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  1. "Fantasy type racing game"  Oh dear me: http://www.wmdportal.com/projectnews/the-24-hours-of-le-mans-join-project-cars/ http://www.wmdportal.com/projectnews/experience-the-indianapolis-500-in-project-cars/
  2. It amazes me how CM have become absolutely silent in regards to F1 2015... other developers would be actively talking about the game (not several weeks of silence) and making lots of videos and gameplay while distributing review copies at the same time. This marketing system is one sadly Codies seem to ignore more and more each year. It has nearly gotten to the point where the game barely gets any attention, at least here in the states (I can remember F1 2012 at least having advertisements here in the states and having full page reviews in Gameinformer, the largest gaming magazine here in the
  3. Probably maldonado wrecked the safety car to the point that only the seat was left  :D
  4. Same but I think licensing restricts that unfortunately. 
  5.   is that your greatest concern seriously I was just asking pal, no it's not my greatest concern, I would like to see formation laps because it adds to the immersion,  F1 CE 2006 had it so Codemasters should be able to add it now as well. My up most request is 60fps and all 3 practice sessions.
  6. If they chose to do this, I don't think CM could have cars from the late 90s and early 2000s since other developers have the rights for those seasons.
  7.   (Pure speculation) I think that F1 2015 will serve as their trial for the current gen systems (PS4/Xbox One) where they release the game with some improvements (such as a better frame rate and more detail to the cars and tracks) but will not have a lot of new bells and whistles aka. new features (but I could be proven wrong :) ). I think it will be F1 2016 when Codemasters will add new features to the game as they would then have a structure to add to.
  8. Does anyone know what type of cameras FOM uses for their world feed? I'm asking this because their cameras seem to not be smooth when following a car (they seem to shake or chop slightly, instead of being steady) while at the Monaco GP and American motorsport races like Indycar and Nascar use this type of camera to broadcast and their shots are smooth and steady.  While I think FOM uses this type of camera (mounted on a tripod): Also, why did FOM not switch to HD until 2011? Nascar and other sports switched back in the mid 2000s. 
  9. well according to Paul Jeal codemasters will be announcing f1 2015 next week Source?
  10. I really hope that there is formation laps, all practice sessions, and a fixed safety car. 
  11. Best game being 1, worst being 6.  1. F1 2010, had good FPS, live the life experience, full practice, good crash physics, etc.  2. F1 2014, fixed many problems that previous games had, but still only one practice session.  3. F1 2011, safety car and marshals along track walls introduced and day/night transitions for Abu Dhabi were good; however it had a very poor frame rate and lots of bugs.  4. F1 2013, good classic content, rest of the game had lots of problems.  5. F1 2012, worst PS3/Xbox360 F1 game in the series in my opinion, lots of bugs (safety car rarely deploy
  12. It's really unfortunate that this has happened, I wish the best of luck to the employees that are fired. 
  13. Can the safety car deploy on lap 1? Can the safety car deploy on the final laps? Does the safety car deploy from ANY cars that are crash (lose a wheel) or retire? Can it be deployed on any track multiple times a race (like 3 or more)? Thanks
  14. F1 2010 was the best because of the live the life features, now it's just some joke of an arcade game. 
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