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    FIX THE MONEY!!...please 8P

    Heres a coupla questions, that id like to know the answers to: Why has this repairing thing been introduced? Id guess its an attempt to put off the online 'rammer' as theyre sometimes known...price em out of the game yes?...no? assuming the above is yes, how much to repair a car thats been driven like the so called 'rammer'. if i drive a clean race and my car drops to 80%, and i get charged up to 50,000 to repair.....what would your rammers figures be? 20% and 200,000? or 78% and 60,000? or what? At the expense of binning my class C Tourer, i may have to put this to the test later. @Loore, cmon man, what you say bout al this?
  2. Goonertez

    The 'I purchased Autosport' Thread

    unlucky bud, did well tho...better than us anyhoo 8(
  3. Goonertez

    FIX THE MONEY!!...please 8P

    be nice to see @Loore replying to this....is it in the fix  list or not....s'all we wanna know.
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    @loore regarding garage

    Yes it is...too much. What is with codies and the cash we have to pay out in this game!
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    One piece of advice....please!

    Get smooooth. Real smooooooooth. And when you think your smooth enough, get smoother. smoothness = no tyre squeal, no car all sideways, no locking up, no hitting walls, no over-revving...... well, thats the goal anyhoo, and it dosent always apply, but its a good place to start from.
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    Epic Boring...epic

    So you'll be off then?
  7. Goonertez


    any joy on these yet?
  8. Goonertez

    So online huh...

    lol, yeah, delete the lot. 8D No seriously, i think i see what hes tryina say, but its irrelevant in any case to the point that was being discussed. If the racing is more expensive [which clearly it is if his numbers are correct] then the rewards should be larger. This is a racing game....we want to pick it up, jump in a car and race. Who wants to go manage there finances or worry about how the next repair bill is gonna get covered? Theres enough of that in real life. Whatever next, forklift truck simulator or sommat? [available from excalibur software at all good retail outlets]
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    Autosport Career Mode Vs Online

    Curse you for putting my name in the same sentence as his!....hey, at least mine came first eh. 8D
  10. Goonertez

    RaceNet challenges with purchased cars?

    @Loore Im guessin this statement only applies to the 'party mode' section of racenet challenge. Is that right?
  11. Goonertez

    GRID Autosport Feedback

    I have tried bashing random keys on the kb to find # 6, # 17, etc but no luck so far, enter and back does enough to play the game but it would be good to see deeper through some menu's.I'm at work atm so cant try but later Ill try every key on kb to see if there is some function. Same here, cant find some button equivalents on the keyboard. can someone from codemasters tell us what are all the keyboard equivalent keymappings are [even if theyre not re-mappable] @Britpoint mebbbe? I did find that f1 and f2 do somethings,  (choose livery) sometimes :), and Gooner i found an Ai sound setting thingy in the audio settings menu, I set it to 50% but have only been online since so didnt check the difference. Yeah i got those functions down, but there are others that are just un-obtainable for me so far. be nice if a Codies person would confirm either: no, you cant get to these functions with keboard commands or yes they are on alt+F5 or something. @loore @Britpoint can you guys let us know please?
  12. Goonertez

    GRID Autosport Feedback

    lovin your work doode. Alas, i dont think were gonna get much else in touring on grid autosport, however id love to be wrong. The genre deserves a game of its own in my opinion, and would include all btcc, wtcc and other touring classes from all over the world. itd have weather, snow, desert, lots and lots of uk tracks, and a tiff needel voice over as a nod to the past. oh, and there would be no tank unlocks or lava land tracks!
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    Racenet Cheater?

