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  1. No worries mate. We know the names of the racers. Your team are fine. To be honest i think il stop the commenting on this post . They are being watched thats all i wanted was for racers to be aware of them. I guess we can close the case now. Thanks for the input people. Just a quick message to @RTAnoskills‌ im not your bruv, bruv. 
  2. You wanna be a rude idiot be my guest . Il treat you and your team the way cheaters should be treated . See you soon in your custom lobby ;-)
  3. I reckon we join them and just beat them so they get quickly fed up and switch games. I genuinely dont want to boost but recruiting for teams is pointless if Aor are around.  For team leaders its disappointing working hard on points to make their team visible in the leaderboard as competition then them idiots ruin it not to add the game freeze issues. Makes you wonder whats the point in playing at times. What do you achieve when holding your breath before every race just incase you freeze.then this aor crap.  @RTAnoskills‌  Im delighted you got froze haha, have something funny
  4. It wont stop. I put this up when they had roughly 20 million. We need to teach them a lesson through eachothers teams and let them know that were all aware of their crap.Words wont work. Reporting wont work. Lets come together and sort it.
  5. Just pathetic really. They claim to level their cars up but funny i checked their garage on racenet and the cars they use are already 99? 
  6. Back to boosting they are. Listen Aor im coming into every custom lobby tomoro and for the week and im gonna make sure yous lose. Il take your points. Nothing codemasters can do then il take the wins. Its better tn earn the points fairly than boosting. More self satisfactiom. Your members are nothing but abusive coz weve caught yous. But thats fine id rather beat you on the track. Look forward to it. 
  7. Ah shit wanted to bag a few points for ctr mate. Racenet club is back up guess we will have to join them and rob there 
  8. Think il drop in need to level my class a touring car. Is it ok if i leave my team livery on?
  9. Sure its fine they were only levelling their cars up for competitive
  10. Im guessing they wont be back on autosport until the leaderboards are back haha
  11. Racenets down mate ya wont be able to do it til club rankings are back showing
  12. Fluke they are shockingly slow there is no competition. Their ai are set to very easy. Their points and stats dont add up to their skills . But one things for sure aor are out there as known but known for boosting ha . Id gladly take 10 aor members on in a 5 race event with you fluke and you would be guaranteed to get a win if not a podium thats how poor they are. How can a team be 5th with no competitive racers?
  13. Typical hatred towards NSR. Cant handle the fact they get punished on a track for their amateur racing skills.
  14. Everyone can do it but they dont its boosting. End of the day they are sad slow cheaters
  15. If they cant be stopped then at least everyone comes across this post and realise they are cheats. I actually totally agree with you blink. Why cant they just level up in global challenge events? The game is just ridiculous for problems lately and i can see alot of people switching consoles to ps4! 
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