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    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT Rally Games

    Interesting. I use a no-CD exe to run the original game (I don't think the StarForce protection bricks Win10, it just won't install/work (but don't quote me on that!). I've installed numerous StarForce games, then uninstalled StarForce and used no-CD exes fine.
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    DiRT 4

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    DiRTy Gossip about Art of Rally

    Car list is crazy http://igcd.net/game.php?id=1000013286 It's out now!
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    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT Rally Games

    A little detour, but art of rally seems to be reviewing well. And they even say "the handling here has more in common with Dirt Rally than Sega Rally", see here: https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2020-09-22-art-of-rally-review-a-slight-yet-stylish-take-on-off-road-driving
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    Three Things RBR Still Does Better than DR2.0

    My favourite bit in RBR was where you watched Richard do the rally school stage pre-recorded, it felt like watching a champion at work, compared to how I'd been driving!
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    DiRTy Gossip about Art of Rally

    Omega Rally Championship is a similar rally style game on Microsoft Store (Win10 as well as Xbox), but it has few cars and tracks and an unusual steering method, when you point your joystick/thumbstick in the direction you want the car to go. It feels really broken at first! https://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/p/omega-rally-championship/9n4wnpwrck47
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    DiRTy Gossip about Art of Rally

    Looks like a more bouncy version of classic PC game Ignition (aka Bleifuss Fun in Germany I think)
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    DiRTy Gossip about Art of Rally

