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    What you want to see from GRID

    Most definately Let us help you put the grid game back where it once was as the best crossover racing sim there was available. Dont design it in isolation then throw it over the wall to us and tell us this is how we want it. ok that might be a bit glib, but ya know what im saying. Also [and im sure you wouldnt but as im in spilling mode] dont just take those that are vocal on forums word for this stuff...Im sure we all know folk who never forum, only chat in game or do voip. Some of these im sure would have plenny of wise thoughts and words for you re game design. Those that dont 'forum'...'game'...a closed beta release with a nice easy-peasy mechanism for 'bug reporting' or 'feature requesting' would reach those who cant normally make direct contact with you. and a closed then open beta would be the ideal time for that wouldnt it?
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    What you want to see from GRID

    Starting the hype already eh, who you been listening to?
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    What you want to see from GRID

    In reply to the question 'what you want to see from grid'  my answer in all honesty would be: "To see your developers do things in a different way' Yes yes, ill elaborate on that, but first i apologise for the dullness of my post in advance. Stop reading now if you hate walls of words....as i do!!  begone. Soooooo....at the moment, you [codemasters] have caught me at an opportune moment and im gonna spill my guts. This aint gonna be about how handling should be, or what tracks shoud be included or how pretty graphics should be like this or like that. Its about.....for want of a better explanation and a better likeness....letting us users...your twelfth man so to speak, becoming part of the team! I see you recently said somewhere that your offer to goto your offices still stands....and thats commendable....but its not becoming part of the team no its not...its a day out in the sun [i bet it rains] My view on the games i played that you produced: Grid1 was brill, the game took over enough of my life to annoy the wife and my boss....which in my book, is a good measure. [wife is still with me god bless her, boss went long ago!]. I dont think to this day that you guys know how good you could of had it, if you had stuck to the grid1 design and just prettied it up...added some new cars, tracks etc. The TOCA series, Race driver series...again, brilliant games, blighted only by lack of online play in the early days and poor online performance at times in the later days...neither of those things entirely your fault. Even Dirt 1 and 2 was ok but im a lapper not a stage kinda guy, but you still got my money for those two games When you properly announced grid 2, myself and A LOT of others were so lookin forward to it, it was hardly believeble at times...id liken it to waiting for star wars VII nowdays..or the next hobbit film, depending on your age. When you released G2, we werent too happy, but thought youd patch out the problems...you never did for me no no...nor those others that i know who also bought in...we quit you! The fall of CM for me was complete..it started with the switching off of the g1 servers, continued through the monotonous iterations of dirt and finished with G2. If you want any of my advice on how to do G3 here goes. 1] announce it...soon, build the hype. 2] do your pre alpha /alpha smoke testing...get something useable. 3] make it closed beta for a select few....allow those select few to invite others for closed beta..get a community goin on the virtual track. 3a] make sure you listen 8D 4] make open beta...charge ifya like, but dont take the michael. 4a] make sure you listen 8P 5] release a great game, erase all memory of grid2, become great again. fwiw, i play warframe now [its a ftp 3rd person shoota]..its currently open beta....and ya know what, its great...sure it might be a lil repetetive, but we get dev streams with yer actual devs....we get live streams where the community managers play with community people.....we feel part of the team...and we pay money every now and then also. cmon..i dare you...I DOUBLE DARE YOU.....make a decent game again disclaimer: must contain BTCC or variant, must include V8s or variant, may cause ill feeling at home, or at work, may cause premature aging and rage quitting, wear a helmet at all times.