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  1. Sounds like a weed eater convention.  Although, the Ferrari sounds better than the Merc and its good to see you can actually see out of your mirrors in cockpit view.  Not a total loss, but pretty damn close.  Still think it shouldve been a title update to 2013
  2. ill probably hold out for 2015, besides, the v8s sound better anyway
  3. overall engine sound needs to be slightly deeper, and needs ERS gear whine upon deceleration
  4. I got sick of waiting for the physical copy in the states and ended up ordering it from Japan.  Works great on my NTSC xbox, Ive heard the game is region free and will work on NTSC and PAL consoles, no matter the location.                                                                                                           &
  5. that worked perfectly.  thanks alot, might be worth a few places up on the grid for the next race.  I wonder why it wasnt adjustable from the beginning like it was for 2010?                                               Ace
  6. Been playing 2013 for a while now and have noticed I cant adjust the fuel mixture in races and cant adjust fuel level in qualifying,  Im currently playing on intermediate and am only at level 3 driver ranking.  I had heard that changing the difficulty to professional or legend would enable the adjustment but to no avail.  Am I missing something?                                                                   &
  7. Williams, currently beating Crashtor's ass
  8. I waited until November of 2013 and decided to order from Japan.  My biggest reason for holding off was because i was afraid the game wouldnt work on my system, but apparently F1 2013 is region free so that wasnt an issue.                                                                                                           &
  9. wow, 68%?  i usually consider em trashed after 90%  Sorry, but i haven't played it enough to notice yet.  Still finishin up my career in '10 first.
  10. my guess is probably not, theyre probably preoccupied with '14.  I finally got fed up too, so I ordered the PAL version on a gamble that it would work, then downloaded the classic edition bundle on live.  Everything seems to work pretty good.
  11. better doppler effect during replaysbetter/more complex engine soundshelmet cam- view from inside helmet, you can see the driver lean into the corners.  (I think theres a youtube video of one from the view of a caterham)allow use of clutch and 6 spd shifter on older f1 cars bring back 3 practice sessionsinteractive pit stopswarm up lapformation lapbring back 2010 pit designability to drive classic cars in and out of pitsability to create your own audio name as in 2010longer qualifying session for classic carsSENNAadjustable boost for classic carsNordschliefeold Monzaold Spaold Hocken
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