    Has there been any leaderboard cleaning up by codemasters yet? Ive heard talk of, but seen no action yet. anyone else? [CM...ill write you a script ifya like, one that simply removes times below a certain threshold entered by the user, then flags that user for cm-police to check out yeahhh] 8D
  14. Goonertez

    GRID Autosport Feedback

    goto www.racenet.com i think and login [same details as forum i think] you should see a friend rekky there somewhere. EDIT: jus sent a gaski from uk whos got 39 hours in autosport a friend request in steam, should be you!
  15. Goonertez

    GRID Autosport Feedback

    I sent you a friend request in racenet i bleeve....wanted you on my challenge lists so i did! been online evry night since release, mainly in private sessions tho. and 99% time in Cat  C Touring. but ideally i want to be in public, with most slots filled with guys i know of n trust ya know? [with a smattering of the unknown 8P] im sure we will catch up soon anyhoo
  16. Goonertez

    Local Sound Vs Ambient Sound

    done, thx /thread
  17. Goonertez

    GRID Autosport Feedback

    Codies.....you need to give that man [gaski] a job on your design board for the next grid iteration or somethin. And you deffo need him on your beta program [assumin hes not already and that he would accept!]
  18. Goonertez

    Local Sound Vs Ambient Sound

    Cant say i experienced the same in grid2 and definately not grid1. Nor did i have the same thing in f12013. maybe it is somewhat hardware dependent as my rig has changed since grid2.
  19. Goonertez

    Online car upgrades

    jeez, is it me or are you having issues with the quoting system McNab? 8P EDIT: oh i see your mobile is to blame!
  20. Goonertez

    So online huh...

    Good to hear there an easy way to get all players to race cars with the same setup. :) The GAS playlists may die an early death, but I know where I can get a good race with some good players online. Now if I could get text chat, I would come join the old "gang" online. Or I'm going have to wait a month or 2 to find a good sale on GRID Autosport if there no text chat get patch in. Playlists ugh...i cant understand why anybody [apart from the very casual gamer] would even want to do playlists. custom cup all the way!
  21. Goonertez

    So online huh...

    No probs, at least you acknowledge this fact. A troll perhaps wouldnt!
  22. Goonertez

    So online huh...

    maybe hes comparing drift runs with our 'speed' races, maybe thats where the difference is coming from in repair costs. also, now correct me if im wrong, because im no drifter, but you wouldnt apply ALL upgrades/tuning options to a drift car would you? Its my belief that repair costs are loinked to tuning option levels...but hey, i could be wrong. from what little exp i have in drift, there are some tuning options you just wouldnt want to install right? wrong? i dunno. in any case, Loore is on the case and im sure either the costs will go down, or the race rewards will go up. This is a racing simcade, not a racing manager title.
  23. Goonertez

    So online huh...

    Purp...what we have been doing in the online/open servers, is using the loaner cars, but disabling tuning and upgrades. This makes for an almost even playing field. infact i think the only differences made will be in the % health of the car you are driving and its mileage. Assuming the mileage factor wont be negated in disabling of upgrades/tuning. anyway thats how ive seen it and its fun and seems to work
  24. Goonertez

    So online huh...

    okaaaay, you obviously dont want to, or cant answer my question so ill not ask it anymore. but i think its YOU who are not reading what im writing. I know its risk and reward duh. however, the risks seem to have accumulated to such a high degree, in such a short space of time it renders owning a car more difficult than it praps should be. in the link you offered up, one part reads 'One of the important things we set out to achieve with the multiplayer side of GRID Autosport was to articulate a sense of bond between a driver and their vehicle.' How can i bond with my vehicle, if it becomes too expensive to run after 3 days of racing? Car in q has less than 2000 miles on, yet the loaners have 8000 miles. this should give an indication of how long a car will last....i should have at least another 6k miles to go shouldnt i? anyhoo, if i sell my car [level 55] and buy another new one, it'll be level 0 and require all unlocks to be made again. i also read in another thread, that loore is bringing this point up with cm guys of some sort soon, so there must be some validity here. /thread if you ask me
  25. Goonertez

    So online huh...

    Im sorry but that tells us nothing we dont already know. This is why im asking you for your quantified experience above....for comparison with the numbers ive spat out. Now that would be information worthy of posting. [not flaming, just sayin]