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  1. Racefan107

    How to get better at Grid: Autosport.

    Look at the meter boards when braking they help me alot! It is a tough game but fun!
  2. Racefan107

    What is the next GRID-Game you want?

    You really cant go wrong with grid or grid as. Grid 2 was ok for a one time thing but no more of that please!
  3. On the grid grand slam championship. Ravenwest is up by 7 points damn Nathan Mckane!
  4. Racefan107

    GRID Autosport Feedback

    I like Grid AS better then the first two. Mostly because its the hardest to win the ai is tough! Keep going in the same direction but with pit stops and tire wear in all the disciplines. Im excited to see what this game could be on the ps4 and Xbox1
  5. Racefan107

    Most difficult Grid of the series

    They are dirty but fun!