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  1. DaviSerr

    An old glitch that needs fixing

    There is really something there at the Monaco track. There is a small section of guardrail that is set back(for track access I'm guessing). The part that looks like a pole is where the guardrail starts again.
  2. DaviSerr

    Patch confirmation?

    Wow, I'm not usually one to complain, butttt........ I just read that Ubisoft is working on Patch #3 for the new Assassins Creed game which has only been out a week.  Just sayin...
  3. DaviSerr

    A question for Codemasters

    I agree with everyone's opinion that career mode could use something to make it interesting and fresh....but it is what it is. You are racing/qualifying/practicing on 90% of the same 19 or 20 tracks each year. It can't be all that fresh since it's the same. I really appreciated the Classic tracks/cars in the latest game, especially with their different handling characteristics. I also am enjoying the handling of this years cars better than any of the games so far. It is what I'd imagine the cars to handle like. Keep up the good work Codemasters. Hopefully the new game will be next-gen which will finally convince me to upgrade. And hopefully by then, someone will come out with an Xbox One steering wheel which sounds more reliable than the Thrustmaster.
  4. DaviSerr


    I tried the same thing as you Joe. You are trying to access it from the wrong menu. You will find it after you go to "online." I'm at work so I'm not 100% sure, but I believe that's the name of the menu you need to go to.
  5. DaviSerr

    To many complaints !!!!!

    I have only played some open wheel so far, but I'm enjoying the game. Great job CM, definitely worth buying. I didn't buy Grid 2 because the lack of a cockpit cam. I'm glad it was brought back.
  6. DaviSerr

    DFGT Problem - F1 2013

    The same thing happened to me on a different wheel. It was a bad cable going from the wheel to the pedals. Mine has a "phone" type cable.
  7. DaviSerr

    F1 2013 Complete Edition question

    Will it be released in the US?
  8. DaviSerr

    What Classics Would You Want in the Game?

    I'd say the FW15(had all the goodies), the McClaren MP4-4(fast), and the Lotus 79(awesome).
  9. This disgusted me. Being from the US, and owning an older Xbox, I had to delete a lot of content on my hard drive to fit this game. I mean really.. What if this type of thing happened with export versions of Call of Duty or some other big name game? I'd bet money it would be straightened out fast. At least Codemasters found a way to keep customers from trading in games. Microsoft should take note.
  10. I'd imagine the Microsoft wheel would connect to just about any flat surface. It has and adjustable clamp that that would open enough to attach to a desk. I use it on an old folding table that is about half an inch thick and it works fine.
  11. I purchased the Microsoft Wireless FF wheel last year on Amazon(slightly used for about $150) for F1 2012 and have been using it on F1 2013 also. I can't say how many hours I used it on 2012(a lot) and just started using it again on 2013. I have had zero problems with this wheel and enjoy it immensely. Hopefully there will be a wheel equally as good(and affordable) eventually for Xbox One.