefully the tech guys can workout a bug fix. Game was working great for the first three Races, two Poles - three wins. Race four Spielberg, Austria - One Shot Qualifying was in the rain so I stepped up the down force by 2, due to the down hill 90* orientation of turn 2, I lost ground and qualified 11th. Ok, I'm real good a charging cleanly through the pack while cornering. The race starts out fine, Dry track - dark clouds but not raining - all cars starting on Red tires. By the second turn I've moved into second place and by the end of the first lap I'm in first. During the second lap I'm told rain is coming. Lap four light rain starts and becomes med-heavy by lap 6. However, sliding the rain is easy for me on the red tires. With a 20 second lead on Hamilton I'm told to pit at the end of lap 7. To my surprise my pit crew puts on yellow tires. Within a lap I'm told they've put on the wrong tires and advised to come in the have them switched. The rest of the field have been fitted with red or blue tire so on lap 9 while still holding onto the lead I come into the pits knowing I'll drop back in the field but confident I can regain 1st with the right tires. But where there is one bug, there is often two. I come into the pits as instructed and my pit crew of cyber wing nuts take off my very worn yellow tires and put on four new yellow tires. Now I'm pissed, so, in order to gather more data for you tech guys, I restart the race. Everything plays out the same. The hole field is running Red tires. The rain starts during lap four but increases much quicker this time. Like before I’m still kicking ass on the Red tire and at the end of lap 7 with a 16 second lead, I come into the pits in the rain. There waiting for me is the same crew of wing nuts. And again they take off my Red tires and put on the yellows. I would say the game engin doesn’t know it’s rainning. But the rest of the field is fitted with ether Red of Blue tires during there pit stops. This time I choose not to come back into the pits. Out of the pits with cold tires Hamilton is only gaining a little over a second per lap on me and with 16 seconds on him I’m not trippen to much. That changes after two laps. His tires have got some heat in them and I’ve been spinning and sliding so much my engine is begaining to over heat and I’m slowing badly. Now Hamilton and the rest of the field are overtaking me my 6 seconds a lap. With about five laps to go I’m told to just stay out and try to finish the race on these tires unless the car becomes undriveable. As I cross the finish line in last place at least five of the lead cars have lapped me. I’m still in the lead for the champeanship but two or three more races in the wet should kill that. I’ve bought 2012 and 2013, both needed some tweeking. But this is the first time I’ve ever bought a CodeMaster game and regreted it. Your fan, James Wheat, Owner of Xtream Stealth Computers Tech Specs: Sabertooth 990FX, Phenom II x4 960T Black Edition unlocked to 6 cores and clocked to 3.7, Radeon 5770, 10GB Corsair RAM, Lodgitech GT Force Feed Back Wheel.
  3. OK, I can't believe I've worked my way through 2012, 2013 and now 2014 and I'm just now discovering in car settings. LOL. My learning curve for all three has only been three months so I guess that's not to bad. Just picked up a new G27 wheel to run side by side with my force GT. When set up right, these two wheels are amazing. I've been racing most of life and I've got to say I can hardly believe how true to life they are. Now is I can just find some real racers, I'm already killing the game cars by nearly a lap on just a 25% race. thanks for the help
  4. Thank you so much for your answer, I'm still getting to know this game and I have little to no experience with gaming. I've been driving F1 2012, but 2014 seems harder to map out. Also, when I bought this game I was unaware it didn't come with a user manual. I've looked on line but can't seem to find one. I have the PC version and I'm using a Logitech GT Force feedback wheel. I was unaware of tire choice being an option and I'm not sure how to check override tire selection while driving. But I will start looking for it. All and all the new Turbo Cars seems rock steady once I got my GT Wheel set up right. The F1 2012 V8 Cars where often a handful in the rain. I build High End Flight Simulators and was amazed by the quality of these games along with the Realism and overall look and feel of this game.  Watching the playback at times looks like the real thing.
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    This is why the F1 games never get their bugs fixed

    Sadly this type of $$$ or Pride in Service is what defines most of the human race as a virus. We take more than we give till we have exhausted our resources. It doesn’t matter the venue, environment, Trust, Customers, Education, Liberty, you name it and once $$$ has driven something into a corrupt type of thinking anything good becomes a virus and the end is near.