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  1. matt231985

    F1 2019 debuts at #3, physical sales down 3%

    I’m guessing down 3% due to people being able to buy the digital version so easily at midnight on the 25th. i tried quite a few GAME stores and nobody stocked the legends edition. Had to wait until the 28th. But then I paid £45 instead of £65
  2. matt231985


    Bought the game today. Just got home from work and played for the first time. 3 ranked multiplayer races and I’m yet to complete a lap. All 3 races I’ve been smashed into so hard by idiots I’ve had terminal damage... 🤷‍♂️
  3. matt231985

    The racing line is broken when using ABS

    Non-issue in my opinion. This is also why people slam into the back of other drivers in braking zones Online. Because they’re too busy waiting for a line to tell them to brake, rather than use their brains and brake accordingly. Adapt, switch off ABS or the Line and learn!
  4. A bit like modern society and young people today. They expect to be given everything without having to work for it. People who have taken the time to learn DESERVE to win races. You should never expect to pick a game up and win. Dont overestimate how long it takes to learn no assists. We are talking 1 or 2 play sessions. I have a family, a mortgage and a very busy job. I get to play this game for about 2 hours max a week. But I still learnt no assists and cope just fine. more importantly, it’s just more fun to be actually controlling the gears, braking and acceleration and actually feeling every meter of the track. Rather than hold a button down and steer left and right with very little thought. You don’t see guys with stabilisers on their bikes at the Tour de France. If you want to win, you gotta put the learning in. You have to earn it!
  5. matt231985

    Lando Norris opinions on the game

    Well yes, that’s because he’s adjusting settings based on his understanding of a real car setup. He even says in the video that Codemasters Devs have the + and - options for the suspension completely backwards after reading the descriptions at the bottom of the menu. This clearly explains why previous iterations of the game have allowed players to exploit extreme ballast and ride height options for advantages. He doesn’t seem too impressed with the game, overall. And even says that iRacings model is far better. The inclusion of manual ERS even made him feel “angry” about how unrealistic it is. He said it is automatically deployed at various stages of the lap based on engine modes. At no point is a driver making 20 adjustments per lap. He also laughed at the 1:08:00 lap times in Montreal. And Williams lapping 1:10’s, which was this year’s Pole time.
  6. https://youtu.be/XlZZtgds0y4 hopefully that link works, but thought I’d share. Lando Norris playing F1 2019. at 21:42 he speaks a little about how the Devs have some setup options for the diff backwards. At 43:10 he mentions the roll bar settings being the wrong way around. At 39:38 He also says that the manual ERS settings in game are pointless, as it’s pretty much automatic for the drivers in the real cars. Hes also surprised that turn 2 Montreal seems uphill. And the laptime is unrealistic. Although these parts are work in progress. These are thoughts of an actual current F1 driver, and he’s also a pretty serious sim racer too, so knows what he’s talking about with regards to setup options. F1 2018 was pretty poor on the setup front.
  7. I use a pad and ditched assists around F1 2012. It took me all of 2 hours to get used to no assists and about another 2 hours to be comfortable. Enjoy the learning curve. Personally, I appreciate the skill that players have learned to play No assists, and don’t really want to be having someone who has full assists divebombing me online without a care for ABS. If you can’t compete, then lower the difficulty and keep using your assists. Quite frankly, people without assists are faster online because they have dedicated their time to learn. Why should you expect to pick the game up every so often and think you deserve to beat them with assists? thats like saying, I don’t want to study, but I expect to get a degree just like those guys who work hard.
  8. matt231985

    F1 2019 "Legends Edtion" First Impression's

    Thank you! Having seen the gameplay of these challenges on YouTube, I don’t think it’s worth an additional £15 so I think I’ll stick to the standard edition
  9. In the U.K., GAME is selling the Legend Edition for £64.99 the Anniversary Edition is £45.99 the Legend DLC is on the Xbox store for £14.99. Its not worth an extra £19 in my opinion. I popped into GAME this morning and they didn’t have an Legend Editions in stock anywhere within 30 miles until Friday. What happened to the days where you just bought a game on release date, paid your money and had all the content on a disc. It’s getting ridiculous with all this early access, DLC, Editions. £20 extra for 2 digital cars? No thanks! Last years F2 cars? And this years added later in the year? Seriously?
  10. matt231985

    F1 2019 "Legends Edtion" First Impression's

    For people in the UK here are the prices at GAME. £19 extra to buy the Legends Edition. which is £14.99 on the Xbox store... You just don’t get Senna & Prosts face on the box for £4 extra my question is... is £14.99 justified for the extra content? I barely touched the classic cars in 2018. I just want to race career mode and online
  11. matt231985

    F1 2019 "Legends Edtion" First Impression's

    I’ve bought every F1 Codemasters game at the earliest opportunity. But I think I’ll give this early Legends Edition a miss and wait until Friday. From what I’ve seen, it’s the same game, but with some DLC at £64.99 the Anniversary Edition On Friday will cost £45. (£39.99) at some stores. the DLC is only £15 to download. Save your money and wait. Especially with bug ridden releases where content is added at a later date.
  12. matt231985

    F1 2019 "Legends Edtion" First Impression's

    How about you give a sensible review and opinion of the Legend Edition, rather than create a silly thread just to say how much you hate Lewis Hamilton. For those wanting to know, is it worth the extra money?