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  1. Hi everyone,

    I've been following this topic for some time and getting inspiration, and have finally designed my own livery for a Polo R5. However, I'm completely stuck when trying to apply it.

    I currently have the file saved as a .DDS, and have created the sub-folder system as explained in http://www.rallygamer.com/dirtrally2/tools/dirtrally2_how_to_install_custom_liveries_v1.1.pdf

    However, my problem is that I cannot convert the .DDS to a .PSSG - I have the Ego PSSG Editor, but when I try to open the .DDS in it, it simply tells me it is not a PSSG file, and I am not given any import options at all, the button in the drop down menu doesn't do anything.

    Have I done something stupid or missed a vital step in all of this, or do I have a genuine problem? 

    I feel like I've scoured the internet for clues at this point, even tried YouTube tutorials, but to no avail. It's time to ask for help, and any help with this is hugely appreciated. Thank you!

  2. Well I think this should clear up any doubt we had left surround #ThatCar! 


    And if I've just ended up copying and pasting a whole load of code, here's the link to the original tweet. Good luck on the Somerset Stages tomorrow guys!

    EDIT: Tried to paste the entire tweet embed code in here. Rookie error... 
  3. Monday 23rd February

    Codies Canteen
    DiRTy Love

    Usual rules apply, you'll need to make your own way here and will have to be OK signing an NDA. I'll try and get as many in as I can but spaces might be limited. Wait until I've confirmed the list before booking any time off work etc.

    We love you guys, sorry 128 day wasn't what you wanted it to be <3
    I know I'm fairly new and quiet on here, but I'd definitely be interested!
  4. I really hope they can secure all cars and liveries, but budgets may be an issue

    I like Kubica's, I'm just worried about how long it'll be until I see it upside down in a ditch!

    Securing all the cars (or at least as many as possible) would certainly be a great thing. The liveries to me though aren't as important. What I would like to see though is a really expansive livery editor, like in the Forza games (Grid's just isn't big enough). With that and an online marketplace, you could create your own fantasy design, and inevitably there would be someone around to make the replica and trade it if you wanted that. That, I assume at least, would get around the issue of licensing the liveries. I'm not a lawyer though so I can't be sure!

    Of course I don't know what stage of development the game's at, and it might be too far gone to add that feature, or at least one as detailed as I envisage. I think I'd probably spend half my playing time on that if it was there though!

    As for this year's designs, here's how I rate them:
    VW (that car eats babies)
    M-Sport (It's modern AND retro!)
    Hyundai (I can see this becoming a classic livery)
    Prokop (Consistently good, and tidied up a little this year)
    Kubica (Nice and clean, but can't help but feel it apes the Hyundai somewhat. It's also not a patch on last year's IMO!)
    Citroen (Were they even trying?)
  5. Had a little sleuth on that Kylotonn Games site. Nothing that explicitly suggests a rally game coming from them but it does seem like the kind of company that might take one on. Artistically it looks more promising than the Milestone efforts. Again though, I still expect Codies' release will be the pick of the bunch.
  6. Sounds interesting


    dont exactly expect much though as its from milestone. 
    Might end up buying that if it actually ends up looking decent. I doubt Codies will be losing too much sleep over it though somehow given Milestone's previous efforts.

    Hey, maybe it'll spur on a DiRT announcement!
  7. Maybe have party modes based around a 'rally school' map? Then you'd have a decently sized map with a few different possible routes in it that you can use for serious purposes or fun games. And for two distinct uses from just one area, which I expect people will make use of for both purposes, it's probably a good investment.

    Also, I'm new to this theread, although I've been following it for a while, so hi!
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