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  1. RickLopez

    Rain and safety car

    Just some general complaints: If there is rain on the track and the rain is only going to get heavier, why do the ai still pit on their scheduled lap for drys? It's utterly stupid and something Codemasters should have fixed. The same thing happens under the safety car: why would they pit as the safety car is coming in, if they could have on the lap it came out, saving lots of time?
  2. RickLopez

    Up the inside - F1 2014

    Really like that idea. Codies: employ him!
  3. RickLopez

    Up the inside - F1 2014

    Can Codies please sort it out! This game would be a great game, not just a good game, if the AI could actually overtake on the inside, instead of braking extremely early and getting stuck on the corner when attempting a move up the inside. It is infuriating - as it means you cannot battle with the AI. How hard is it to fix? At the moment it is coded so the AI slow down until they can reach their racing line at the correct speed. Let them have some unrealistic speed - if it means they can defend. Please. Anything...