    Beep beep: From their email: What's up with the game? It's almost complete and I've had to hire a bunch of people to help finish it including a producer, developers, and a community manager. We'll be announcing concrete things soon, so it shouldn't be too long before it's in your hands on PC! In other news, the game is also coming to GOG! And Funselektor has a new silly logo too!
  9. Important note to Codemasters: the method below doesn't involve any hacking, cracks or illegal downloads, so please don't think this is dodgy! It's just getting around the Windows Installer/InstallShield bug that occurs when installing this game! If installing ToCA Race Driver 1 gives you a pop-up with "Severe" and "Error Reading Install Configuration" (happens most often on 64bit machines I hear) then here's how to get around it and get the game running! This guide applies to the original UK 2 CD-ROM version of the game. If you have a different version (or DTM Race Driver or Pro Race Driver) then the guide below may help, but you might have to do things a little differently and I can't help with that, as I only have the UK edition here. Installation:There's two ways to install the game. If you have another PC or a virtual machine that the game will install on, simply copy the game's install folder over onto your current PC (where it won't install). If you can do this route then do so, and skip to step 4 below. If you can't do the above, then it's time to do a manual install! This is a bit time-consuming but relatively straightfoward, just follow these steps: 1. Create a folder on your hard disk to put the game in. For this example I'll use c:\games\tocard12. Inside the c:\games\tocard1 folder, create the following folders and sub-folders (note the 4 sub-folders inside the "sound" folder). We'll be putting files in these in a minute: c:\games\tocard1\GameDatac:\games\tocard1\GameData\animc:\games\tocard1\GameData\cardatac:\games\tocard1\GameData\carsc:\games\tocard1\GameData\chamshipc:\games\tocard1\GameData\dllc:\games\tocard1\GameData\frontendc:\games\tocard1\GameData\shadersc:\games\tocard1\GameData\skyc:\games\tocard1\GameData\soundc:\games\tocard1\GameData\sound\carsc:\games\tocard1\GameData\sound\collambc:\games\tocard1\GameData\sound\frontendc:\games\tocard1\GameData\sound\ptspechc:\games\tocard1\GameData\trakmod0c:\games\tocard1\GameData\trakmod1c:\games\tocard1\GameData\traktex0c:\games\tocard1\GameData\traktex1 3. Now it's time to populate the folders above with contents. To do this requires the extracting of the many .cab files on the DISC 2 CD-ROM (the Data CD). You can use Windows to open these .cab files, but it's rather slow, so I recommend opening them in 7zip, which is fast and free (http://www.7-zip.org/). Here's what to extract to each folder (please follow this carefully to avoid errors!): c:\games\tocard1\Firstly, in the root tocard1 folder, put the following files from the CD-ROM's "program files\Codemasters\Race Driver" folder:binkw32.dllGameSpyHardwareSetup.exeRaceDriver.exerd.bmpRegistertest.exeAdditionally you can add the readme.txt of the language you prefer from the eng/fre/ger/ita/spa sub-folder on the CD-ROM. Next up, the content for the other folders. These seem straightforward, but some have a few files from different locations and some that need renaming (notably the "dll" and "frontend" folders), so follow this carefully: c:\games\tocard1\GameData <- extract the contents of the CD-ROM root.cab folder herec:\games\tocard1\GameData\anim <- extract the contents of the CD-ROM anim.cab folder herec:\games\tocard1\GameData\cardata <- extract the contents of the CD-ROM cardata.cab folder herec:\games\tocard1\GameData\cars <- extract the contents of the CD-ROM cars.cab folder herec:\games\tocard1\GameData\chamship <- extract the contents of the CD-ROM chamship.cab folder herec:\games\tocard1\GameData\dll <- this folder needs 3 .dll files. Two need extracting from the MATHCP~1.cab and MATHPI~1.cab files, whilst the third is located in the CD-ROM sub-folder "program files\Codemasters\Race Driver\GameData\dll\"c:\games\tocard1\GameData\frontend <- extract the contents of the CD-ROM frontend.cab folder here. Once you have done this, go into this frontend folder and rename two files as follows:c:\games\tocard1\GameData\frontend\_dfe.big <- rename to 3dfe.bigc:\games\tocard1\GameData\frontend\_dfe.ini <- rename to 3dfe.ini c:\games\tocard1\GameData\shaders <- extract the contents of the CD-ROM shaders.cab folder herec:\games\tocard1\GameData\sky <- extract the contents of the CD-ROM sky.cab folder herec:\games\tocard1\GameData\sound <- extract the contents of the CD-ROM sound.cab folder herec:\games\tocard1\GameData\sound\cars <- extract the contents of the CD-ROM SOUNDC~1.cab folder herec:\games\tocard1\GameData\sound\collamb <- extract the contents of the CD-ROM SOUNDC~2.cab folder herec:\games\tocard1\GameData\sound\frontend <- extract the contents of the CD-ROM SOUNDF~1.cab folder herec:\games\tocard1\GameData\sound\ptspech <- extract the contents of the CD-ROM SOUNDP~1.cab folder herec:\games\tocard1\GameData\trakmod0 <- extract the contents of the CD-ROM trakmod0.cab folder herec:\games\tocard1\GameData\trakmod1 <- extract the contents of the CD-ROM trakmod1.cab folder herec:\games\tocard1\GameData\traktex0 <- extract the contents of the CD-ROM traktex0.cab folder herec:\games\tocard1\GameData\traktex1 <- extract the contents of the CD-ROM traktex1.cab folder here 4. The next step is to set up the Registry strings, so the game can work properly. The Registry lines included below are for use on a 64bit machine, hence they include the Wow6432Node\ part. If you're installing on 32bit (for some reason; the installer *should* work for you!) then remove this part. The following lines you may wish to change (remember to use double-slashes \\ instead of single ones when giving the path to the files): LANGUAGE = could try other values (eng/fre/ger/ita/spa), but not tested this, so it might fail!PATH_MAIN and PATH_APPLICATION = change these to the correct path to where the GameData and game folder are located, if you didn't use the c:\games\tocard1 mentioned originally.PATH_CD = change this to your CD-ROM drive, if it's not the E:\ driveThe other values are specific to the UK verson of ToCA Race Driver, so change them at your own risk! To use these lines, copy them out into NotePad, then edit as necessary, and save as ToCARD1.reg somewhere. Locate this .reg file and double-click it to install the Registry settings. Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Codemasters\Race Driver]"LANGUAGE"="eng""SKU"="eur""PATH_MAIN"="C:\\Games\\tocard1\\GameData""PATH_APPLICATION"="C:\\Games\\tocard1""PATH_CD"="E:\\""NAME_APPLICATION"="ToCA Race Driver""NAME_CD"="ToCA Race Driver Game Disc (Disc 1)""TITLEBAR"="ToCA Race Driver""NO_DRIVE"="Please insert the disc labelled ToCA Race Driver Game Disc (Disc 1) into your CD drive.""NO_DISC"="Please insert the disc labelled ToCA Race Driver Game Disc (Disc 1) into your CD drive.""WRONG_DISC"="Please insert the disc labelled ToCA Race Driver Game Disc (Disc 1) into your CD drive." 5. Before you run the game, there's a couple of other steps necessary. Firstly, install EAX sound extensions, so you can have surround sound (if you use a card that supports EAX, for example any recent SoundBlaster with the Creative ALchemy software included). Do this by opening the CD-ROM, going into the EAX folder, then double-click Setup.exe - this works fine on 64bit I find. 6. If you do use Creative ALchemy, set up a path in it to the game's install folder, so that the EAX can be enabled in-game. 7. Next it's time for the official 1.1_120 patch to be applied. You can get this from the Patches Scrolls site. Download it and double-click to install it. You should note that all the patch updates are supplied successfully. 8. Go into the c:\games\tocard1 folder and double-click HardwareSetup.exe to set up the hardware. Note: with the patch applied, the maximum refresh rate available under "Graphic -> Advanced Settings..." might not be the highest your monitor can take. So once you've applied the settings you with, click "Save and Exit", then open the pchardwareconfig.ini file and change the "FullScreenRefresh=" to the maximum refresh rate you wish to use (on my monitor it would only let me select 120hz in the settings, but I changed this to 144hz in the .ini file, which my monitor can take). Note: with regard to resolution, widescreen resolutions can be set, but the game will be stretched (fat looking images!), so best to run with a 4:3 resolution, as the game was made for that! 9. Finally, right-click and drag a shortcut to the RaceDriver.exe file, if you wish to have a shortcut to launch the game from somewhere else on your PC. 10. Insert the DISC 1 CD-ROM to play (the DISC 2 one can be left in the box). Note: the game may briefly open in a window then minimise to the taskbar. If it does, just click the icon in the taskbar and it'll pop-back up! Note: I haven't tried network modes, as it used GameSpy, which is now dead!
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    Colin McRae: DiRT 2

