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  1. ozdogg

    Estering, Germany - Available Now

    Still no go here, East coast, Australia. XB1 it's about 36 hrs overdue now...…….
  2. ozdogg

    Estering, Germany - Available Now

    Same here as well
  3. ozdogg

    Always same bug for xbox deluxe content

    Got it now thanks, very nice!
  4. ozdogg

    Always same bug for xbox deluxe content

    Same here, every DLC to date for XB1 deluxe owners has been glitched, poor job really. its a shame because the game is so good
  5. ozdogg

    Deluxe content same problem to dowload

    Xbox 1, same old story, new content not available to download (deluxe season pass holder)
  6. looks to be all sorted, thanks
  7. I got the Latvia RX track but now I've lost all my deluxe content, have tried reinstalling but no success. The game is now asking me if I want to continue with a new save (?)
  8. No recognition of XBox1 Deluxe content here, Latvia only available to buy, not download, but also not able to access D+ events (dailies and Weekly's)
  9. ozdogg

    Where am I in leaderboard??

    Same problem here
  10. ozdogg

    DiRT Rally 2.0: Share your Screenshots!

    Over the Grid, Australia XBox1
  11. ozdogg

    Season 1 Germany

    Mine just told me I own it and installed when I hit buy, (yes, I have the deluxe edition) didn't get to the point of confirming my card, thought it was all ok until I got a receipt in an e-mail!
  12. ozdogg

    Season 1 Germany

    Yes, I couldn't stop laughing
  13. ozdogg

    Season 1 Germany

    Same problem here in Australia, its after 10am now OK Got it! you just need to hit the buy button, it will then advise you already own and will install ! Well, they charged me for it anyway! Just got the e-mail. Don't take my advice!
  14. ozdogg

    Why this Subaru

    Well, if you don't like it just leave it in the garage. I think it will be great
  15. ozdogg

    Monte Carlo

    so it's a no from you then, the rest of us will just enjoy it......