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  1. Gusticles

    Patch 1.12 | PATCH NOW LIVE

    Codemasters should never of released the 2020 game with the car statistics from the end of 2019, especially power unit stats. I know the pandemic has been the cause of for this, as codemasters had no data to go on except pre season testing. I honestly think 2019 was the better game, only addition to 2020 that is semi worthwhile is Sort of Manuel ERS. Being stuck in medium ERS mode though with the use of the ‘overtake’ button isn’t exactly Manuel though.
  2. Gusticles

    Patch 1.12 | PATCH NOW LIVE

    Hugely unimpressed codemasters. My driver career has been ruined by your update. I’m at the Brazilian GP, in a Ferrari. Pre update my r&d had me level pegging Mercedes as best car. Now, with the update, even with all my r&d I’m now 5th best car. You should of done the same to driver career as what you have done with my team, by not changing the stats in existing driver careers.
  3. Gusticles

    F1 2014 Tyres and Wheels are wrong

    The tyres are wrong for Russia, USA, Brazil and Abu Dhabi, they are all a step to hard for what has Actaully been run at this years events. Judging by the fact the 3 tracks in f1 2013 use the compounds used in F1 2014, I'd hazard a guess that CM used last years selection till end of season and will launch a patch that corrects them. Hopefully manual ERS would be nice aswell