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  1. Im sure you wont make false promises...never thought you would....but from experience with Codemasters, what you will likely do is this.... Decide in your dev meetings that this functionality will not be added and then not advertise that fact to us. I can understand why. Its not pleasant to tell your customers they wont be getting a feature they have asked for. Im of the mind that because Codies decided to not include this functionality from the off, it will now never be..probably because too much of a re-write in your GUI back-end is required or somesuch. that is of course my own personal guess....but im afraid thats your MO. I would love to be wrong really i would...so ill be hangining around until your second patch...if lobbies are not in by then, it'll be too late for me.
  2. Oh wow, that was quick doode....I must admit I havent played for about four days now and i havent missed it, so i may not be long behind you. that said, im waiting for MP lobbies if im honest. but something tells me this is unlikely 8(
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    Quick Update - 15/10/2019

    This is good to hear indeed, thx Chris. What chance a multiplayer lobby is all i can think!
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    Lo there Assie..hope all is well. Well apparently, theres a meeting at codies this morning according to our community team rep Chris Groves. Personally im hoping hell bat for us and push our gripes, of which there are a few. Im holding out hope for one thing only if im honest....the multiplayer lobby. That would fix the game for me. To think....I could choose for myself what online game to join...how quaint. ziejelater!
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    Oh wow..I see some old faces here in codies forums, takes me back that does, to Racedriver Grid [2008] days...some of the best gaming days ive ever had. I guess im not the only one who would get home from work, say hi to the wife and disappear into the gaming room....suddenly its 3 in the am....and work starts in 4 hours! Ok, maybe i am the only one, but thats not my point.....Im certain im not the only one who really...really enjoyed that version of Grid. So I heard Grid 2019 was supposed to be a rehash/remake of Grid 2008...and on the surface of it, yes, that seems to be the case...a very pretty arcadey racer. I have to admit, I wasnt going to buy this game after the TOCA series [in my opinion] jumped the shark and started its decline with Grid 2...then GAS...but fate started messin with me and forced me to buy the game. Now i havent gone onto mulitplayer yet, so i havent seen with my own eyes, but i sincerely hope its either not true, or its going to be patch corrected....but no lobby? Seriously codemasters?...you went to all the trouble of puttin in hundereds of different AI driver styles....and decided a lobby was unneccessary? Im not a gambling man, but i would bet my aunties best china, theres a multitude of stuff in this 2019 grid we dont want or need......and just a few things that we would like, that are nowhere to be seen. Maybe this is the new sales model...the lobby will come out with the season 2 DLC, chat will be season 3, and the bonus season 4 we knew nothing about, will include Menu music muted by default. So, I have to agree with the race-ruining, reverse driver, Flash-stealth for one time only....A remake of Grid 2008...a plain and simple engine upgrade is a good idea. Buy you really think Codies will do that?......Aliens are more likely to land in your back garden and drop of Elvis Presley doode!
  6. Was back on this game last night after 'some time away'...had fun...which i didnt expect...didnt see one eedjit driver all night..just had a particular AI problem. I hosted as much as possible, so i could keep it CAT C touring...had AI running to fill empty spots. In most of the races i hosted, some of the AI cars would just stay sat on the grid for the whole race and the end of race lobby would persist! Only way out was for me as host to quit so others would get xp [or maybe wait a long time for lobby to timeout] Joined a few other sessions...they didnt seem to have this problem and included AI. I saw this problem very occasionally way back when...is this a regular thing these days? Or am i missing something? Any help would be appreciated 8D
  7. Event 3 of the Time Trial Challenge Classic Touring - Yas Marina // GP Circuit Duration: 7 days Rules: Two wheels on the Track at all times [the white lines are part of the track, the kerbs are not] Except from that the usual, no wallriding, no obvious cutting through grass/gravel. Have fun!
  8. Seriously thinking of putting this game down, along with codemasters titles here on out. Where is the Time trial Where is the money fix Where are the umpteen other fixes that ive seen posts along the lines of 'it'll be in the next patch' Wheres LOORE? [ill be suprised if this gets an official response today] Can i make a suggestion?.....you know you put up the thread 'Patch List - Last Updated 8th July' How about you update it a little more often or make another post every week.... eeeeeeeeeeven if its just to say waiting this....waiting that....psx delay due to blah etc etc. because it feels like youre forgetting us here....and looking to the next payday already. You only seem to be responding to our requests, never seem to be pre-emptimg us ya know?
  9. @Loore and  the backroom guys. cmon guys, you gotta fix this....its becoming a pain. I havent hit the wall yet [the money wall i mean] but i easily could run myself outta cash and go and have to go do something more boring instead. case in point: im doing the ol racenet challenge in the c63.....each time i complete, i get, i dunno, bout 10k reward money.....but next race, repairs cost me up to 20k!..money dwindling away see? ok, i could go do some other challenge or some online stuff in a rental to earn some cash...but...but no...i dont want to [right now] I see where maybe you wanted to push us with this...out of one discipline, into another that pays, but repairs are not as high...so we play more aspects of your game. but you shouldnt really push us around like that...not in a racer like grid. i cant see why else you would incur this type of penalty on us, especially when the races are clean!! [bar the odd over-rev maybe 8P] so please, pretty please, with sugar on top...fix the bleeping money!
  10. TL,DR: answer: YES! to the old faces from grid1 touring car racing...you know who you are! Remember the old 5 lapper championships we used to do every single dayum night.....and how cool and close they were...for all 5 laps? Well i had a session like that tonight....i cant remember the host name, might be 4skil pitwiki or something, and one of the guys racin had 'vadda' in his name. anyhoo, it was 6 laps a race, 5 races, and the racin was real good....then came the last race at one of the indianapolis circuits, infield maybe. 3 of us were as close as we used to do in grid1 for pretty much all 5  laps....tradin paint, bumpin all the way...infact id say the racin was closer. no one went spinnin off stupidly because of a silly sideways grid2 style turn. no one went spinnin off stupidly when there was some high speed bumpin and rubbin. it was really fantabulous....guys if we do hook up again, its gonna be fun 8DDDD well done codemasters. now wheres our chat! 8P
  11. Stop it! just stop..... So ive noticed a lot of ppl driving this evening that are trying to do the 'slide round a corner its faster' thing. All it does these days, is present yourself for a totally un-intended pit maneuver and the subsequent carnage. If im driving in very close formation and behind one of these types, i cant avoid tapping your rear end when you go into the drift and lose speed. more often than not, the drift driver gets spun and the followers gets a bit bashed up....and a bit vexed 8P Ive seen this by drivers of all car types in CAT C touring. Anyway...just stop
  12. @Loore. Ive mentioned this elsewhere but had  no acknowledgement that ive seen, so im giving its own thread! The problem: Im driving my car along, mid pack close to a few other cars. Im driving manual so need to hear my engine revs so that i can change up or down at the opportune moment. However, i cant discern my own engine revs from the oppo! The on track result: Too often i end up revving the living daylights out of the thing, or bogged down at 2/3000 rpm and going nowhere. My audio setup: Nothing fancy at all, I play on headphones exclusively. Ive tried messing with the in-game audio settings, dynamic ranges [or whatever they are] but none seem to help What id like to know: Is this an issue you are aware of, do you think its a problem? If its not on your agenda to patch/fix then ill get a tad more drastic with my own remedy such as trying different headset bla bla bla. Thanks in advance!
  13. Soooooo...ive spent my hard earned dineros....who else is in?
  14. Hey Flowa doode, good to hear you're still about-ish. Yeah thats what i thought about the problem, just run without AI...like we had to LAST SUMMER! So theyve stopped supporting a game less than a year old?....guess they're back in the little leagues if thats true Its a shame it'll never get fixed but i guess that what codemasters have become...hardly masters of code huh! I wonder how long till they make it unplayable online ala grid1 Maybe see you around then doode, although im spending a lot of time in warframe these days....brill game, brill support, brill envolvement with the devs. And free to play but not Pay-to-win. Just wish theyd purchase codemasters lol!!
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    NeW DLC ??????

