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  1. Some shorter stages (2- 3km) and the occasional long stage (10km) More dirt/gravel based country stages Wider tracks (or smaller car views) Ability to turn off fog
  2. Keep: USA New England, New Zealand, Australia, Greece, Finland, Wales, Scotland, Sweden Lose: Spain, Monaco, Argentina As an additional feature in the game, add the original Colin McRae 2.0 tracks exactly as they are, but with modern graphics. Wider roads, and no fog. The Dirt Rally 2 'trailblazer' stages are still the most fun to date.
  3. Dribbleworks

    Wish List

    Wish list for future Dirt Titles (or 2.0 Seasons): No fog. Wider Tracks (or smaller cars) No Rallycross (Just Rally) More dirt countries (eg. Kenya, Indonesia, +Pikes Peak Dirt) Some shorter stages (~2minutes). Maybe 1 long stage per country (~8minutes) More options for customising chase car view angle/distance (see WRC8) Otherwise, 2.0 is fabulous. Physics/graphics superb. Challenges good. Ghost good. Freeplay good. Leaderboards good. Season updates good.
  4. Dribbleworks

    "Next" DiRT game wishlist!

    Greets all. If this is the place for Dirt4 wishes, then my main wish would be:  Earlier/faster called pace notes. (Maybe a few options for timing, ie std, early, very-early) Happy programming.