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  1. Think I'll do that. Sorry if this is frustrating talking to me! I do know that the complete edition was limited to 10,000 units in the UK, but was surprised that the cheapest I could find was £66.99, especially considering that 2014 had just come out. Anyway, thanks for the advice on Sainsbury's, Think I'll get it there.
  2. After watching and reading some reviews, i'm torn. 2013 does look good, but it seems so similar to 2012, even with the classic edition's extra cars and tracks, but then reviews for 2014 say that it isn't as good as the "feature-packed" 2013. I'll probably get 2013 first, but 2013 classic edition costs a bomb (£66.99 on Amazon) so a cheaper supplier for the game on 360 would be much appreciated! (As long as it isn't ebay) That said, I don't think I'd spend ages on classic mode, since reviewers say it will only last a few hours, so I really don't know, all down to you guys.  TL;DR 2013 see
  3. Have you played any other recent codies' f1 games (2012, 2013) if so, how do you think it compares to them ?I'm curious because I'm considering buying it as well as 2013 classic edition, so do you think it is worth it's high price? Thanks in advance!
  4. Thanks a lot for that. I'll probably get 2013 classic edition now, as it has the most content, and maybe not get 2014, since it seems like it is 2013 with new cars, and no classic stuff.
  5. This has probably been asked before, so please link me to the thread if it has, but do you think F1 2014 is worth the cost/ as good as F1 2013, and do you think that 2013 is better/as good as/worse than 2012? I've got 2012, and would love to get 2013 classic edition, but think £20 is a tad too much. Same with 2014,.Honest advice would be appreciated, since I'm also thinking of buying 2013/2014/your recommendation as a Christmas present. Thanks in advance.  
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