    I believe this is 'our' one :) Looks like they've enabled the WIP one that we've got in the data files, kudos to them (could be wrong though!) :) I'm told it will arrive but don't have a firm update as of yet. erm....doode....its here already! lol. jus joshin...ill wait for the official one....jus hope its as good as you 'other' one thats already permeating your customerbase.
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    NeW DLC ??????

    Scuse me?....Youre off to play Team fortress? Shouldnt you be at work? 8P is that a clue or something.....are you guys planning a totally free an unannounced mini-game within grid? Because that would be quite a thing......my money would be on a 'cops and robbers mode' or some kinda team vs team thang with front mounted guns or somesuch but my smart money is on the next iteration of grid being researched....or the next dirt...For the love of  <insert your deity here> NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! ahem.
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    hey doode..long time no see [in game]..ive been sucked back into warframe and pcars a little! [but thaks for the invites!] EDIT: soz, think i got my chargers mixed up...thought you were supercharger d'oh! In answer to your question, its my personal opinion that there are a large percentage of minors on here....who rightly so are immature...nothing wrong with that. But because they dont stand out in a forum [like they would in a street or a pub etc] it can be hard to grasp their train of thought sometimes. Dont know about you, but i wouldnt go out of my way to go chit-chat to some teen or pre-teen in real life about.....anything [relations apart of course]. Lots of obvious reasons for this...and i for one think that a persons age should be presented in an obvious way on forums.....or other faceless encounter opportunities......just like in real life, when you encounter someone, you have a reasonable idea of their maturity and such. Of course there are [mature] trolls on here who should know better anyways....they are the real trash of forums and stick out a mile to me. I just blank em once im sure....my bad i guess, but ill beef hooked if im gonna spend my valuble on em 8D hope y'all enjoying grid xx
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    Chat option in GRID Autosport!!

    then....wait forever....will you. hang your hopes on next grid game, should you sorry to say, am i
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    que? thankyouplease 8D
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    your mask is torn!...LMAO i love it! oh...and we should really stop feeding him ya know....unless we get any more of those tasty one liners 8D
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    @Loore....please ban him there...yes him...the turncoat-mcross type....he's attempting to lead me astray i tellsya. Hes already got me in this oxy mask, which is really starting to steam up now 8P
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    Never had you down for a quitter doode 8D
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    oooh....ooh...a defector in our midst!!! Take him down @Loore! xx
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    grid autosport

    let's play now if you are not afraid Unfortunately I am working at the moment but I will gladly race you anytime I am free, I will enjoy it. yeah at the grind meself also....but would also glady race you when im online. But while your waiting, you could compare your speed against mine by doing the racenet challenges i have set. You could also see my ghost i have set, to see i amnot using those nasty lil cuts that the game still allows to achieve faster times. Send me a friend request in steam and illaccept.....this should make it easier for you to find me on racenet and so on. [bet he declines]