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    Monza Rally Show stages

    Heh just found this thread searching for Monza Rally in games. There is a game with the event in, but it's a MotoGP title, Valentino Rossi - The Game! Here I show bits from Monza and Misano (a bonus rally track, I guess):
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    DiRT Rally

  13. I picked up Street Legal Racing: Redline, which I had a long time ago, as it now seemed to contain rally style content, since new devs/fans have taken over (and I am making videos of every PC rally game on YouTube). I was somewhat disappointed to find that the rally stages in the game (and many other tracks) are just ripped from ToCA Race Driver 3. I have no idea if Codemasters care about this, given the game is no longer in print, but I thought I would mention it.
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    Additional tracks in F1 2020

    They could do DLC, but I expect the focus will be debugging, once live 😉
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    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT 5

    Note that the VVV videos were captured in medium graphics settings, so it can look better I expect!
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    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT 5

    Interesting article here: https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2020-06-22-dirt-5-feels-more-like-a-new-motorstorm-than-a-new-dirt-and-thats-okay Made by ex-Evo team (Driveclub/OnRush) using their own engine, not EGO. New Dirt Rally game is coming too, separately (I would assume it might add some more WRC locations, so they can form the basis of the WRC games down the line, maybe).
  17. VirtuaIceMan

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT 5

    Reminds me a lot of Sega Rally (Revo), especially blue skies wise! Then again, Codemasters did take them over. Bet the surface deformation isn't as fancy though 😁
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    Historical F1 cars

    I think it'd be cool to have something from every decade
  19. Rushy lead the team behind Onrush, then Codemasters key him go, he joined Slightly Mad Studios and they were taken over by Codemasters lol
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    Colin McRae Rally (2013)

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    Real 2020 calendar

    A bigger question is what happens if F1 adds extra tracks, like Imola, Mugello, Hockenheim or Portimao... 2020 real life season as DLC perhaps? Making new tracks won't be cheap 😕
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    F1® 2020 First Look | Split-screen Gameplay

    More of the car models are in. Looks like one player can use driving aids and other not. I like the "part of the track is cloudy and part is overcast" thing. But why is Montreal so hazy? I always think of it as one of the brightest, most colourful places, here it looks like somewhere in industrial China! The haze/fog definitely adds to the realism, but only if it's similar to what you'd see at the real life event 😁
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    Codemasters secures World Rally Championship license from 2023

    WRC: DiRT? I think it'll be based on Dirt Rally engine, as it's being used for so much eSports by real life drivers, they're not likely to dumb it down, surely? DiRT 5 onwards would more likely be the fun side of off-road racing. Unless DiRT Rally continues to service WRX only, perhaps?
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    F1® 2020 | First Gameplay Trailer

    From the sound of the potential German Grand Prix replacing Silverstone, would Codemasters add that to the game? If so, how, if the 2020 season in game is nothing like the real life one? Does anyone else think there should be an option in the championship/career mode to choose between the real-life 2020 calendar or the original intended one?
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    DiRT: Showdown