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    Hi  I'm really enjoying 2014 but I have the same issue with difficulty settings as the other F1 games. For practice and qualifying I use legend difficulty and consistently get into the top 3 if not pole. However in the race I just get mugged back down between 7th - 10th and spend the whole race defending from cars behind. So for 2014 I've been dropping the difficulty down to expert for the race which is a much better pace for me. The thing is, I don't mind not winning, i'd rather qualify 8th - 10th and battle for a higher position instead of starting at the top and my final place determined by the number of cars i can block during the race.  Best races for me are when qualifying in the wet as its impossible to get into top 10 on legend then battle my way back in a dry race. I was wandering if this is just me or if anyone else has this issue. current set up: xbox wheel, no assists, Mclaren, rarely bother with car setups any more, just drive it as it comes. Thanks